Sunday, November 3, 2013

The circus

Guess what??? I am a Puppeteer in a circus.  

This is about Granny's Craft group display day
A long time ago, Granny started a craft group at the church. It grew like Topsy and when she left there was 350 people going to Craft on a Thursday morning.
Granny does not run it any more, but she still goes to chat mmmm!!!! and sew bears.
Her group made the Circus their theme this year. I thought you would love to see ME!!!! being a puppeteer. I also had my clown nose on and it was hard to breath. 
In the tent we had the fortune teller. can you see her Chrystal ball?
Then we had the ringmaster and the elephant with clowns and camels and loads of funny bears.
Now this bear is a friend of mine and he was the ticket seller. 
I must not forget the Ferris wheel. Lots of bears had rides in that. 
 This is a close up of the ring Master.
 This funny clown had great shoes, I wouldn't mind those shoes myself.  
 Then we had lots of beautiful crafts that people had made.
Granny is yelling something out... Wait until I hear what she is saying.
"Wilbur don't forget to tell them that this is not all my work." 
As if!!!!! I know you wouldn't think it was all Granny's work, She does get her knickers in a knot. 

Granny feels very proud when she see's all this lovely work the ladies have done.

Phew!! my arms are aching after doing those puppets all day.
Yep... You got it. Warm milk, honey and peanut butter on toast, and I am one happy camper.

I thought I would show you my crab apple tree that is bursting with blooms at the moment.

Welcome to Irma Vbi. We hope you have fun looking at all the things we do.

My thought for the day.
"Success comes in can's
Failure in cant's"


  1. A beautiful exhibition of such a beautiful creative things. I like to look over at you, even if I do not always leave my mark there. Great pictures and reports and now it's so nice and warm with you. With us solangsam comes autumn with rain and storm. Still want a beautiful and creative travel time with lots of photos for us. With the best regards from Germany of the DBears - Dirk -

  2. What an amazing display of talent and hours and hours of work. Fantastic! Congratulations to all the members (and to Granny for starting it all off!) xx

  3. Well done to all the ladies involved, but those clown noses are tough on the old schnozz! Did you find out anything exciting in the crystal ball? Like maybe in connection with you know who?


    The Clan, Jack and Boo

  4. Hi Wilbur,

    Bee-u-tee-ful artistry, thank you for sharing. Hey, that nose, you can recycle it for Christmas, you can be Wilbur The Red Nosed Reinbear, giggle.

    Heaps of Hugs
    Prudence ♥

  5. Sounds like a fun day! Wow, there is so much to see, I can't tell, which craft I find most impressing! Well, and you did a good job, as well, of course! You look great as a puppeteer! It must be so rewarding to see what grew out of Kays initiative.

  6. I love the circus and an all-bear circus is even better!

    Ali x

  7. *Teehee* Prudence already said what we've been thinking too - keep that red nose safe and at paw for Christmas... *grin* You made a fantastic puppeteer and you looked great with your clown nose. What a fun day this must have been, enjoying the circus show and looking at all these beautiful handmade items. Chapeaut to Granny that she was the one bringing all of this on its way!

    Flutterby + Birgit

  8. Hi Kay and Wilbur,

    What a fun day you must have had there and love the Circus theme.
    Great to see all the beautiful embroidery and handwork, so many talented people making gorgeous things.
    Happy new week

  9. lovely and wonderful impressions... :o) Thank you for posting!


  10. You are such a talented lady, Kay! Those blossoms are gorgeous! I won't be seeing those around here until next spring. Enjoy! Thank you for your visit and your nice comment. Have a delightful week.


  11. Breathing through a clown nose must have been very difficult Wilbur but my oh my ! you were surrounded by such beauty ... I love that pretty wool embroidery and the sweet little girl's dresses. Sounds like you all had a wonderful day.

  12. Beauitful hand and lovely tree, a lot of fun.Thanks 4 sharing.hugs

  13. Dearest Kay,
    What a lovely initiative you took for your Church ladies at that time. Seeing it being carried on in this great way makes your heart sing I bet!
    Sorry for not having read all your posts as I'm still behind with my reading due to major surgery in October. But I'm active again, at least on Blogger, not yet in real life... but mending well.
    Have a great November, you have the lovely season even though we cannot complain yet here in the southeast. But it sure does get cooler in the coming months and the leaves will shed... Three months of a gloomy nature even with all our evergreen trees we cannot re-create summer completely.

  14. What amazing adventures you both have!!!
    May every day be an adventure for you!

  15. Oh Wilbur I do so love hearing about all your life. You have so many wonderful adventures.

    I'm going to talk mama into buying the biggest jug of honey we can find, I have my apron on and ready to bake


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