Sunday, November 17, 2013

Christmas is coming.

Parcels are arriving already.
Guess what guys, the postie left a parcel for me. It came all the way from America. I was so excited I  was jumping up and d own on the chair.
Granny soon told me off and said that on the parcel it says don't open until December. 
How can I not open it??? What do all my friends think? Open it or wait?
I know Santa is watching to see if I am good so Perhaps, I should wait one more day at least. 

Yesterday was "Bears and friends" day. the theme was bling. So lots of jewels. 

Look at this pirate he has a trunk full. 
This pin keep is full of jewels. 
Today was our market day. When I got to the market very early, this little boy came running to meet me to give me a piggy back.  
H... Hmmmmm!!!!! I was made to try on a dress to see if it would fit  some one...
Granny liked this scarf. Why the ....... didn't she try it on. 
Then there was Granny's Santa's and snow men. I was trying to make friends so I would be put in the good BOOK. 
This Santa is very large. I sure want to be friends with him. 
Wow, it has been a busy weekend, I just want to curl up with a Poo Bear book and have toast, honey and peanut butter for supper.

Welcome to all my lovely readers.
We love you visiting us.

My thought for the day:
"The man who sings his own praise
is usually a soloist."


  1. My goodness, Wilbur, just wait. Don't you know that good things are always worth waiting for? Granny will tell you that too. I am a GOOD girl and always wait when I am suppose to and would never, ever open a package if I am supposed to wait.
    MLOS...which means "Mom looking over shoulder.." and she has a funny look on her face.
    Ok..I was telling a tiny fib...just a little one. I haven't always waited.. :( No honey for me today..I think I just blew it!!
    Wish me luck! Bye bye, Wilbur. I'm kinda in trouble...

  2. Dear Wilbur and Granny,
    Abby is grounded and won't be able to write for awhile.
    Abby's Mom

  3. I think you need to ask Grannie to hide your present, so you can't be tempted to open it and you'll have it to look forward to opening at Christmas x

  4. Wow Kay, what a lovely story and what a gorgeous bears (and pig!); beautiful the jewelry-cushion! So, about the parcel....what should I do??? OPEN it! I can be so bad! Hugs, Pink

  5. Although it will be very hard but you have to be a strong bear... a tough guy... It's always bad when the sender gives clear instructions not to open the parcel before Christmas day *sigh* but in these cases you have to follow the rules... Santa sees everything! Btw - do we have to call you Wilburine from now on? You looked so pretty in that blue dress... *giggle*

    Flutterby + Birgit

  6. You have wonderful Bears, i like it all and see so much on your blog, its great

    hugs from sylvia

  7. Oh Wilbur , this is a very long time - I´m very noisy - and I´m not sure I can wait so long . Thanks a lot for the nice Picture - hugs to Granny and you - enjoy your Weekend - Ines

  8. ... a real temptation to wait until Christmas. Wilbur is delicious! Bacione. ;) NI

  9. What a pickle Wilbur! Open that package now or be good and wait. I know I would have a tough time waiting.

    Ali x

  10. Hi Wilbur i'm happy for you , but i think you wait for open this gift!!! thank you so much for the nice pictures, i see you have the fun with the others friends and i think you are cute with the dress too big hugs

  11. It will be sad Wilbur if you open the present now! Christmas will be here before you know it and you will wish you had waited .Everyone else will be opening gifts and there you will be with nothing to open.

    Hugs for you
    from your friends at
    Honeypot Lane

  12. Listen to Granny, Wilbur, and wait for December to open your gift - the anticipation is half the fun!
    Nana Kayzy :0)

  13. Open it, open it, open it!!!

    The Clan, Boo & Jack


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