Sunday, August 18, 2013

Hi Cobbers I have missed you.

Hi Cobber's I have missed you...
do you understand our Aussie slang?
Well that means Hi friends I have missed you.
I was on the Dog and Bone (phone) to Granny a while ago to tell her I was about to get on the plane for the long ride home. 
Fair dinkum (really) I will be as punch to see her, although I am sad to say good bye to so many good friends. It is warm and sunny at camp and it will be winter when I get back to my house.
We had a barbie (Barbecue) the last night we had snags and dead horse (Sausages and tomato sauce.) With lots of hugs, we exchanged email addresses and phone numbers. I do have an entry under"P". I am not saying any more.
I will keep this picture of camp in my mind forever.

Now I need to put the record right. The tube race was sabotaged. 
I had a pirate tube and that didn't even  scare those Knuckle Head (Dumb) Ducks away.
The Bearcelors were winning and then all the ducks came flying in and stopped us from moving at all. The bear cubs caught up while we were cussing the ducks.

Here we come before all the quackers decided to flap their wings and squark, and stop our tubes from going any where.
Some how I think some one had a Gander and gave him the message to tell all the ducks to come and spoil the race. 
With all all that interruption, the bearcelors lost the race. Next year I will have to have a plan to keep those ducks away.

It will take me a whole day on the plane before I am home.

I can't wait to give Granny a big hug and have toast with honey and peanut butter on it, just the  way Granny makes it.

I will see you all next week.

Thank you to all my lovely friends and followers who read my stories. It has been difficult while my computer was out of action. It is all fixed now.
This is a picture of my gorgeous great grand daughter. I am biased, but I think she is scrumptiously beautiful.
The Photo was taken by the very clever photographer "Summer Rain".

My thought for the day.

"No matter how many mistakes you make
or how slow you progress.
Your still way ahead of everyone who isn't trying."


  1. Our money is on Lulu and Flora getting the ducks in on the action ;o)

    Welcome home!


    The Clan & Jack

  2. Hi Wilbur,

    I know you will be bear tired when you read this but I have to tell you, I miss you already.
    And thank you for being so brave and helping me with my bearfear of snakes. You are "my hero".

    Prudence ♥

  3. Hi Kay,

    Your great grand baby is precious, what an amazing photo.


  4. I suggest a bird dog to deal with those pesky ducks Wilbur. Have a safe trip home.


  5. Hi Wilbur!
    My Mom has toast and honey on toast every morning with her coffee..and I get a tiny pot of honey all to myself. I like peanutbutter..but not in the morning. Is that strange for a little girl bear? Already forming my habits this early in life. :)
    Enjoy camp! Only a week left. I know Granny must miss you!
    Big hugs,
    (and Mom)

  6. Soooooo... an entry under "P"... hmmmmmm... who's number and adress could that be? *grin* My, Wilbur, time flies - we can't believe your time in Camp is already over. Nevertheless you will be so glad getting back to Granny and her famous toast with honey and peanut butter. We just had to think about something... maybe you have heard of Carl Barks, the well-known artist who made Donald Duck comics so successful and who also invented all those well-known characters like Scooge McDuck, the Beagle Boys, Gyro Gearlose... well, anyway, this man related to ducks once explained his success with a simple saying: "Everybody loves ducks". He should have known you, dear Wilbur! *LOL*

    Flutterby + Birgit

  7. Wilbur, у тебя было очень насыщенное лето!!! (да, да я слежу за твоими приключениями!)... Не жалей не о чем, и пусть эти воспоминания хранятся долго в твоем сердце!!!!

    Kays, желаю счастья вашей внучке!!!

    Спасибо за "Мысль дня", она как раз вовремя!!!

  8. Dearest Kay,
    Wow, you will need some time to adjust to your long journey, the many impressions and the different climate. Welcome back!

  9. Dear Wilbur,
    Wow, that sounds like you had a lot of fun at camp. Your dinner sounds quite strange at first (dead horse doesn't sound very tasty) but after reading what it is I am sure it was great. The race must have been breath taking and I hope you will win next time. Maybe the ducks can be lured away next time?
    Have a good flight home!

  10. So glad to have you home again, Wilbur! The critters are excited to hear all your camp stories when we get together.
    Big Hugs,
    Kayzy's Critters

  11. Time flys like and air plane and so fast your this years camp ist over again *sigh* But home coming is always an al so great feeling and I think your Granny has missed you very very much.
    I like your thought of the day... it´s so true!

    Hugs Melli

  12. Your favorite "kid" will be home bear..I mean, VERY soon and summer will be but a wonderful memory.
    I just want to say that my little Abby says she is very, VERY, suspicious that the "P" in Wilburs phone books, stands for Prudence..and she stamped out of the room..and took a swing at poor Mele who is just an innocent bystander.
    Abby is developing some sharp little claws and Mele has learned this and stays FAR away when Abby is ticked at something..which is much of the time, might add!
    Abby pretty much rules the roost around here.
    We are looking forward to pictures of Wilburs arrival home! :)
    Did you get my last Fairy story? That's the last one, I promise! :)
    Mona and Abby


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