Sunday, February 15, 2015

Valentines day

Valentines day.
Well if I lived in a colder climate I would love Valentines day much more.
All this cuddling did not last long for me.... it is tooooooo hot.
Fur, valentines day cuddles, and 41 degree's centigrade, is not my choice of fun.
I had to cool off in a bubble bath(by myself).

Some times it is good just to veg out.
I had some pink sparkles to sip ... ahhhhh!!!
so nice. 
Now if I was with my friends where it is snowing, I would not mind a cuddle at all. In fact I wish I was there.

One bear that's name starts with "P" said her letter in on the way.
I will be watching that postie this week. 

I know pigeon's are very common, especially in my garden.
They are so pretty, and I'm glad I can give them a drink when its so hot.
A little cool spot for the birds.
I'm just vegin.. out... so peanut butter and honey on toast dipped in a big glass of freezing cold honey milk will do the trick.

See you all next week.
To all my friends Happy Valentines day.

A warm welcome to "The Grandmommy" she has a lovely blog called "Big and little Creations.

My thought for the day.

" Life has taught us that 
love does not consist of gazing at each other,
but in looking together in the same direction."

-Antoine de Saint-Exupery-


  1. Happy Valentine's Day Wilbur. Wish I could send you some of our COLD weather, it's 9 degrees here at 8:30 in the morning, we should reach 20 for the high of the day. snow! Just a dusting last night - none left because of the high winds. You and Granny be careful in that hot weather.

    Heaps of Hugs

  2. This sparkly pink stuff looks suspicious to us... according to Fluby because it's pink and according to Birgit... well, she hopes it was without alcohol... ;O) Looks like you had a hot Valentine's Day... and the best is yet to come with a letter of some beary girl not to be named in public... *grin* Stay cool, dear Wilbur, and go on caring about the pigeons. And please tell Granny we loved this week's quote very much - Birgit often uses this for wedding anniversary cards.

    Flutterby + Birgit

  3. Спасибо за чудесный пост! Я все время улыбалась, пока читала))) И голуби...в моем саду тоже очень много птиц)))

  4. For a moment there we thought you were bathing in bubbly and that seemed very extravagant even for valentine's day, but they we saw you were only drinking it. We saw what you sent that 'P' bear too...


    The Clan, Jack and Boo

  5. Hello, it reached 30 degrees F. here today so still very cold.
    I have that quote on a garden rock sitting in the kitchen window.
    a bubble bath sounds like fun......cannot remember my last sit down bath, its been so long.
    Have a blessed day.
    Mama Bear and Wil

  6. Wowwww, 41 graden dat is niet best zeg Wilbur, veel te warm om te knuffelen, daar heb je helemaal gelijk in. Maar toch wens ik jullie allemaal een "HAPPY VALENTINES DAY.... geniet ervan......

    Veel liefs,

  7. We're glad you stayed cool on Valentines Day, Wilbur. That bath looked wonderful - wish we'd thought of doing that. We just turned on the lounge room ceiling fan and lay down under it! Hugs to you from Kayzy's Critters :0)

  8. I agree Wilbur waaay... too hot for cuddling but looks like you made the best of it with a bubble bath and a glass of sparkling red..
    Hope that letter from "P" arrives soon

  9. Dearest Kay,
    Wish we could share some of that heat. We went for a walk in the sunshine but I wore my knitted cap, my gloves and coat because of a nippy wind.
    Love the way you created the bubbles photo; very clever!
    Let's hope we live through Valentine's Day year long.

  10. Добрый день! Я живу рядом с лесом, поэтому мой сад навещают очень много птиц. Это соловьи, завирушки, трясогузки, пеночки. Мои любимые зарянки и синицы. Иногда в мой сад прилетают дрозды, дятлы и скворцы...Из постоянных жителей это воробьи, голуби и ласточки))) Хорошей вам недели)

  11. Da me ha nevicato e sarei stata felice di abbracciarti! Se vieni in Italia passa trovarmi! Ti preparerò un buon latte caldo con miele! Kiss

  12. It is extremely cold here, Valentine's day brings some warmth, that's for sure.
    Happy Valentine's day. May be some pink ice cream? Strawberries and cherry Jello to cool off for you guys there?


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