Sunday, February 24, 2013

I'm Hot


I was rummaging around in Granny's draw to find a zipper that matched my fur. I was so hot I wanted Granny to put a zipper in so I could take my fur off when it was hot.
She came in and said "Wilbur what are you doing."
I told her I was far too hot and I wanted to be able to take my fur off on hot days and put it on, on cold days.

She said " Oh! Wilbur you must be hot, but you can't take your fur off all your stuffing would fall out."
I said I didn't care I just wanted to get cool. I don't care about stuff'n.
So Granny said "I will help you to feel cool, come with me."

We went outside and Granny put the sprinkler on, and told me to sit under it and then she went inside, and came out with a honey ice cream. The sprinkler did make me feel cool and I loved the ice cream.

Then the problem started! Granny's batteries went flat. Well Granny's...... batteries had been flat all day, but the camera batteries went flat. She had just taken two pictures and flat batteries. She hurried inside to get the spare ones and they were flat as well, although they hadn't been used since they were plugged in to that thing.
New rechargeable's were only 2 months old and both won't hold power.  Granny's sparks were flying, it was like Guy Faulk's. Well Granny's red light bulb went on, because she said " I have only two photos for your post Wilbur."
Oh well there is nothing we can do about it. Just go and buy more batteries this week.
She is feeling like throwing the batteries to far places, but she said she will recycle them
I'm sorry it is a short post, I will get Granny to take more pictures next week.

It's too hot for toast, peanut butter and honey tonight, I might just ask Granny if I could have another ice cream.
See you all next week.


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My thought for the week
".Don't be afraid of pressure,
Remember that pressure is what turns a 
lump of coal into a diamond."


  1. Hi Wilbur,

    Please don't fret about the pictures, having just one of you will always get me through the week. One is beary much better than none. I love to read your posts during the week, and I am counting the days till we meet at summer camp.

    Heaps of Hugs
    Prudence ♥

    I never heard of honey ice cream. Does Granny make it?

  2. Wilbur,you are so funny, I just thought I'd pop in to see what you've been up to before I retire to my bed,I'm hot too. I haven't stopped laughing since I started reading your post.
    I wish we hadn't got rid of our lawn,then I could have had the sprinklers on too. Lucky you,and ice cream too. I'm off to have a cool shower now before bed. Sleep tight. I hope you don't have a tummy ache,eating all that ice cream xx

  3. Just to cute. I hope Wilbur cools down soon.

  4. Hi Wilbur,
    Now we know why we don't have zippers. *giggle*
    It isn't hot here and we asked our mom if you and Granny could come for a visit until it cooled off but she reminded us about the North Pole security and how only Santa can give permission for someone from the outside to come for a visit. We're pretty sure Santa will say yes if we ask, so should we ask? In the meantime spend as much time under the sprinkler as possible and be sure to keep lots of honey ice cream in the freezer. Perhaps you could sit in the frige when it gets really hot. The light goes out when the door is closed so take a flash light. Let us know if we should talk to Santa.
    Bellamine & Wendy

  5. So you're suffering from the other extreme, dear Wilbur. We have lots of snow again and frost... spring seems so far away. *sigh* We're sure you've enjoyed your honey icecream and we believe Granny had a second one for you in store. And we agree with her, a zipper in your beautiful fur would not be a good idea, the Granny way to cool down is much better. Hope you'll have enough camera power the next time! ;O)

    Flutterby + Birgit

  6. Ice-cream is definitely the way to go Wilbur, hope you're nice and cool now!


    The Clan & Jack

  7. Oh dear Wilbur and Granny Kay... I do feel for you two. It's so hot you just don't know how to cool down!!! But Wilbur: listen to Granny... she knows what she's talking about. You really don't want all of your stuffing falling out all over the place, do you? I bet there're a few things you could do to keep cool... :0)))
    I do hope you've had a good night sleep at least.
    In Melbourne we're coping with the same weather. NOT NICE... :0(((((
    Much love and beary hugs from Mon, Garry and the 3 furry children, Bella, BJ and Leeloo xxxxx

  8. Dear Wilbur,
    Isn't the rain beautiful! After that hot day yesterday, waking up to the sound of light, steady rain was such a blessing, and cooled our house down quickly. Yesterday Nana Kayzy just lay on her sofa and sewed, but today she is up and looking around for things to do - what a difference! We critters are ready for anything - got any ideas for beary mischief to pass on? Have a lovely cool day, Wilbur, and give Granny a big furry kiss from us all here at Critter Cottage.
    Happy hugs from Shirley and Kayzy's Critters :)

  9. It's even too hot here in Tasmania.....starting to long for some cooler days (and nights).

  10. Happy Wilbur to be hot, when it's winter, at least here.
    Have a good week!

  11. Oh poor Wilbur I feel so sorry for you. It's awful feeling so hot. Maybe it's possible to come to Holland. It's freezing and snowing over here for a very long time. Personally I do not like it, but I'm sure you do. You are a bear with a very nice fur to keep you warm. I miss the fur you see.
    Anyway. Let's just pray for you that the temps will drop and for me that the temps will raise and we will be even!

    Hugs from Holland, Thea x

  12. Wilbur can come take a visit here, I'll set his bear bottom in all the snow I have! He can eat snow like a snow cone with my dog.


  13. Oh yes, here is winter aswell.... and it will take a long time till we have summer again, I'm afraid...


  14. Wilbur just comme here in Canada there is the snow!!!! i hope you cools donw soon.hugs

  15. Hi Wilbur and Kay,

    I would like to be sitting under the sprinkler with you, very hot over here too.
    Hope the week is going great.


  16. Estoy encantada de volver a ver a Wilbur y dar un paseo por este blog encantador.

    Deseo que las temperaturas sean agradables y que no falten los ricos helados, para mitigar el calor.

    Un abrazo.

  17. Honey ice cream and nice cool water sprinkles sounds like a nice way to cool off Wilbur.

    I do think the zipper is a bearilliant idea though. I'd love to put a zipper on Blossom and hide her peach fur. She'd look so funny.


  18. I want to come and sit under your sprinkler too!

  19. My Bear, Mr. Megarity loved this sweet story, as I did. First time visitor and I shall drop back from Atlantic Canada. Have a wonderful day.

  20. Hey Wilbur, can we have some of your hot please. It's been frosty here all week.
    We really like the idea of honey ice cream. We're not so sure about getting wet though. You could get a little tent like you had last week, sit in it and get Granny to soak the outside. Then, as the water evaporates the inside will be much cooler, just like a fridge, and there's no danger of getting too clean.
    Jock and Louie


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