Sunday, September 16, 2012

Granny has lost the mink ears.
 Catastrophe, Frantic,  Frustration, Unsettling, Cranky,
What else can I say. Things are NOT good in my house. Granny has lost a pair of ears. Well you have never heard of such a fuss. You would think she lost the crown jewels.
Every thing has been pulled apart, boxes emptied 6 times, and put back.( Now I tell you if you have emptied it and had a look and it wasn't there, do you think it might hop back in the box so you could find it next time.) I think NOT.
The first place I looked was in the cookie jar. NO!
.I opened the lolly jar and out came the snakes. No ears in there unless the snakes ate them!!!!
May be they were under the seat in the lounge. NO
I looked under the table.No ears under there.
May be they are under the bed. Nup. nothing there.
Are I know they might be in Granny"s tool box. I had to empty ever thing out, but no ears in sight.
Granny said she wanted a look as well. If I couldn't find them I'm sure Granny wouldn't with her old eyes.
I went diving in the cedar trunk and I found a tiny scrap of mink. I said to Granny " Slow down, your blood pressure will be going through the roof."  "Don't worry Granny the world won't stop if you can't find the ears.
 It just means the bear can't hear." 
She thanked me for finding the scrap, and cut out and sewed a new pair of ears, now the little fluffy bear will be able to hear.

New ears were sewn, and now that ball of fluff can hear. 
Howdy, fluff ball can you hear me now? Yes I think we have the problem solved.

My thought for the day.
"Sure God created man before woman........
But then you always need a rough draught
before you create a MASTERPIECE."


  1. Hi Wilbur,

    Boy, you sure had some excitement at your house, didn't you? Maybe your Granny "thought" she had cut out the ears but really didn't, that can happen.

    Humans always have a hundred things racing through their brain at one time - not like us, we do one task at a time, then have a honey snack, and a good long nap.

    My guess is that if YOU couldn't find them then she never cut them out.

    Heaps of Hugs
    Prudence ♥

  2. Ok I bet Granny will find the missing ears now that she has made new ones. Cute little fluff ball!!

  3. Dear Wilbur,

    you are such a good bear helping Kay to look for these ears. I hope you didn't have to eat all the cookies and snakes in order to see to the bottom of the jars. Maybe, the new fluffy teddy with his new ears would also like some sweets.


  4. Dear Wilbur, you've taught me a good lesson today - the next time Birgit searches something in the chaos she usually calls her "working table" I'll help her searching as methodically and organized as you helped your Granny. You were so helpful, looking everywhere - and so thoughtful, it was the right decision to look in the cookie jar first. If we were a pair of ears we would hide in a cookie jar or maybe a honey pot, won't we? So good you found the scrap of fabric, now the poor little chap can hear, for example the opening of the cookie jar! ;O)

    Flutterby - and from Birgit, too!

  5. ¡Que linda y sedosa "bola de pelusa"! Aún desorejado, es un encanto.

    Aunque la abuela pierda alguna oreja, tiene manos de oro.

    Me gustan las fotos, las serpientes de gominola y el pensamiento para el día. :)

    Un abrazo.


  6. Wilbur to the wescue - well done! We think you are weally wonderful.
    Hugs from Kayzy's Critters :0)

  7. Hi Wilbur,

    Why is it they tell you that you always find what you are looking for in the last place you look? Isn't that obvious? Well, I think you have earned a gold star for all your efforts in searching for the missing ears. I am sure they'll probably turn up when you least expect it. The question is what will you do with them since the little fellow (cute as he can be!) already has a set? I know you'll figure it out. Thanks for sharing your story! I hope you were able to share a cookie or two after all that!


  8. OMG same happened here too.....I lost a bears head!!!!!!!!! Can you imagine this!!!! It felt on the floor and I could find it! It appeard to be bounched behind a chair!!!!!! I've been looking for it at least 15 mins... :O)
    Lost and found.
    I'm loving the little fluffy cutie pie too bit. Lucky that Gran is a great seamstress and made a pair of new ears. She rocks!

    Do you want to join the giveaway on my blog Wilbur? I'm sure you love it.

    Hugs, Thea x

  9. Wilbur you are a real Teddy rescue! I´m sure your Granny is happy to have your helping hands in her house!
    Hugs Melli

  10. Oh my, Wilbur, it's a good thing Granny had you to help look for those ears and that you found some furry material instead, otherwise that little fella may have never gotten new ears!! He's so adorable, by the way:-) xoxo

  11. Goodness Wilbur, What would Granny do without you! It's a good thing you are always around to help her. Our Mama is always looking for something she can't find. It makes her very grouchy so we all give her hugs and that makes her feel better.

    We are glad that the little guy can hear now. You sure saved the day.

    Bear Hugs
    Sweet Pea, Sissy and Blossom .and our mama too

  12. Humans, eh? They just get more and more forgetful. Mine left me behind and didn't take me on one of the Alpine walks and then made some excuse about it being wet. I ask you!
    I'm glad your Granny managed to rescue the situation, 'cos a bear without ears is like a.. well I don't know, a bear without ears, I suppose. He certainly looks really bear like and much smaller than you, Wilbur. I 'spect he'll grow, though I thought I might and I haven't.

  13. Hi Wilbur,
    For the longest time we thought they were a pair of Granny's ears that were lost and were wondering why she had more than one set. Hehehe! Glad that misunderstanding was put to rest. We love the sweet little furball. Sorry we're so late on visiting but since we've been home from camp it's been busy, busy, busy and we're way behind on visiting our favorite blogs. Have a wonderful week and tell Granny we said "Hi".
    Bellamine, Clarissa & Wendy


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