Sunday, February 22, 2015

Bathing beauty's

It is February so we start our lovely club, called "Bears and Friends"
Living in South Australia it is too hot to start our meetings in Jan. 
It was still hot today 40 deg. but our topic for display was
"Bathing Beauty's"
We had lots of bathing beauty's, some very beautiful. Some just soaking up the sun. 
These little guys did not forget the sunscreen. 
This gal looks as though she is asleep in the sun. 

Tropical Paradise. 
 This big guy just flaked it.
What a little cutie. she has her bucket of sand, ball and boat all ready for a fun day. 
Now these guy's are not beach goers, they were made during the month by one of our members.
Guess what. 
One was made after going to the movie Paddington, I think this must be his brother.
We had a special time to remember one of our dear members who died during the week. This was one of her bears. 
I sat by these two little gollies that were made by one of Grannies friends.
They are so, so cute. 
I was too hot to even wear my bathers.
I had a couple of Granny's little bears and cats to look after. 
Now to the special part. 
On Monday morning the postie came with a letter for me....
Can you guess who it is from?

Well it says "My heart leaps for you"
With a very cute green frog leaping.
Signed by some one starting with "P"
Phewwww!!! I'm worn out and hot so it is time for toast with peanut butter and honey, with a glass of COLD MILK.
With Ice cubes in it.

See you all next week.

This is a picture of our beaches here in Australia.
Just in case you are all freezing Up north...
North of us???? 
At the top Of the world.
We are at the bottom!!!
Well a ball is round is there a top and bottom of the world ???
Questions, questions???

Welcome to Annalisa Cecilia
Annalisa has some lovely bears for you to look at.

My thought for the day
"Some modern chairs are obviously designed for people who prefer to stand."


  1. We've been having a streak of days so hot they look fuzzy around the edges. It cools me down to look at snow pics from our friends in the northern hemisphere. Might try Wilbur's recipe for milk with ice cubes in it. Sounds a lot like snow...

  2. Cute bathing beauties.
    Oh yes..modern chairs/cafe chairs are the bane of my life.

  3. Hi Wilbur,

    Wow, just looking at that picture of the beach makes me shiver - it's been so cold here, and snow and ice.

    Quite a nice album of "bathing beauties", and maybe if you take your shoes off your toes would be nice n cool, you know, let the air between your toes. (o:

    Heaps of Hugs
    Prudence ♥

    Yes, my heart leaps for you - always. ♥

  4. Thanks for showing us the bathing beauties and beach babes and guys... that brought back lovely memories of summer here at our place on the top... or bottom... or whatever... in any case far away from yours. *LOL* Ah, and your valentine card arrived... what a special greeting from the very mysterious P... *tweet*

    Flutterby + Birgit

  5. What a "bunch" full of relaxed bears! Wish I could join you (in the shade, with lemonade please and my feet in the water)! (oh....cookies!)

    He....psstttt.........Wilbur....the letter with the "P" --------it wasn't my "P" maybe the other "P"?!

    ---------are you blushing?!----------- ahhh...........must be the heat there! : )))))))))))))))))

    Stay calm, keep as cool as can be and we will have the rain and snow for you!

    Biggest hugs! xxx Pink

  6. Dearest Kay,
    Very cute post about a great subject, even for the bear world!
    Today we had 20°C so it starts getting milder after the windy frost of last week. I wish we had 40°C as I'm NOT a winter person after having lived for 3 winters in the tropics in Java, Indonesia; right on the equator! That spoiled us I guess and being a market gardener daughter I have been used to very high humidity and high temperatures inside the greenhouse during harvesting of gherkins. At the middle of the day till 52°C and even with fans blowing into our isles that was hard to work in. But just pushing on and than after a shower you feel great once again!
    Sending you hugs,

  7. Stupenda la spiaggia! Un caro saluto dal Nord :-)

  8. Oh, I wanna live in SOuth Australia and sunbathe in February!
    Thank you so much for this story filled with sunshine and happiness))

  9. That places adorable! Also here is very cold and we hope that spring comes!

  10. O mijn hemel Wilbur, wat een genot al die beren te zien zo in het heerlijke warme zonnetje, dat zou ik ook wel willen maar helaas is het hier nog steeds winter, Brrrrrrr.

    Genieten jullie maar heerlijk daar aan die PRACHTIGE stranden, wat is het toch een fantastisch mooi land waar jullie wonen.
    En die little Gollies, ENIG!!!

    Tot volgende week Wilbur en Kay,


  11. Hi Kay and Wilbur,

    I loved seeing all the bears enjoying summer.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend and manage to stay cool

  12. Lots of lovely beauties there, although I think I'd be rather like the big guy in that heat! We lost one of our Brit Bee members this week, it was obviously a week to lose lovely, crafty ladies.


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