Sunday, September 30, 2012

I'm climbing trees again.

I have had a poor week. but now I'm BETTER !!!!

It was a sad week, you can see how terrible I felt. Some times a bear just feels poorly.
I felt very poorly
 I am  very skinny and I need a feed when I feel better.  This is all to get my paws fixed, I am feeling scared.....". Why do I have to be skinny to get my paws fixed Granny"
I was so skinny that my tummy didn't get in the way when I tried to do summersaults.

Just look at my poor paws, after Granny washed all the burnt bits off   and said my paws were made of the softest suede. Well they don't look like suede now. "Granny will this hurt"
Does this look scary with all these tools? My, they made me feel very frightened when Granny said she needs to use them all. She did promise to be very careful and not hurt too much. 
Well those tools spell HURT to me. I had to shut my eyes.

Granny said I need to be very brave, because all the children in Hospital need to be brave; and if they can find their courage and braveness then I should be able to.
Da Da....... Can you see new very clean paws that are not one bit burnt.
Thanks Granny I will give you big hugs all day.
I can climb trees now.
Look at me
I can swing on clothes lines.....
Even upside down.
Just look at me again, can you see me up on the gate? I can see the world again and I don't have to stay inside and feel board, or hurting any more.
When I was feeling so sore, I had loads of Get Well Wishes, and Love sent to me.
Well this shows what all that love and wishes can do for a bear.
Thanks to all my readers and friends I am now 

So plenty of toast and Peanut butter and Honey for supper. I need to fill my tummy out.
See you all next week.

A Warm Welcome to:

Dianne Evans at 
Dianne does lovely illustrations.

Jeanette Ann O'Donnell at

My thought for the week.
"Courage in people is like a tea bag
You never know their strength until
they'er in hot water."


  1. Oh dear I seem to have missed a post somewhere! Sorry to hear about your paws Wilbur, just as well you have Granny to fix you all up!

  2. Whew, we are so glad you're all better Wilbur, but yes, surgery is never pleasant to watch, even new bearths can be rather painful to see!


    The Clan & Jack

  3. Hi Wilbur,

    We are so happy to see you all mended and happily climbing trees. I never saw a boy bear so in love with climbing trees as you are.

    You were very brave and Granny loves you so much and was so gentle in caring for your paws.

    Have a wonderful day together.

    Prudence ♥

  4. you look as sporty as before. granny did give you good food so you are back in shape now.
    enjoy your sunday!

  5. Hi Wilbur!
    I'm so happy that you feel better again and your new paws are great.
    You know, I had a similar incident ,some years ago but I didn't have your luck that my grandma could help me. So I had to wait many month until my skin covered my paws again ...... so you see I can understand your pain.
    Only, sweet little bear, be careful now and don't do silly things ..... be happy to be in good health listen to Grandma!
    big bear hugs from France

  6. Hi Wilbur,
    My am I glad you're better! I think that all those tools look scary, but I watched Katy make another bear. It took her ages and I thought it was like a horror show - you know, pins in the eyes and bradawls where the legs should be. I watched it all and I only fainted a few times.
    I'm glad that you're climbing trees again, it's so much fun isn't it?
    Honey is all you need, no yucky peanut butter and definitely no toast. Peanut butter clogs your fur and toast is no use, honey, honey, honey is all you need. It gets nicely into your fur and you can spend AGES licking it off.

  7. OMG, Wilbuuuuuuur... what a week you've had! That second picture really broke our hearts - poor friend, we hope you got loads and loads of peanut butter, honey and chocolate in the meantime. But we're glad Granny fixed your paws so perfectly, you're a lucky boy she's so extremely skilled and talented. Good to see you climbing trees and other things again - but please, Wilbur: Take care of yourself! You know, always safety first. You're not a flutterybeary like one of us... ;O)

    Flutterby + Birgit

  8. Hi Wilbur,

    I have to say you are a courageous bear to get through all of that fixin' up. You are my hero! Now you can say you've survived that scary bit and can put it behind you. On to the bright and wonderful things - like climbing trees!

    I'm glad to hear you are better! Do take care and know that someone over here is thinking of you.


  9. Wilbur, you really did look like the stuffing had been knocked out of you last week, but now, you are as good as new...and ready for more adventures with See you next week at the picnic..

  10. We're so glad you're all better again, Wilbur! Granny is a great surgeon to mend you so well. You are a role model for the boys here, and in your honour they are practising hanging from the clothesline and climbing trees - so far, so good!
    Hugs from Nana Kayzy and her critters :0)

  11. So glad Granny has fixed you all up, Wilbur! I'm sure it's fun to be able to climb trees again and please tell your granny it was lovely of her to pay me a visit. Enjoy your day!


  12. I'm very sorry to hear you were ill Wilbur, but pleased to see that Granny has got you back in Beary great shape!

    Ali x

  13. ¡Me alegro muchísimo de que Wilbur esté totalmente recuperado!

    Felicidades para la abuela "cirujana" que ha hecho un trabajo fantástico.

    El pensamiento de la semana, me gusta y es muy acertado.

    Un abrazo para el valiente paciente y otro para la magnífica doctora.

  14. Abby's in bed Wilbur but she sends her love and I know she had NO idea you were ill. She will be happy, as am I, to hear you are fit as a fiddle again. That Granny of yours is...well..she is just the greatest!!

  15. I'm so happy that you got your bad places taken care of and have lovely paws now, eat lots of honey and peanut butter so you'll fill out look like you're having so much fun...tell Granny we thank her for her visit and for her prayers and well wishes.
    Mama Bear

  16. My dear Kay and Wilbur,

    It is a long time ago ik wa visit you blog,
    and now I was missing you and Wilbur.

    O...poor little sweety,I hope you are fine now my friend..
    You looks amazing and so cute...I wil give you a very big hug on your bearnose..

    Kay I hope you are fine, ans I will tell you I will not forget you and Wilbur..

    Love from Marijke from Holland

  17. Armer Wilbur, da hast Du eine Menge aushalten müssen in der letzten Woche. Wir hoffen, dass Du von Granny viele Erdnuss-Brote bekommen hast.
    Aber es hat sich gelohnt, all die Schmerzen auszuhalten. Du sieht wie neu aus.
    Liebe Grüße
    Heike & Henry

  18. Omigosh, Wilbur, I can see why those tools would scare you, yikes!! How wonderful, though, that Granny was able to fix up your paws and that you can now do everything you want again:-) Yippeeee!! Now you need to fatten up that tummy of yours! hehe xoxo

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  20. Oh gosh Wilbur! We are so behind on what's been happening with friends. WE are so sorry that you burned your paws.

    It's good that you are better now. I know Granny will fatten you up with lots of goodies.
    It looks like you can turn great somersaults! It's a good thing you can climb trees and do all the things you like to do.

    Big bear hugs
    The Bears And Their Mama Who Live
    At Honeypot Lane

  21. Hi Wilbur,

    So glad to hear that you are feeling better and on the mend.
    Also that you are now able to play outdoors again.

    Happy weekend

  22. Wilbur,you had better be careful,climbing and hanging on the close line,you might just fall and have to have more surgery. Hope you enjoy the honey,it's my favourite too.
    Thank you for visiting me and for welcoming me to your nice blog. Hugs xx

  23. ...scary and sweeet!!! )))))


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