Tuesday, August 13, 2013

News from camp.

Hi guys another word from camp.
Now you will have to excuse me.
This will be a quick message because there is NO time for writing, only time for fun.
I wanted to show you our T Pee we made one day. We had a great day of Cowboys and Indians.
Jason was head chief, and we were the tribe. I must say we were a very rowdy bunch.
 We wanted to sleep in our tents but the girls got frightened, and said they could hear creepy sounds.
Prudence said she could hear a snake... Well I ask you, a snake at night and you could hear it. ?????
Something wrong with those ears I think. 
We decided we are all a team and if the girls wanted to go back we would all go back. In fact, it was quite nice walking Prudence back to camp at night. She wasn't frightened with my arm around her at all.

 I must tell you about Bearents day. All the Bearents and the little cubs came which was great. The only thing was, I really missed my Granny. She lives far, too far away to come. All the other bears were very nice to me and included me in their family picnics. Prudences mob bold me over they were so pleased to see Prudence and I was right behind her, so we all went for a tumble. (I can't tell you any more what happened next.) Hmmmm!!!! XXX Oh no! I can't give you hints.
No wonder it was nice walking her home in the dark.

Well the tube race was a flop. in my opinion.... because I was sure the councilors  would have won. Sadly we lost. I will have to post about that another time because every one is going on a hike together and I want to walk next to Prudence.

See you all when ever I have time to write.


  1. Hi Miss Granny,

    Am I reading Wilbur's letter correctly? He and Prudence are holding hands and hiking together? My little girl is having heart feelings for a little boy cub? If that's the case I am so thankful it's your Wilbur, I am not worried one bit.

    Oh yes, Prudence is very "ascared" of snakes.

    Prudence's Mom

  2. Hang on, first you were peeing in your tent, and then you were kissing Prudence? Ewwwww

    The Clan & Jack

  3. So good to hear from you, dear buddy! Looks like you're having the time of your life... and could it be that a little bit of romance is floating in the air???

    Flutterby + Birgit

  4. Ich habe es sicherlich verpaßt das Wilbur in einem Ferien-camp ist. Und nun vermißt er die Oma, die so weit weg ist, ach wie traurig!!
    Ich wünsche dir noch eine schöne Zeit lieber Wilbur und paß ein wenig auf die Mädchen auf!
    Liebe Grüße

  5. "Bearants Day?" LOL I fell off my chair on that one!! Too darned cute!! I love Wilbur's little tent. PERFECT! Now smarty pants Abby wants one too because she didn't get to go to camp. Bears! What would life be without them!!!

  6. p.s. By the way..am I a "Bearant?" Just..askin'...

  7. What a cute tent and I agree, being afraid of snakes is a bit silly. Especially when they are more scared of you. Sounds like camp is great fun again this year Wilbur. I bet you won't want to come home.


  8. Oh goodness, I can't wait till my crew is home to tell me all the wonderful stories. It sounds to me like there is a budding little cub love blooming!

    I know all the bears will be sad to come home, and happy to see their families at the same time.

    The countdown till next years camp begins!!

  9. Hay dear Kay and Wilbur,

    Ohh...Wilbur, your tent is so lovely,
    in the color pink...this is my favorite
    color too...!

    Kay what a lovely story...
    and a lovely pictures...

    Wishing you a nice sunday..
    Love from Marijke


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