Sunday, November 10, 2013

Christmas Pudding Day.

 Christmas Pudding making time
 in Granny's house.

My Granny makes a very large Christmas pudding, because every one loves it except me.
She soaks the fruit in 1/2 a bottle of brandy for 3 weeks before we have the big making day.
Granny says the tradition is to make a wish when you stir the Christmas pudding.
Well!!! it was my job to stir, so I had lots of wishes. Like...( Will this pudding turn into a honey pudding. ) Because I had to stir all the time I saw what went in it. Butter, sugar, spice, lots of brandied fruit, a very little bit of flour and bread crumbs, and MONEY... Money instead of honey.
There was no honey to be seen any where. Granny said I would like it. Well I tell you I think NO!!!

She put all the mixture into a big piece of calico and tied it up with a string.
"Question for you Granny, where is the cake tin or pudding tin????"

She tells me in our family we have been making this pudding for 4 generations, and you don't have a tin.

Well that pudding boiled for 7 hours and it was 35 deg. out side, so it made our kitchen very hot.

When Granny lifted it out the pot to hang up, she kept grunting because it was so heavy. 
I think her muscles are slipping down to her hips.
Well it is all made and ready for Christmas dinner.

"Will you make a honey one for me Granny."
She says she will think about it. 
That means yes...

At least I had toast with lashings of honey and peanut butter for supper.

See you next week.

Welcome to Anna. she comes from Germany
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My thought for the day.
"It's amazing how much work is accomplished
when know one worries about who gets the credit."


  1. Hi Kay and Wilbur,

    Oh yummy - Christmas pudding and know that it will be delicious with all the yummy fruit.
    Good to be able to tick that one off you list of things to do.
    Happy Sunday

  2. What, no suet? How odd! My mum's making ours this weekend too apparently, along with the Christmas cake...



  3. Hi Wilbur,

    That was quite a busy day in the kitchen. Granny should have had the honey jar on the table so you could dip your paw in for a "snack" when you got tired of stirring.

    Have a wonderful day.

    Heaps of Hugs
    Prudence ♥

  4. Από την Ελλάδα που έχει ακόμα καλοκαίρι,
    πολλά φιλιά !!!!

  5. HI Wilbur,
    S'funny 'cos it's Christmas cake AND Christmas pudding day in our house, and there are lots of spicy fruity smells around, and, if you're at all like me, that means tummy rubbles. I had to help stir the pudding and then lick the mixing bowl for the cake of course. I'm all sticky now, but my tummy isn't rumbling, and I've got lots of cake mix to suck out of my fur when I'm feeling peckish later.

  6. Is it that time of the year again??? *LOL* We remember last year when we were sitting in awe looking at your Christmas Pudding preparations - and now we're sitting in awe again. Well, we have a lot of Christmas traditions in Germany, but no Christmas Pudding... but we have "Honigkuchen" (= honey cake), a version of gingerbread with at least 50 % honey! Doesn't that sound like paradise to you, dear Wilbur? But we're convinced you will like Granny's pudding, too!

    Flutterby + Birgit

  7. Dear Wilbur,
    that sounds like a yummy tradition Kay is keeping up! And it is even a family tradition - many people make Christmas puddings, but I bet no one else does it without tin! But I can see why this Christmas pudding is not for you. Why don't you start your own tradition and make a honey Christmas pudding for yourself and your furry friends?

  8. Hi Kay, your blog is so lovely and you creations are top! hugs from Pink!

  9. oh wow!!!! that Christmas pudding sounds so interesting !!!! love the sweet helper!!!! We are listening to Christmas songs all day long here!!! we have a radio station that starts November 1st till Christmas!!!! Happiness!!!!

  10. Funny but oh so true quote! :):) I have heard of Christmas Pudding all my life..but always in Fairy Tales! Neat post, Kay!
    Big hugs!


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