Sunday, December 21, 2014

How are Christmas preparations going in your house?

A week full of fun.
Are you making things at your house?
We are.
Abbey came to decorate the Gingerbread village.
Not a house, a VILLAGE.
We had loads of white snow icing every where, and LOTS and LOTS of lollies.

I had to help. (you know where there is lollies I help.)
Today we made more shortbread. I think Granny has made about 600. That is what we do at Christmas time, make shortbread's and give them away to all our friends.
If you lived near I would certainly give you some too.

First we have to kneed the dough, it is hard work.
Then when they are on the tray we prick them with a fork.
They come out of the oven hot and smelling deeeelishious!!!!
Granny always tells me I will burn myself if I eat them too soon.
I do try and sneek one as soon as I can pick one up with out burning myself
It has been a busy day, I thought I would go in the lounge and see if my sign was still in the right place for Santa to see. Do you think I should put it in the window or outside? I want to get it right because Santa needs to stop at my house. I have tried to be good , well most of the time. 
Some things warm Granny's heart. 
1. Grandchildren
2. Great Grandchildren

This is Granny's very special Great Grandchild, Summer.
She looks so happy to see Santa.
Granny could look at that happy little face all day.
I have got to know our Postie very well. He knocks on the door, and asks is Wilbur home. Of course I need to sign for the parcel, which is a bit hard.
Granny said a X is ok. 
Thank you so much Birgit and Flutterby ,you are such good friends, all the way from Germany. Can you see my beautiful teddy card, and Gingerbread, Birgit wrote a note to say they were German Gingerbread's with plenty of HONEY!!!!! 
Plus marzipan, and two lovely little ornies. 
You need to go and have a look at Birgit and Flutterby's blog, although right at this minute they are having internet problems.          
Do you ever feel your heart is going to burst with love?
Well that is how I feel.

I'm having German gingerbread with loads of honey and warm chocolate milk for supper.

I do hope Santa comes to all those lovely followers and that you, and all those you love have a Merry Christmas

Hugs Wilbur

My thought for the week.


  1. Das uist ja ein schönes Geschenk von Birgit und Flutterby.
    Lieber Wilburg ich wünsche dir und Granny einen schönen 4. Advent und ein schönes Weihnachtsfest
    Liebe Grüße

  2. Hi Wilbur,

    Wow, a Gingerbread Village, that's somethin' I could sink my teeth into (giggle).

    Yup, my heart always feels like it's gonna burst with love.

    Heaps of Hugs
    Prudence ♥

    Happy First Day of Winter (USA)

    Look at all those prezzies, and it's not even Christmas yet. You certainly are an international star.

  3. What a great time you are having already! Little Summer is just gorgeous! xxxx

  4. Hi dearest...uhhhhh...wonderful post, and Wilburn? Lovely...!!! Compliments for your nice gift! ;) Merry Christmas dearest "AMICA" ;) WHIT LOVE!!!! In my heart! Kiss. NI

  5. Hi ..!!
    Wonderful works ..!!!
    I am a new follower :) ..!!!
    Merry Christmas ..!!!

  6. Hi Wilbur,
    I am so happy that you are enjoying Christmastime. The gingerbread village looks amazing and it is so nice of you to help Granny with the cookies.
    Have a wonderful week,

  7. Dearest Kay,
    Lovely post and you sure are anticipating Christmas with all your grandchildren and great-grandchildren!
    That way, it does pay off to bake, and bake some more.
    We are only the two of us, our foster-daughter is in Indonesia and other daughter in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, as are all others.
    We did have a LOVELY Christmas dinner on Friday evening at our friends' home with all the workers of her clinic. We're always included as being family. Guess that feels even warmer than family by blood.
    Sending you warm hugs and enjoy this special time. Merry Christmas to you!

  8. Wow 600 shortbreads - Christmas would never be the same without shortbreads and gingerbreads would it? Have a wonderful Christmas and thanks for your lovely comments!
    x Suzy

  9. Dear Wilbur, seems you are doing great with your Christmas preparations :) the shorbreads seem very delicious, I wish I could live nearby and try them...
    We decorated a small Christmas tree yesterday and I have almost all the Christmas gifts ready ;)

  10. Hi Wilbur, it looks soooo nice all together!!! Thank you for sharing! and a new present again! No wonder!

    Now, about the sign for Santa......I think you are in is heart Wilbur and it doesn't matter where you hang the lovely hang it where you can see it and enjoy it! I'm sure Santa will visit your house, don't worry about that.....I know how hard you tried to behave well.....!
    Just a few more days Wilbur.....hold on!

    Merry Christmas Wilbur and Granny!!!!

    Hugs! Pink

  11. Hi Wilbur, i really love your gingerbread village , i'm fan at the gingerbread man i have anymore in my house hihi!!! thank you for your nice visit on my attic, i have see you have do the nice work , your cookies are ready for the Christmas time ,i wish you a merry Christmas and happy new year . big bear hugs

  12. Devono essere buonissimi i vostri biscotti! Peccato non essere lì con voi ad aiutarvi e, soprattutto, ad assaggiare ;-) Buon Natale!

  13. Vielen Dank liebe Kay, danke für die schönen Bilder und Geschichten und auch für deine lieben Blogbesuche. Ich wünsche dir und deinen Lieben ein frohes Weihnachtsfest. Liebe Grüße Iris

  14. Have a great christmas time
    and enjoy all what you want to do♥

  15. Dear Kay and Wilbur,

    Hope that you had the very best Christmas and Santa was kind and put some lovely gifts in your stocking.
    I loved the Gingerbread village - how wonderful.
    Happy Sunday


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