Sunday, September 23, 2012

Don't play with fire.....

was toasting marshmallows on the FIRE and look what happened
I got too close to the fire and didn't realize it was burning my beautiful paws until it was too late.
I have two burnt hands. All of the children reading this, PLEASE don't play with fire or matches. It really hurts if you burn yourself. 

_Marion Market in South Australia._
It was market day and Granny said I could still go although I had to be careful I did NOT bump my hands.
This dear little doll was very worried about my burnt hands, and wanted to be friend.
OK...... Granny had her way with my hats because I could not pull them off.
Now this is much better, I was very impressed with this helicopter and digger on cards. 
I told Granny when it is my Birthday I want a card like these, they were great.
 H.. Hummm.... this is a very pretty giraffe but do you know what comes out the back end....
I'm sure that wouldn't happen at a market, but you never know...
I think I have my nose in the air smelling????? 
I do love his pretty colour though.
What the heck is granny putting an apron on me for. I can't work, or do dishes ,or anything with my paws bandaged.
Granny loved these dolls, I'm a bit partial to them as well, they are such pretty and bright colours.
Can you believe there were Christmas cakes, You should put your nose to the computer because they smell Beeuuutifulll.
Now Granny sometimes is not so good on the photos. This lovely stall had a beautiful Teddy Bear painted on a snowflake, plus a little bear popping out of a stocking, but the glare was not good, so you will just have to trust me that they were very pretty.
It is getting near Halloween, and look at this black kitty. I hope he doesn't frighten Father Christmas.
 BOO!!! did I scare you..
I love this bag.
Granny I am not a dog.  She thinks a dog collar would look good on me, especially if it had a bow tie on it.
They are lovely but NOT did you hear me NOT for me.
Wow this lady was really clever. She could paint Bears and Planes and everything.
I would love this plane on my bedroom wall.
I do wish my hands were better. I can't climb trees or anything. Granny said she would read me a story after toast,  peanut butter and honey for supper.
Guess what???? She will have to feed me.

See you all next week.

A warm welcome to all of my readers, we love you coming to visit.

My thought for the day.

"One good husband is worth two good wives
for the scarcer things are
the more they are valued."


  1. Эх, Wilbur, как же так?! Выздоравливай скорее!!!

  2. Oh no!!!! Poor bear! Best wishes!
    Hugs, Conni

  3. Oh dear Wilbur, that must be very sore! We hope they feel better soon - we heard that honey was good for making you feel better, so we think that means you should smear yourself in it, then you can preoccupy yourself by sucking it back out of your fur...


    The Clan and Jack

  4. Oh Wilbur,

    Me & Mom are sitting here crying. We just feel so bad that you were hurt. Didn't you listen to the safety tips at Camp Good Bear about fire and safety?

    Oh gosh, we wish we lived close by cause we would come over and visit with you and Granny and bring you prezzies.

    Please get better real soon. We love you so much.

    Heaps of Hugs
    Prudence & Mom ♥

  5. Dear Wilbur,
    We were so sorry to hear about your paws, and hope you recover quickly. If Granny needs help looking after you, we can come down and take turns to feed you, and help you eat peanut butter and honey toast. Mmmmm!
    Big hugs from Kayzy and the Critters :0D

  6. Oh dear! Wilbur, you really should be careful when handling fire! I hope your paws will heal soon. Marion Market seems to be a good distraction for hurt teddy bears. All the great things to see and try and hide in... I am pretty sure, you forgot about your bandages while strolling through this market. Thank you for all the pretty photos and get well soon!


  7. Wilbur, we're so sad you got burned. It is terrible and we learned a lesson from your accident and from now on none of us are going to go anywhere near the fire so all future marshmellow roasting will be left for Mom to do. We love our s'mores but don't want burnt paws. Get better soon dear friend and in the mean time eat lots of honey. It is a cure for everything.
    Bellamine, Clarissa & Wendy

  8. Dear Wilbur,

    we're so sad to hear (and see) you've hurt yourself so bad... poor friend, we're sending you a very big virtual hug (but catch it carefully with your bandaged paws). And what a shame you had to be a hat model because you weren't able to rip those hats off from your head. We think you deserve a lot of toast and honey and even more honey because this is kind of medicine that will heal your wounds from the inside, yes, it will! ;O)Get well soon!

    Flutterby + Birgit

  9. Oh Noooo! I hope that this is not permanent damage, oh poor Wilbur.

  10. I hope Teddy Wilbur gets better soon, he is too cute to be hurt!

  11. Oh dear Wilbur,

    That must have been very frightening. I hope your hands are better soon. You must take care in future. I liked some of the pictures, but Granny was being mean, mean, mean putting that hat on you when you couldn't stop her. I think you deserve several treats to compensate.



    PS Now it's my picture and not Spike's do you like it?

  12. Hi Wilbur,

    I am so sorry to hear about your accident. That is no fun for sure. You must take care and get well soon.

    In the meantime, I hope you can keep your mind off your troubles. Perhaps a little sweet snack or some honey will do the trick.

    Get well soon from all of us at bearbits!

    ~ginger & Sebastian & all the bears

  13. Thanks for coming by to visit us....
    Mama Bear and Wil

  14. Oh dear Wilbur,

    So sorry to hear about your accident and hope you heal soon and feel better.
    Looks like a fun Market and loved seeing everything - the Russian dolls are lovely.

    Happy week

  15. Wonderful Photos and Stories. It is always grear to see your Blog. Hugs Ilse

  16. Привет, Wilbur!!!! Как же так??? КАК ТЫ?? очень переживаю за тебя!!! Поправляйся скорее!!
    Думаем о тебе и шлём объятия!!
    Мишель и все мишки Сибири и урала..(*-*)

  17. Me ha encantado este paseo por el mercado, de la "mano" de Wilbur. ¡Pobrecito...! Tiene que ser bastante travieso. :)

    Es fascinante, poder ver productos de tierras tan lejanas a la mía, en su propio ambiente de mercado.

    Gracias por hacernos vivir estas experiencias tan enriquecedoras, de una manera tan estéticamente hermosa.

    Un abrazo.


  18. I have just found your cute blog through Rose Chintz Cottage. Cute teddy story. I am from South Australia too, pleased to meet you. I am now following :)

  19. Wilbur vit de grandes aventures !!! j'espère que ses pattes sont guéries maintenant !!!

    Have a lovely week-end !!



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