Sunday, October 21, 2012

The story of the special dish.

 The dish what leaks!!!!
Things are a little quite around here this week. Granny is having  huffing and puffing with asthma, so I have been giving her cuddles and trying to look after her.

Granny said it was a good time for a true story.
Now this happened when Granny's mother was a girl, so it was nearly before dinosaurs.
Granny said:.......
"My mum"s name was Doreen. She was the eldest in the family and helped care for the little ones, she had twin sisters a few years younger than her and two brothers younger still. They lived on a farm out of the town, so the only transport was a horse and Sulky. 
It was getting near her mothers birthday, so Doreen, saddled up the horse and Sulky and took her twin sisters into town to buy their mum a present. 
Now this tiny little town had one shop that sold everything, from petrol to bolts and screw drivers, to chook feed, to fruit and veg, groceries, magazines  and every thing you could possibly think of. One side of the shop there was a little room that had some nice pretty things in. Like; cups and saucers, glasses, a few dishes and I think some cottons and scissors .I remember the floor boards were wooden and very worn. When you walked in that little room they squeaked and were very dusty.
In that room the 3 girls found this dish, just the right present for their mother.

It was very pretty and Doreen thought it would be a lovely fruit bowl.
It was carefully wrapped in brown paper and string put around it, then they paid for it and carefully placed in the Sulky.   Doreen told the twins, it was a secret and they were not aloud to tell their mum what her birthday present was. 
They drove home in the Sulky and as soon as the twins went running in the door to their Mum, they blurted out. "Mum, we have bought you a dish what leaks. From that moment on this dish that has been handed down to me, which must be about 90 years old has always been known as the dish what leaks."

I do love that story and I guess Granny's children and me will still tell that story for years to come. When I dust it I have to be very careful, because it is one of Granny's treasures.
I did get out this little cup and saucer to have a look at when I was dusting the dish. It is very cute, but a boy bear really needs a mug.

I think I will go and make Granny a cup of tea and we can share toast  peanut butter and honey. That would make any one better.
See you all next week.

This is a rose from Granny's garden for our two new followers and all my regular readers.
Welcome Tatyana. 
Tatynan make wonderful Bears and Elephants I'm sure you would like to take a look at

Welcome to Marina Nostromo
Marina has amazing work of the finest cross stitch which is a Christmas theme. 
Very beautiful.
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My thought for the week.
" The only one who can make a success of loafing, is a baker."


  1. I love your 'dish what leaks'...great story...

  2. Hi there!

    What a great story! Isn't that the neatest thing when something said unintentionally takes on a life of its own through time.

    "a dish that leaks" Terrific!

    Tell your Granny to rest and take good care so that she's up and around sooner rather than later. Wishing you well!


  3. Oh what a nice story! Such stores about dearest relatives should be told and cherished, you are absolutely right!
    Wilbur you are such a caring bear:)

  4. Kay that is a cute story! What a wonderful treasure to have "the dish what leaks".

  5. Get well soon, Kay! And thank you so much for this heart-warming story! It is wonderful that you still have this dish to pass on to you children along with the story. The stories and memories are the best thing about old things, I think.

  6. Hi Wilbur,

    You are such a wonderful caregiver to Granny. Please give her a big hug for us.

    The dish that leaks is bee-u-tee-ful, what a treasure. And yes, you need to drink your tea or hot chocolate from a BIG mug.

    Heaps of Hugs
    Prudence ♥

  7. Wilbur,thank you for sharing that lovely story about the leaking dish. It is very beautiful and certainly to be treasured,especially with the lovely memories. xx

  8. That's a lovely story! Hope Granny is feeling better soon. x

  9. Your stories are so beautiful , Kay !! It's remember me all these things, when I was a child too !!

    Beautiful weekk, for you and Wilbur !! He is a good little bear !!


  10. Hi Wilbur,

    What a wonderful story of the dish what leaks. Our mom tells us stories about when she and her sisters were young although we're not sure of how much we should believe cause she's always saying how most of the time she can't remember anything. Our mom has asthma too and it gets scary when she can't breath. We keep telling her, take air in and then let it out; remember, in and out. Give Granny hugs for us and tell her to get well soon.

