Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Three Bears

The story of the 3 bears

Have you ever felt  friends are like diamonds.
Granny says she has lots of diamonds, meaning lots of friends.
Well one day last week one of her friends gave her 3 chairs. They just looked like the 3 chairs in the story of Goldilocks.

There was a big chair that I liked, although I need to try the next size. "Oh no this chair needs a cushion on it and it would be so pretty for a princess like Prudence or Shirley.
Definitely too hard.
Well this little chair I felt was toooooo small. I nearly fell of because it was tooooo narrow.
Yes!!! this is just right for me. Nice and comfortable
Can you see side on it has rockers on it, so it is just right for telling stories and giving little bears a rock. Just like I am doing to a little bear that Monica Spicer made, called Hugs. He is a very special bear, and is good at giving Hugs to me and Granny
I definitely will put my name on this chair because I'm tired ,because we painted all day. Phew!!!! I'm getting tired of all this painting. 
Granny has just come in wanting to interfere with my blog. She says she wants to show every one another photo of her beautiful great grand daughter. She has gone quite dotty over little Summer.
I don't know how many times a day she looks at her photos. I should please her by letting her post a picture. 
She does look cute doesn't she?

Well I let her post a picture of her special baby so I am expecting warm, melty, dripping, luscious, toast with peanut butter and Honey. "Goody, here it comes." Ahhh!! just right for a bear.
See you all next week.

This cup of flowers is for all of Granny's diamonds. She says you all make her life sparkle so much.
Thank You.
Thought for the day
"Figures don't lie----- but girdles often re-distribute the truth."


  1. Wilbur you were very wise to try all those chairs out at finding the comfiest one. We're not sure Summer's parents or the photographer like her as much as Granny though, fancy shoving her in a bucket like that!


    The Clan & Jack

  2. Hi Wilbur
    Those 3 chairs are gorgeous! But I think the one you chose is the best, and you look so comfy sitting in it. Is there any room on your knee for me?
    Hopeful hugs from Shirley xoxo

  3. Hi Wilbur,

    I'm a princess? Oh my mohair, nobear has ever called me a princess - thank you beary much.

    I agree, YOU should have the rocking chair because you are the bear of the house, you have an important job - keeping Granny safe and happy and making sure she is sewing bears and selling at the market.

    Summer is precious.

    Tell Granny that she is a diamond to us too.

    Heaps of Hugs
    Prudence ♥

  4. Your granny is a big diamond, a very sparkly, shiny one, ...and those chairs, she is a lucky granny too...they are just superb....
    Looking forward to seeing those baby pics soon..x

  5. Hi Wilbur,
    The rocking chair would be our first choice too. We have two rocking chairs but the dolls monopolize them and we're left with our rocking horse, Woody if we want to rock.
    Summer is an adorable little human cub. It's no wonder Granny gets all mushy when she looks at her picture. What we would like to know is what is she doing sitting in the feed bucket?
    Bellamine & Wendy

  6. I love the Chairs.....and thanks for the flowers, Granny, lovely little one and beautiful name has she....
    Wilbur and Mama Bear

  7. Bad case of eyesweat over here... thank you for the flowers... ;O) You were right to choose the big chair... it must have been dedicated to you by the one who made it, for a very special bear. Summer is so lovely, no surprise your Granny can hardly stop to look at pictures of her. Nevertheless we are convinced she stopped at once to make you your well-deserved lunch.

    Flutterby + Birgit

  8. Everybear needs a chair just right for a bear bottom. I'm glad you found yours. Just beware of little girls called Goldilocks - they can bring a bit of trouble to bears' chairs.


  9. Another adorable baby picture! quite creative for sure. I love Wilburs chair too, looks comfy cozy....

  10. What a beautiful Summer! So kind for you to share space, Wilbur! I just love the photo of the cup of roses, too! I know painting is a very tiring endeavor. Take it easy!! Hugs from Virginia, USA

  11. oh what a fun post Kay!!! love the bears and love the photos that baby photo is so sweet!!! that tea cup full of roses is so pretty!!!!

  12. Oh my word! Summer is too precious. They grow up far too fast Wilbur, so you must try to be patient with Granny's photo love of the wee girl.

    That is a seriously comfy looking chair and how nice for Hugs to get a rock-a-bear with you.

    Ali x

  13. Dear Kay and Wilbur,

    Such cute chairs and sure you would look great and be comfortable in any of them, wilbur.
    Summer is a darling and can see why you are in love with her - precious and love the photo.
    Happy Wednesday

  14. Dear Kay,

    What a lovely pictures of Wilbur
    on his chair!
    And you little baby is like an angel!
    She is so beautiful!

    Love from Holland

  15. Wilbur dear, YOUR Granny is the one that makes OUR lives sparkle. And you too. We all love Where' chair?
    Love and hearts and' I mean flowers!

  16. Dear Kay,
    That baby is just adorable. What a cute idea to have her picture taken in an old oaken bucket. :) Both Abby and I loved it!
    We are just so into "babies." I had seven,you know. One every 13 or 14 months. :)
    GOOD HEAVENS! Looking back..I have to wonder.
    Love, hugs and Happy Valentines Day.
    We love you.

  17. This chair looks as it was made for you! It s a really beautyful teddybear-chair.
    But sorry Wilbur, your chair is reeally awesome, but my heart is melting as I look at this cute bundle of joy in the bucket! What a sweet Darling...

  18. A wonderful baby picture - pretty nice! And the teacup full of roses aswell... :o))


  19. Hi Wilbur and Granny,

    Gosh we are so behind in visiting. We love your beautiful chair Wilbur. You look perfectly handsome sitting in it.

    Granny's new Grandbaby is so pretty. No wonder Granny looks at her pictures so often.

    Sissy and the rest of the gang

  20. Hi Wilbur. We think you look perfectly handsome in your chair. We would like the rocker best too.

    Granny is a diamond too. She make us have a lot of sparkle.

    Granny's grand baby is so cute!! No wonder her pictures are looked at so many times.

    We are having a hard time commenting here so we hope you get this.


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