Sunday, December 14, 2014

I'm going to sleep under the tree.

Have you ever taken a peep at your parcel.
Well I was lying under the tree and I couldn't help just having a teeny weeny look, just one end of my parcel.
I tried to smell what was in the parcel. No!!! 
I tried to rattle the parcel.!!! No!!!
Could I just open the box????

Oh NO Granny is coming.
Phew..Granny came in to tell me Prudence had rung her and said I could open my present.
Now that was a close call, I thought I was going to get in to big trouble.
I opened the box and out popped this cute little bear with my name on his hat.
Can you believe it actually said Wilbur. Then down the bottom it has the year 2014
It had a little hanger on it to go on the tree.
I am the luckiest bear in the world to have so many beautiful friends.
Prudence told Granny she could open hers, so she could enjoy Christmas longer.
guess what???
A CD of the Biltmore House Pipe Organ.
you will see what a special place it is.
It has been playing nearly non stop in our house.
Can you see I put my little Wilbur on the tree so I can see it.
I am sleeping under the tree tonight and may be every night until Christmas.
I want to see all the wonderful things friends have given me and watch the twinkling lights.
Even though I am sleeping under the tree, I still needed my toast with peanut butter and honey, plus a large glass of warm chocolate milk.

Just before I go I thought all of my friends overseas might like to see this funny
video of Christmas in Australia.

see you all next week.

For all my lovely followers I hope you get a giggle out of this picture.

My thought of the week.
"Friendship is the only cement, that will ever hold the world together".


  1. Hi Wilbur,

    You and Granny had us worried that you were saving your prezzies for Christmas Day. We wanted you to enjoy them now.

    Be careful when handing on the tree, you don't want to have a spill and be in another cast - please be careful.

    Heaps of Hugs
    Prudence ♥

  2. A perfect place to sleep, under the tree! The little bear is lovely! I enjoyed the video, especially the last picture with merry Christmas written in the sand! Have a great week xx

  3. Hello Granny Kay. Your Wilbur and you have had a lovely time listening to Christmas music and opening presents. Now I'm off to watch that video.
    Cheers from down on the Adelaide Plains!We have just come back from a little stay in the Barossa Valley. Walked everywhere, ate everything in sight, AND lost weight!! I visited lots of Quilt/Fabric shops and Christmas decorating shops.
    My neighbour is a treasure. She said she loved looking after "baby"(bird)!!

  4. Ha Ha Wilbur! sneaking under the tree and Granny almost saw it! Believe it or not but I once found my husband sneaking under the tree!!!

    You've got such a lovely present!!!! Beautiful bear for in the tree with YOUR name on it! Wow! Looks like your famous???!!!!
    Granny got a lovely present too (but is it ok you hear that music ALL day????!)

    So funny to see you on a ladder against the tree to reach the lovely bear! You are quite a fellow Wilbur!

    Ahhh....what a nice story again all the way from Adeleide!

    Have fun and I think I might go and sleep under the tree too! Splendid idea!

    Big hugs for both of you!!! xxx Pink

  5. Dearest Kay,
    Great story-telling!
    Lovely gift from Prudence too!
    Enjoy this season all the way till Christmas.

  6. Hallo Wilbur,
    das ist ja jetzt eine sehr aufregende Zeit für einen Teddy, aber etwas mußt du noch warten bis der Weihnachtsmann zu dir kommt.
    Liebe Grüße auch an deine Granny

  7. Sleeping under the Christmas Tree Wilbur sounds like a wonderful idea ... maybe I should try that & see if I get any presents!! at the moment I have a lonely tree with not a present in sight .... Perhaps I've not been good - surely not! anyway I'm clicking over to Prudence's blog to watch the Christmas Candlelight tour that will fill me with cheer.

  8. A wonderful story and I can Wilbur understand so well. Christmas is such a beautiful time. With us, otherwise than with you in Australia, but always the same thoughts.
    Your "Thought of the week" is great!
    Greetings Conni

  9. Hi Wilbur,
    It looks like sleeping under the tree paid off for you. You and Granny received wonderful gifts from Prudence that I am sure you will cherish for a long time. Enjoy! Remember you still have to be a good bear for a little longer since Santa has yet to arrive ;-)

  10. Dear Wilbur, when I was a little grl I wanted to live under the Christmas tree too :) I found this place cozy and full of magic.
    and what a lucky bear you are to have such wonderful friends and presents :)

  11. Ah, we don't get to do that here as the tree with presents is in someone else's house, but it's a good job you were allowed to open this parcel, otherwise poor wee dude would be hidden until next year before he could hang out on a tree!


    The Clan, Jack & Boo

  12. Wat een prachtig verhaal weer Wilbur en ik denk dat ik naast je kom liggen onder de boom, als je het goed vindt natuurlijk? En dan dat schattige beertje, een Wilbur beertje, zo mooi staat het in de kerstboom. Je moest er wel eventjes voor klimmen om het beertje nog eens goed te kunnen bekijken, MOOI.

    Geweldig Kay, de "Thought of the week" dat is helemaal waar, SUPER!!!

    Geniet jullie beide van een mooie nieuwe week,

    Veel liefs,

  13. Hi Wilbur,
    Help! Our Christmas tree isn't up yet. so we need your expertise in 'Christmasing' Critter Cottage. And maybe when you come you could help Nana Kayzy with her Christmas cooking - she's very slow this year!
    Yours, in desperation, 😞
    The Critters 🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻

  14. Caro Wilbur, è proprio un bel posto in cui dormire ^_^

  15. A very happy Christmas to Granny and Wilbur! Thanks for the youtube link. The sun is shining here but it is only 8 degrees! xx


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