    Bellamine, Clarissa & Wendy

  11. Oh Wilbur, we're sad to hear Granny doesn't feel well - we sent her virtually loads of love and good wishes and we know you will take care of her still as you've done during the last days. Good boy - and as we owe you one we'll forgive you this "before the dinosaurs" saying... *wink* Thank you very much for this wonderful, heartwarming story - what a treasure this dish what leaks is!

    Flutterby + Birgit

  12. Oh I do hope Granny is feeling better now! Lovely dish but even more lovely is the story behind it! What a sweet little cup & saucer!

  13. Thank you so much for this beautiful story!!! I love your saucer and the cup too.Love cathy.

  14. Hi Kay and Wilbur,

    Love the story, of the dish that leaks, so lovely.
    Do hope you are feeling better Kay, sending hugs and well wishes


  15. Oh - that's a sweet story ... and very typical for little children to shout out secrets ...
    I guess I would have shout "Mom, I just don't tell you that we have bought a leaking dish for you"...... so what :o))
    Wilbur, keep on taking care for Grandma the same way she allways take care for you.
    Big hugs from France

  16. I love it when you know the story behind a treasured possession. Hope Granny is feeling better soon.

    Ali x

  17. Sorry to hear that Granny is all huffy and puffy. Katy over at Jack's house gets that way too and gets quite poorly sometimes. I'm glad you're giving Granny lots of cuddles. That should help lots.

    I was off dancing at the weekend - just as well 'cos he forgot me last week.



  18. Such a lovely story regarding the dish that leaks:-) I could just picture it all happening in my mind and I'm so glad that granny is the one who has it's no wonder you're very careful when you dust it, Wilbur, it's such a special heirloom!! Please tell granny that I hope she feels better real soon. xoxo

  19. A dish what leaks, what will they think of next?!

  20. Wow..Abby and I thought this was a really nice post. Granny..huffy? NO! sure?
    Anyway..some snuggles will always make things better. Always!
    Hugs to all of you..and s'pecially Granny and you, Wilbur.

  21. Una historia muy linda.

    Me ha parecido estar viendo una clásica escena de película, cuando he leído la alusión a la antigua tienda de abarrotes.

    El plato, una verdadera joya sentimental que desde luego, hay que cuidar con mucho esmero.

    Me gusta el "bebito" que se asoma por detrás de la pecera con rosas. :)

    Deseo que los mimos, hagan reponerse pronto a Granny, pero que no se olvide de seguir contando lindas historias.

    Un abrazo.

  22. Was für eine schöne Geschichte. Wir wünschen Granny gute Besserung.
    Liebe Grüße
    Heike & Henry

  23. Hi Wilbur,
    We sure hope your Granny is feeling better now. You are such a good bear to take such good care of her.

    We think the dish is very pretty even though it leaks.

    Give granny hugs from all of us.
    Sissy, Sweet Pea and Blossom

  24. It's me again:-)

    Since today is Halloween, here's a little poem I'm sharing with everyone today...

    This is Halloween

    Goblins on the doorstep,
    Phantoms in the air,
    Owls on witches' gate posts,
    Giving stare for stare.

    Cats on flying broomsticks,
    Bats against the moon,
    Stirring round of fate-cakes,
    With a solemn spoon.

    Whirling apple parings,
    Figures draped in sheets,
    Dodging, disappearing,
    Up and down the streets.

    Jack-o'-lanterns grinning,
    Shadows on a screen,
    Shrieks and starts and laughter--
    This is Halloween!

    Happy Halloween, dear Kay, make sure you come by my blog today for my Halloween Bash and see what costume I dressed you up in! hehe xoxo

  25. Hope Mama is feeling better.....we know how asthma can be.
    Mama Bear and Wil

  26. Wowww...a beautiful history! it is always very beautiful to see your blog. Thanks for your comment on my blog, excuse, but have used the telephone and have been wrong because I have click on refusal I comment!!! I loved your comment. Can you make a new comment? A great embrace from Venice your friend


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