Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Wilburs fishing lessons.

Wilbur's fishing lessons.

All the boys were so pleased at last the day arrived for their fishing lessons. Wow... one is on the line already. Will, Jason and Sweet Pea were just the other side of the log and the caught a heap. I was trying to catch a double header. I decided one was quite enough to wind in.

Then we have to measure it because we are not allowed to take fish that are too small. Will kept telling me he would just eat twice as many. He loves fish.

"Hey, you boys over there, come and have a look at this fish. I am going to show you how to gut it."
Hmmm.... some thought it a bit yucky. Well I told them if you want to eat fish you have to scale it and gut it.

Tell me Wilbur what is all that wiggly stuff in his tummy, "Is it worms".
I told them that we have all that stuff in our tummies only a lot more.
All the boys were so interested.
We put all our fish in an esky and then we played, Every one caught fish and they felt very proud of their catch.

We had swims and did bomb dives.
Wilbur though he saw another fish but we had packed our rods away.
We need to save some for next year.
After a swim we found this cute cubby house under a log. We all kept dreaming about sleeping out all night. All the girls are expecting fish for dinner. We had heaps. Of course our stories around the camp fire were about how big our fish was that got away. I told Granny mine was huge.
I told her it nearly pulled me in when I was reeling it in. Do you think she would believe me?

We are having the best time.
I will send some more pictures when I get time. 
Now that might not be for awhile because we are all so busy havinf fun.

Big Hugs


  1. Wilbur is such a wonderful leader, I know that you are very proud of him.

    I'll put these photos in the Camp Good Bear Album so everyone can enjoy them too.

    Prudence's Mom ♥

  2. a wonderful story and wonderful bears, i like your creations

    regards from sylvia

  3. So you're having the time of your life and tell fishy stories... We have no doubt yours was sooooooooo BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG!!! ;O)

    Flutterby + Birgit

  4. Ewww, wormy bits in their tummies? We're not fish fans over here. We're glad you had fun though!


    The Clan & Jack

  5. Oh boy! I haven't been fishing in a very long time, but looking at your pictures Wilbur brings back memories.

    Try not to fall in.


  6. Hi Wilbur,

    It looks like you are having tons of fun! If I ever go fishing I want to go with you.

    I'm glad you didn't get pulled in by a big fish.

    Sebastian says hello!


  7. I would love to know what an Esky is? These bears are having way more fun this summer than I am!!

  8. I love all the pictures of WILBUR!!!
    They had a wonderfull time.......

    hugs Ellen

  9. Those boys are just having the best time aren't they! I hope the girls enjoyed their fish supper, and thanked the boys for all their hard work.

  10. Hi Wilbur! Thanks for sharing your fun at camp with us. What sort of fish are you catching? If it's salmon, Nana Kayzy has some great recipes for cooking salmon, although we bears enjoy eating salmon just out of the water, too!
    Big hugs from Shirley and all of Kayzy's Critters

  11. WEll, Wilbur is certainly having a wonderful time at camp..(poor little Abby is so...blue) :) I mean literally!
    Give her love to Wilbur, will you?
    Mona and Abby


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