Monday, October 28, 2013

A Week end at the sea.

We had a family Holiday Weekend.
At the beach.
I got a little sun burnt, so I wasn't in all the pictures because my hat was so big you could not see me.

The blue of our water is really that colour
Crystal clear beautiful water and sand. 
 These foot prints are of Granny's grand daughter's precious feet.
The railway line runs along the beach
so every one has a lovely view.

Here is Granny waving like the Queen mother , While she is standing on the balcony. 
This is the view on the other side of the house. Sea one side and rolling hills the other. A perfect place to stay. 

When we got home Granny was too tired and she wouldn't let me tell you about our holiday so it is a little bit late.
we did have honey, peanut butter and toast for supper.
See you all next week when my sunburn is better.

I collected all these shells and star fish for you, aren't they pretty.

My thought for the week

"Life is'nt  a matter of milestones,
but moments."


  1. Well we hope you all sang, 'Oh I do like to be beside the seaside' while you were there! It looks beautiful, and rather nicer than the 'worst storm this century' that's battering us right now o.O


    The Clan & Jack

  2. Wilbur, what a lovely relaxing holiday and so nice when it's spent with family. We are going to do that at the beginning of January,so plenty of sun cream too at that time of year.
    Have a nice day xx

  3. Hi there Wilbur!

    What a beeeeautiful view and lovely photos. I am sorry you got sunburned. The water is soooo pretty! I must see if for myself someday - maybe. Thank you for sharing your holiday photos. Those are some pretty spectacular shells too!


  4. What beautiful pictures! The little footprints are so sweet! It looks like you and Granny had another wonderful adventure. The seashells are so pretty!

    Wilbur we hope your sunburn heals soon. Maybe Granny could rub you with some soothing aloe lotion.

    Sissy, Blossom
    Sweet Pea and Jason

  5. Hi Wilbur,

    Please listen to The Bears Who Live At Honey Pot Lane, and take care of that sunburn. Lotion, lotion and more lotion.

    What a wonderful holiday you and Granny had. Granny does look like the Queen Mother on that balcony.

    Prudence ♥

  6. Oh I do do like to be beside the seaside, oh I do like to be beside the sea, oh I do like to stroll along the prom, prom, prom, where the brass band plays, Tiddly om pom pom.
    Did you get to do all those things when you and Granny were away? We live beside the sea and it's cold and stormy this week, so no strolling along for us 'cept in boots and sou'westers.

  7. What a wonderful way to spend a weekend - the blue of the water is incredible. And you looked great with your hat... safety first! ;O)

    Flutterby + Birgit

  8. As I see your pictures I think of the old song from Luis Armstrong... "What a wonderful world" Someday (a day far far away) I´ll like to visit Australia (and New Zealand) Soooo pretty! *dreaming of*

  9. Hi Kay and Wilbur,

    How wonderful that you had a holiday away at the seaside and loved seeing your gorgeous photos.
    The little footprints of your grand-daughter are so precious.
    Have a happy week

  10. Hello my dear!
    Thank you for your comment on my blog! All is well! I'm at home since Sunday!

    Hugs Nicole

  11. Thank you for your comment! :o) And for the wonderful Pictures - I would really like to go there....



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