Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Cream Puff

Cream Puff

This little girl is 21cm. tall and is made out of Tissavel faux fur in a cream colour.It is extremely soft to touch.
She has a sweet face that has been meticulously needle and scissor sculpted to make her cute little expression. 
She has a hand sculpted clay nose with thread mouth. Her eyes are black English glass, that sparkle. She has light shading on her face.
Her paw pads are ultra suede and she is jointed with a cotter pin for the head and bolt and lock nuts for the arms and legs. She is filled with glass sand, a little pouch of stainless steel shot  (to make her a nice weight to hold) and poly fill. She will stand on her own.
She comes with a clay cream puff. Her favourite party food.
Cream puff wears a silk jacket in cream with a pink silk bow at the neck line.
Plus a diamante heart in her hair.

Cream Puff is available now.
$90.00 Aust. dollars plus postage. I only post registered mail.
I accept Pay Pal, Direct credit or Bank cheque.

Cream Puff is a collectors bear and is NOT suitable for children because of small parts.
If you are interested  and would like more information please contact me by email.

Cream Puff is waiting for a new Mum or Dad who will feed her cream puffs.


  1. Oh what a lovely girl! She wears such a beautiful silk blouse that every girl would like to have! I love her diamond heart-shaped hair clip :)
    Adorable :)

  2. aawwwwwh,she is so beautiful. I hope she finds a nice home. x

  3. Она прекрасна!!!!Мои мишки мальчишки..посылают ей воздушные поцелуи))))Красавица!!!!!

  4. It has become so sweet! I hope you will soon find a new home! Sorry about my English, but I have to translate with google translate.

    VG Bine

  5. What a beauty. And you've chosen the perfect name for that little cutie!

    Flutterby + Birgit

  6. She looks like she'd be as soft in the fur as she looks delicious in the photos. Maybe someone who has a bakery will give her a new home! :D


  7. Aww, she looks gorgeously soft, and love that wee nose!

  8. Ohhh, Windbeutel ist so süß, schaut lieb aus und will sagen....Hab mich lieb!....
    Liebe grüße Mona

  9. Wow !!! Kay, she is absolutely adorable !!! love this fabric, this colour your work !!! bravo !! elle est merveilleuse !!
    Have a lovely day !!


  10. gott Kay, she is so sweet and beauty, i love her

    hugs from sylvia

  11. Omigosh, she's absolutely adorable!! I just love how all your bears have each their own little character, just by looking at their sweet faces. xoxo

  12. Hi Cream Puff.
    You are very beautiful, and I should know because I was with you at the Onkaparinga Show last week. I can't help hoping that you'll stay with Granny for awhile, but I think you're so cute that someone is going to snap you up soon. Duffy, who stood next to you at the show and was too shy to speak,is smitten. He wants me to pass on his kind regards.
    Hugs, Nana Kayzy :0)

  13. Cream Puff is so cute!! She has the sweetest little face!


  14. Кейс, она действительно очаровательна!!! И это сердечко, как оно здесь к месту!!!

  15. I say that Abby is my very last bear...but, I tell you that IF I could afford to do it...I would buy this little cutie pie in a heart beat! Your workmanship is ...nothing short of fantastic. Her sweet face reflects your personality...which makes her even more desirable to me.
    Hugs to Cream Puff and I hope she finds a Mum who will love her to pieces..
    Mona and Abby

  16. WOW!!!!!!
    It's amazing and magical!
    I fell in love with this work!
    Welcome to my blog!


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