Sunday, February 17, 2013

First market for the year.

I have two story's to tell you.
First I received this most beeeaaaatiful  Valentines card that flew here all the way from America. I asked Granny if it grew wings? She said no, it went in the same plane that you went on for camp in a big bag with lots of letters.
I still don't know how the plane knew to land in Adelaide.
Any way I was showing it to more bears that live in our house, because it was from my very dear friend Prudence.
Thank you Prudence so much. I love it and have kept in under my pillow all the time.

There are lots of pictures of the market today. Boy OH Boy was it HOT!!!
Because Granny took so many pictures I would run out of breath telling you all about the wonderful things I found.

I must tell you about these glowing stones. They looked so pretty. I felt like a magician looking into this ball. 

See these spoons spoons and tray. The spoons were so funny I was making jokes and Granny told me I was a real stirrer.
I do sometimes tease Granny. It would be fun to stir with these funny spoons.
What to you think of this pussy T shirt?  
Now this Tee Pee was the best thing at the market. I said to Granny I wanted Santa to bring me one. 
Why do Granny's always spoil things, she said Christmas was too far away to even think about it.

I don't know where to look with all this mushing. ... hummmm I mean kissing. The little boy was cute. 
It was so hot I needed a beeeaaautiful sun hat.  
Now this big crazy doll looks like she would have fun.

Granny told me this is an Easter Egg when you don't want to give a chocolate egg. I ask you who wouldn't want chocolate. If I bought this I would fill it to the brim with little eggs. 
Now this was fun.... A lady had a really colorful table where kids can paint plaster molds. I loved this frog, so I wanted lots of green paint. Was that fun???? I loved it. 
Now these little gollies are so tiny, but so beautiful. Granny's friend knits them and beads their hair, they are very cute.

Saying Hello to a Giraffe. 
This is a Spiderman book that I am going to read to Mr. Hound the dog.
PHEEW!!! That was a lot to talk about for a bear. I'm ready for Toast, peanut butter and honey for supper.
Yum, I can't wait. Granny says I have hollow legs.

See you all next week.

Welcome to Julianna.
She makes wonderful dolls and teddies and lives in Novosibirsk.
Have a look at her site.

My Thought for the week.

"Happiness held is the seed. happiness shared is the flower"


  1. Oh wie schön, das war bestimmt ein schöner Ausflug. Danke für die vielen tollen Bilder und Grüße nach Euch rüber sende. Bin gern bei Euch und lese die ganzen Postes auch wenn ich nicht immer meine Spuren hinterlasse, ich war da.
    -- Dirk --

  2. Good morning Wilbur, thanks a lot for these nice picture´s, I love the picture with the T-shirt, you looks great !!! Hugs for you and Kay from a cold germany !!! Ines

  3. Well that *was* a busy market Wilbur, we're surprised you didn't get lost in there. Not sure about that non-chocolate easter egg though...


    The Clan & Jack

  4. Hi Wilbur,

    So glad you like your card. That Tee-Pee would be perfect for Camp. As soon as I saw it I thought of how much fun we had at camp and how I am looking forward to going this summer. I am counting the days, I can't wait to see you. ♥

    Give Granny big hugs for me, please.

    Heaps of Hugs
    Prudence ♥

  5. How nice of Prudence to send you a lovely Valentine's card. She really rocks!
    I love to see the pictures. It seems that both of you had a wonderful day.
    I love the picture of you where you sit in that fabulous "wig-wam" tent or do have another name in Australia?
    Give my big hugs to Granny will ya.

    Hugs from Holland where it is too cold....brrrr....... Thea x

  6. Wilbur,I am so pleased you had fun at the market. You are so right about the weather,it was far too hot,and we have so much more to come I would love some of the snow our Northern Hemisphere friends are getting,wouldn't you? Stay cool and hope all the painting is finished. x

  7. Hi Wilbur,
    It sure looks like you and Granny had a fun market day. There are so many pictures of some really great things but we loved the Tee-pee most of all and we're going to ask Santa for one and we'll let him know that you want one too. Happy Sunday.
    Bellamine & Wendy

  8. Hi Wilbur,
    What a busy day at the market you had! Thanks for all the pictures - each one of the critters had a different favourite. Mervyn the Meerkat liked the giraffe (naturally), and Digger Dog thought Mr Hound looked like a dog worthy of the name. But I think that teepee is great - you could fit lots of bears in there, for a Pow-wow!
    Hugs from Shirley and the Critters

  9. Hi Wilbur,

    what a fun day you've had at that fair, making friends of course and discovering many lovely and/or amazing things. But it looks like you're a little on the magical side now... crystal ball, owls, spiderwebs... ;O) We keep our fingers/paws crossed that you'll get that lovely shirt and especially the Tee Pee... maybe you're lucky and Granny will keep this in mind until next Christmas...

    Flutterby + Birgit

  10. Hi Wilbur and Kay,

    Looks like a fun market and I loved seeing all the wares. Everything looks fabulous and love the little gollies - how cute.
    Have a good week

  11. You and Granny took wonderful pictures, Wilbur. I agree, the tee pee will be awesome at camp. I'm glad you're getting to go again and see all of your bear friends. What a fun filled time you had!
    Miss Susan

  12. I love your card....the designer, Mary's Bears are so pretty.....Mama Bear tries to buy them whenever she sees them...
    oh, what a fun time you had...

  13. and Granny DO have the most wonderful adventures and meet so many people and see so many things.
    Prudence..AND Joyce are absolutely delightful!
    Valentines are a most wonderful thing to need to show us a picture of it. We would love to see your Valentine. It doesn't even matter if it is after Valentines Day.
    Big hugs to you and Granny.
    (Mona too) :)

  14. I don´t like the shirt you wear! This is a shirt for little Babies, but Wilbur you´re a big boy. But maybe this is a shirt for Grannys sweet little gand daughter (Soory I forgot the name of this little sweetie)
    You´re really look like a wizard with this "cristall ball"
    Hugs Melli

  15. What a wonderful adventure - thank you for all the great pictures! :o)


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