Sunday, December 7, 2014

My chat to Father Christmas.

I'm so excited I had a little talk to you know who?
It was the last Blackwood market for the year and GUESS who was there?
"Father Christmas". Whooppee!!! 
He was so kind and asked what I wanted him to bring me; well I could hardly think let alone say what I wanted, so I said a reindeer would be good.  
He told me it might poop in his bag coming all the way from the North Pole, and the dolls would complain about the stink. So he said, try again.
I couldn't think quick enough, so I said a surprise would be nice thank you..
Can you believe he said Ho, Ho, I think I can manage that... 
I think he is really coming to my place.

See that elf with"nice" written on his hat, well that was Father Christmas's special elf.
I wonder where the naughty one went. I think this one looked like a bit of mischief, he had that wicked twinkle in his eye.

Father Christmas had such a soft white beard, I think it must grow like that up in the snow.
I forgot to ask where the reindeer were... oh well next time I see him I will ask and let you all know.

I am worried, now I have to be good all the time until Christmas day..
It is so hard being good all the time.
I'm in love 
The most beautiful fairy came to the market and she picked me up and"HUGGED" me.
She was so gorgeous and her wings looked like they could carry me with her.
She told me she was the Christmas fairy.
I saw stars, I was so excited.
Do all the bears out there see real live fairy's,
Or is it just in Australia? We have them here.

Then of course my dear friend that I meet every month at the market had to help Father Christmas today, because he was so busy seeing all the children.
Jaden gives me lots of hugs, and we are best mates.

Granny had some snow men on her stall, and I'm sure I saw the shivering just a little bit.

I don't know, I am the luckiest Bear in the whole wide world.
Another parcel come this week.
Guess who it is from...
Go on guess? 
From some one that is a very, very good friend of mine...
Her name starts with "P"
Have you guessed? It was from Prudence, and her Mum is Joyce from "The Bear's Blog" all the way from the USA.

Granny and I opened it, and out popped this most gorgeous little mouse that smelt so yummy of cloves, and cinnamon and all Christmas spices. 
He has his own little stocking to sleep in, and he loves being on the tree. 

Can you see him? He has a red and white bow on his neck, and a hanger.
I climbed straight up my ladder to pop him right in the front spot on the tree.
Thank you Prudence.

Now in that box was 2 more parcels,
One that had Granny's name on, and one that had Wilbur's name on.
Granny said we should wait and open these Christmas day. 
"Why is it so hard not to lift the paper and have a peep?"

I have had such an exciting day, that I am am pooped.
I'm sitting in bed having supper of peanut butter and honey on toast, with a glass of warm chocolate milk and a ... wait for it.... a shortbread biscuit...
Life could not be better.
See you all next week.

Roses for my followers.
These were from my garden to you.
The rose is called Pinkie.

My thought for the week.

"Good things come to those who believe,
Better things come to those who are Patient,
and the best things come to those who don't give up."


  1. Hi Wilbur,

    You and Granny must open your prezzies now 'cause you will want to enjoy them before Christmas Day. Go now, and tear open that paper. Come on, Granny, you too.

    Wilbur, you really met Santa? Wow, that has to be sooo beary exciting. I know he has something very special for you, can't wait to hear what it is.

    Have a bearerful week and OPEN THOSE PREZZIES!

    Heaps of Hugs
    Prudence ♥

  2. Hi Kay and Wilbur,

    Such an exciting day you had meeting Santa, the Elf and the pretty fairy and so neat to have all the cuddles.
    The little mouse is very sweet and how lucky getting gifts!
    Enjoy the new week

  3. Dear Wilbur and Granny
    What an exciting time you had at Blackwood Market! We had hoped Nana Kayzy would take us to see you, but she said she felt 'crook and awful', so we didn't make it. Instead we gave Nana a cup of tea and helped her lie down on the lounge, and read her stories to make her feel better. She's smiling now, so we think our medicine worked! Hugs to you from Kayzy's Critters, and a Ho! Ho! Ho!

  4. Dearest Kay,
    Too bad there is no link to the generous blogger that made the cute mouse! You are very lucky for receiving such parcels.
    Love the story and the photos!

  5. Wilbur, you are such a lucky bear! You won't have trouble being good until Christmas :-). Love your little mouse friend too! Hugs xx

  6. Wilbur, you are such a lucky bear to meet Father Christmas :)
    NAd you already started receiving Christams gifts - isn't it a miracle?
    This little mouse is adorable :)

  7. We think you should have asked for the fairy for Christmas, less stinky, and it would be great to have a little magical fairy dust to scatter around and produce honey whenever you wanted. Hmm, 'Dear Santa...'


    The Clan, Jack & Boo

  8. Oh my WILBUR!!!!!!!!!!! You lucky bear!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Father Christmas and lovely elves and a dear friend......lovely snowmen from Granny.....a present to keep until Christmas.....a wonderful mouse in a little friend.....WHAT a day!

    Congrats beautiful bear!

    tip! (don't tell Granny!) now....ahum.....don't be naughty........until the day after Christmas......ssttttt......

    Hugs lucky bear!!!!!! xxx Pink


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