Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Teddy Bear Hospital at Urrbrae House.

Granny and her girls had a Teddy Bear hospital at Urrbrae House. Where they had the Teddy Bears Picnic.

Urrbrae House is an Historical house that Peter Wait built for his wife. It is a lovely large home that is owned by the University today. It is open to the public and so are all the grounds. How lucky are we to have such beauty and history for us to enjoy.

This is the second year, that the staff and volunteer's  at Urrbrae house house have given a Teddy Bears Picnic to children, in the School holidays, and it was free.
The Hospital was in the dining room on the long table. Of course I came along to tell the bears that Granny does not hurt. I know because she fixed my paws 2 weeks ago.
We had needles and treads, band aids, bandages, stingoes, medicine, an exray, Honey to give them after they had been brave.
This little girl had her poor panda with his head coming off. Granny needed to sew that one on very fast.
We had lots and lots of children....
Plus 5 nurses and Doctors to mend the teddies. My they were busy all day.
This photo is before we started. Can you see all the little pots of honey we gave the children to take home for medicine for their bears. I did sneak a few myself.
They had beautiful ladies in period costumes that were helping the children. They looked so pretty. 
Out on the lawn the played throw the ball into the clowns mouth. Then they had to find Goldie Locks and the Three bears in the sensory garden.
They had blowing bubbles, a photo shoot at the Teddy bears picnic and a parachute game.
There were lots of children with their bears, having a grand parade.
Plus big bears, small bears, rabbits, mice, foxes, dogs, cats...... I hope  I remembered them all. "Hey Granny ( What other animals did we have)". Y'er,she thinks that's all.
I do hope I can go with Granny next year. Granny said that I was so good, she even might make me a nurses hat.
Phew!!!! is was a hot day, We came home and had a smile in our hearts because it was the best day.
Yummy Toast, Peanut butter and Honey for supper.
See you all next week.
We love having new followers. This week Sabine has joined us.
She has a lovely site with knitted and crochet bears.
Go and have a look.
My thought for the week:
"Business is like a wheel barrow. Nothing happens until you start pushing."


  1. If going to hospital could possibly be fun, this has to be it! What a fabulous idea, day, event. Thanks so much for sharing! I think there should be some of these here. Sebastian would definitely go along in some helpful capacity. Good for you!

  2. How marvellous that you were able to help so many bears and children! What a wonderful day you must have had.

  3. Кай добрый день! Какой замечательный рассказ! Ой как здорово..что можно приносить мишек и их там лечить)))У меня еще сидит ждет своей очереди один мишка..которого тоже надо лечить..пойду лечить)))Уилбура целую в нос)))

  4. О, какой полезный день вы провели!!!

  5. Hi Wilbur,

    What a wonderful way to spend the day, helping children with "healing" their teddy bears.

    You will make a wonderful nurse next year.

    Prudence ♥

  6. Little m is still cuddling her panda Granny, she likes to smell the part where you stitched it back on because 'it smells like Granny Kays perfume'......he is doing very well and enjoying all the extra hugs that you prescribed after his

  7. It's just a magical day! kids are happy! Very cool!

  8. I can not tell you how much I live this. You, Granny, and all the nurses must have made so many children happy.

    1. Children always feel love and she lives in their hearts. These children happy eyes! You are all wonderful! Be happy and loved!

  9. Hi Wilbur,
    What a wonderful event. We wish we could have been there to help Granny and the other nurses and to play with the children and bears. It looks like everyone came away happy. If we ever have to be mended we hope we get to go somewhere as nice.
    Bellamine, Clarissa & Wendy

  10. wow great i have read many articles about this topic and everytime i learn something new i dont think it will ever stop always new info , Thanks for all of your hard work! teddy bears

  11. What a wonderful thing! You all made SO many happy.
    Lori Ann

  12. Hey Wilbur,

    That sounds like a GREAT day, with lots n lots of other bears to meet. I would have taken some hunny for me too. At least Granny remembered you. Alan went off yesterday and forgot me, so I ran away (nearly) and had a great pickernicker with hunny and biskits and chocolit, so it all ended up ok.

    I hope your new paws are good for getting a grip on the hunny jars. Hee, hee, hee.



  13. What a beautiful day you've had, making little kids happy and healing furry brothers and sisters. Love the idea with the honeypots - and Wilbur, you really need a nurse costume next year. Granny looked fabulous in hers!

    Flutterby + Birgit

  14. Wow !! what a lovely idea, this hospital and this picnic for children !!
    Have a great week , Kay !

  15. What a wonderful day out you had and love the beautiful old mansion and seeing all the ladies in period gowns with their parasols.
    Love the nurses uniform Kay and the bears would have been happy to have had their repair work done.

    Happy week

  16. Looks like you all had a lovely enjoyable day. It's such a nice idea. x

  17. ¡Que fotos tan simpáticas!

    Wilbur tiene mucha suerte de que Granny sea una estupenda doctora de osos.

    La convivencia en una casa y parajes tan hermosos, tuvo que ser fantástica.

    Mi felicitación y mi abrazo.

  18. oh how delightful and fun!!! your work warms so many hearts!!!

  19. Hi Granny Kay,
    The critters are asking if you have any leftover honey pots. They told me they feel very poorly because I didn't take them to your hospital! I think I've got an epidemic on my hands. HELP!!!
    Nana Kayzy

  20. What wonderful photos. I haven't seen a Teddy Bear hospital in a long time. I'm sure all the kids who had their bears who were seen are happy campers now!

    Ali x

  21. Phew, we're so glad the hospital was able to help so many bears!

  22. Hallo, das ist aber schön und da wurden bestimmt ganz ganz viele Bären und andere Tiere wieder gesundgemacht? Schau bitte auf meinem Blog, ich habe dir einen Gruß hinterlassen.
    Liebe Grüße Mona

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  24. I have been trying to find a teddy bear hospital in Adelaide, to mend my little mans beloved bear, Heston. We are in the country and were hoping to just bring him down for the day, but the only option seems to send him away and I'm not sure he could cope. Do you know anyone that does this all the time? Thanks :-)

  25. I have been trying to find a teddy bear hospital in Adelaide, to mend my little mans beloved bear, Heston. We are in the country and were hoping to just bring him down for the day, but the only option seems to send him away and I'm not sure he could cope. Do you know anyone that does this all the time? Thanks :-)


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