Sunday, June 17, 2012

A winters day at the Market.
Wow what a weekend, We had Red day yesterday at "Bears and Friends" and market today. It was so cold  at 5.30 I didn't want to get out of my snugly warm bed.  Granny took a ruggy to try and keep me warm.

Because it was cold Granny said I could have a cup cake on a stick for BREAKFAST...
Did you hear that....... !!!!!I think she must be sick. I am never allowed cake for breakfast.
This lovely lady was setting up her stall so I had first pick, straight out of her box. YUM.

Well I quite liked this stall, it had girl STUFF but in a wigwam. Inside the Wigwam it had jewellery.Well you know me I didn't want the jewellery, just the wigwam, and I really wanted a feather in my hair so I could play real Indians.
It was a real beanie and scarf day, this lady had so many beanies and scarves to match. Granny loved them. She is mad that she didn't take a picture, because this lady had a machine that did it very quickly. You would have loved to see it. It was like Tom Boy only by a big machine.
Boys like machines.
OK I know you might be sick of beanies, but I wasn't. I didn't mind trying them on today because it was cold. This one kept my ears warm and I thought I looked like a French painter. See that big bunny face; yes I know you would love that for a little Kid.
Granny fell in love with this little cape that was reversible. On the other side it had writing and red mittens.
Tell me, what do you think?Granny said I just looked like Red Riding Hood. Well I don't know where my cookies are that I was supposed to take to my Grandma, because I feel like one right now.
Laurel, from Lolly Tot Designs made this.

Hooray, do you see what I see?????? Boxes of Girl Guide Biscuits. Yummy.
The girl guides are such a fun club for Girls to belong to. Granny said she is sure she is going to win the car in the raffle that she went in. May be she could give it to me.
Hhhhuuumm..... I don't really know why we stopped here. It was a nappy stall. They did have lovely green monkeys, and nappies done up like a cake. Can you believe , nappies like a cake. I hope it wasn't chocolate cake!!!!
This little Teddy wanted some one to cuddle him, so being the friendly Teddy that I am, I thought I would spend a little time with him.
A luscious big Do-nut. Yes this is my taste, although this button eyed teddy wanted to share it with me. Well I did remember my manners and gave her a couple of bites.
More food. This lady makes the best biscuits in the whole market. Yum Oh...
Granny even likes them. They are almond and apricot.. Do you like my Crow ear ring?
Now I love books, and you could buy a second hand book for next to nothing.  Yes I might spend a bit of time here.

Well guess what? When we were leaving, a lovely lady that made the beanies on that fandangled machine gave me a little Fezz hat. How kind of her. (Thank you lady)
It seems as though where ever we go we make the best friends, and meet the nicest people. .

Feeeeew!!!!! home again and worn out. I'm going to cuddle up with my ruggy, and my new hat and have peanut butter, honey and toast for supper.
I feel like a hot chocolate too. You can join me if you want to?
See you all next week.
Love Wilbur

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Today we welcome Tasha Balayeva. Tasha makes beautiful bears and cats.
Have a look :

My thought for the day

"Kindness is a language which
the deaf can hear
and the blind can read."


  1. 5:30 am?! That's inhuman Wilbur, never mind for bears...

    Still, looks like a fun time was had by all at the market again :o)


    The Clan and Jack

  2. Hi Wilbur,

    It won't be long before you will be enjoying warm weather at summer camp. The evenings get cold though so bring your ruggy and new hat.

    You had an exciting day with Granny, I bet you both were sound asleep as soon as your dinner was over. (Be careful of those "sugar overloads".) Giggle.

    Heaps of Hugs ♥

  3. Hi Wilbur,
    We've never seen a cupcake on a stick before but sure would like to. It looks like you and granny had a grand time at the market. Our mom won't take us with her when she goes to the market because she says we're too much of a distraction. We love your new hat. It looks like it'll keep your head warm.
    It won't be long until we're all together at camp. We can't wait to see you.
    Bellamine & Wendy

  4. Hi Wilbur. I love you in that scarf and beanie, and the fez hat really suits you too. Have you every thought of becoming a model? Yours admiring friend, with many hugs, Shirley xx.
    P.S. Nana Kayzy says I'm being too forward, so I'll just send a few hugs. :0)

  5. Hi Wilbur - so you spent another exciting day!
    What a lucky guy you are!
    It's so nice to dive into your world through your pics and stories.
    Even strange to think that for you it's winter now while we have 30°C over here and having BBQ.
    Looking at you with your scarf and cap/fez - wow - I feel more warm than for the heat outside.;o))
    I send you plenty of our warm sunshine and many,many hugs for now

  6. Hello Kay and Wilbur! What a lovely day it was! I'm so happy you have a blog to share such pleasant moments:)

  7. Hello Adelaide and Wilbur! What a lovely day you had:) I am so happy you have a blog to share such pleasant moments! Thank you for raising my spirits:)

  8. Спасибо за экскурсию) Так Здорово, такой заряд положительных эмоций! И не мерзнуть вам, согревайтесь теплым чаем*) ...интересно сколько у вас сейчас градусов, а? А мысль дня какая замечательная! Да, добро понимает каждый, и побольше бы нас окружали добрые люди)

    с любовью)
    Хороших выходных!

  9. What?? Wilbur, did you say your Granny let you have a cupcake on a stick for breakfast? We can pack and move in with you. Do you think Granny would give us cupcakes on a stick for our breakfast?

    It looks like you had a fun weekend with lots of things to see and friends to meet.

    Bear Hugs
    Sweet Pea, Sissy Bear and Blossom, oh yes, our Mama too.

  10. Hi Wilbur, I thought Norstraliar never got cold. Have you sent some of your winter here, 'cos it's still cold and wet here. Can I borrow some of those beanies to keep me warm too?

    As for 5.30am, when we ere in India 5.00am wasn't uncommon so you got a lie in, ha. It looks like you had a really good day though. I think that you were mean biting that other bear, not once, but twice. What did she do to deserve that? I do like your crow earring though.

    Hugs, so long as you don't bite me,


    1. Hi Wilbur,

      I can't spell my own name now,



  11. Hi Wilbur and Kay,

    What a fun day at the market, but yes, it was an early start.
    I enjoyed seeing all the lovely wares there and how neat that you got to model all the clothes.
    You look great as Little Red Riding hood.

    Happy new week

  12. Oh my, Wilbur - what a shock to be wakened up in the middle of the night. But it was worth getting up that early... what a fun day you've had! And so many delicious sweets - you're one lucky bear! Give your Granny a big hug because she cares so much for you and allowed you to start your day with this cake on a stick! ;O)

    Flutterby and Birgit

  13. Oh my gosh that li'l red cape looks wonderful on you!!

  14. Awww your were spoiled for breakfast then! Gran. felt problably a bit uncomfort when she woke you up so early. Bet it was her way to say: Sorry.
    Seams you both had a very nice day. And the boxes of the Girl Guide Club really ROCK!!! Great initiative.
    Have a nice day, Thea x

    PS: it's supposed to be summer over here, but we have now a huge thunderstorm and lotsa rain!

  15. Cupcakes for breakfast lucky you! Sounds like a great day even if it was a bit chilly. I love markets <3

  16. Love this post Kay !!! it's great to read it !! I can't wait for the next week !!!

    Big big bear hugs !!



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