Sunday, June 10, 2012

In the Garden when it is cold.


Shouting out "Granny I don't like sitting here with these flowers".
Granny, "Don't you like those fallen camellias Wilbur"
"Of course I like pretty camellias, it is not the flowers."
Granny, " Well don't grizzle, I'm busy sweeping"
"Granny I hate sitting here, please don't make me sit here."
Granny ," Well tell me why you don't like it up there with the flowers."
" You wouldn't like it either Granny, I'm telling you, you would hate it."
Granny, "Why, Wilbur why."
"Because this piece of marble is freezing my butt off."
Granny, "I'm so sorry Wilbur, I forgot it is only 2.4 deg. You would have a very cold bottom.
Here hop down and run around to warm up."
 Well, I was far too cold to run around to warm up, so I  covered myself with all the leaves that Granny had raked up. It was still cold, but not as freeeeezing as that marble table.

"I bet you can't guess what I am sitting on? ARRRRRRH, Beautiful."
Have you guessed?
Two warm wheat bags. With Granny's fur rose collar around my neck.. If I were a cat I would Purrrrrr.
This is just some of the Camellias that grow in the winter in our garden. 
The problem is they do drop there flowers, and Granny hates putting them in the compost because they are pretty. 
This is a photo of down the back. It is a little protected area for plants that love the shade.
It is Granny here. Some people wanted to see the steam punk jewellery that we made last weekend.
Well I'm warning you, I am NO photographer. The fish, Turtle and sea horse were covered in Mica powder, which is very shiny and iridescent. So I took lousy pictures. You will just have to imagine.

These were made from books by Christi Friesen from America.
Christi is a wonderful sculptor and makes the most amazing things. She came out to Australia in the Summer and I was lucky enough to go to one of her work shops. It is such a pity that I can not do the just-is with the camera. I made them into broaches.
"Hi Mates, you know I can't make a post with out ,you know who, piping in.
Well I just want to tell you, that Honey that has been warmed, and Peanut butter on toast, with piping hot chocolate is on the menu for tea."

"See you all next week when my you know what, is warmer."

To new followers.
Welcome to Donna from Conghaile cottage. She has the most beautiful china, displayed so nicely.
Plus she love Teddy bears.  Pop over and take a look at

Welcome to Galina.
 Galina is a teddy bear artist and makes beautiful bears. She would love you to visit her at.

My Thought for the day.
"Behold the TURTLE- he makes progress only when he sticks his neck out."


  1. It is awful the winter Down Under but the beautiful flowers make up for it. Thanks for sharing your post to brighten my day up!
    HUGS Wendy xx

  2. Oh my gosh what a wonderful way to warm up your butt Wilbur he he!!

    The camellias are just beautiful!

    Wow Granny is clever making those brooches! What a great workshop to attend!

  3. Geez, the staff stick us in so many uncomfortable places without thinking, I think we need to get our own back some time...


    The Clan and Jack

  4. Hi Wilbur,

    Your Granny's jewelry is bee-u-tee-ful, she is so talented. And her garden in lovely, what a nice place for you to play.

    Hope you had a nice, cozy evening and a full tummy of warm goodies.

    It won't be long now till we are at summer camp. Yippee.

    Heaps of Hugs ♥

  5. Morning Kay !! Brrr !!! it's cold now in Australia !! love your posts and your pictures !! it's great to "read" you !! I love monday for that !! have a lovely day !!

  6. Well now Wilbur,

    I know all about hot bots and cold bots, and really hot bots, though not ideal, are MUCH better than cold bots. Warm bots are best I think. I hope you've stopped freezing now, though your Gran's garden does look lovely.



  7. We must admit when we think of Australia, we believe you all sweat everytime and anytime... (LOL). Poor Wilbur, freezing your we-know-what-you're-talking-about off, but you got something nice to warm you up, so we hope you'll feel fine in the meantime. Your Granny's camelias are beautiful, and her jewelry is fantastic. Great job!

    Flutterby and Birgit

  8. Hi Wilbur,
    We know all there is to know about cold bottoms. Where we live it's hard to not have one.
    Your granny's brooches are bee-u-tee-full and so are her camellias. We love pretty flowers and wish we had a whole garden full of them. Only 33 more sleeps and we'll all be together at camp where we've been told it will be nice and summery.
    By the way, we have a new little friend. Her name is Wednesday. See you soon.
    Heaps of hugs,
    Bellamine & Wendy

  9. Красивый мишка!
    Красивые камелии!
    Сасибо за мой блог:)

  10. What a delightful post, Kay! I'm glad poor Wilbur got warmed up. I don't like the cold either. Thank you for stopping by with your congrats on my magazine feature. I appreciate it and you. Hope you're having a lovely weekend.


  11. Sitting on two soft warm wheat - bags is far better than sitting on a marble slab Brrrr .... You know what they say .. The wheel that squeaks gets the oil ... I'm so pleased you spoke up! I think you definitely deserve hot chocolate and peanut butter on crunchy toast.

  12. Wilbur we sure hope your tooshie has thawed out by now. Granny was sweet to make you hot chocolate and peanut butter toast.

    Mama said it's a good thing you have those shoes to keep your feet warm.

    What a pretty garden you have! Lots of places to play and hide from granny. :o)

    Sissy, Sweet Pea, Blossom and their Mama

  13. Poor Wilbur! I really would like to send you warm german summer sun... we´ve got summer, but it isn´t very sunny this time.
    Maybe Granny allows you to take your supper in your warm bed with an hot water bottle with hot choclate or warm milk with honey... that helps you determine!

  14. Oh you poor Wilbur, just like you I can't stand the cold temps. too. I do not like winters. It's supposed to be a lovely summer in Holland, but the temps. are pretty poor. So I do not feel so happy about that. When summer will come it will be too hot and the time is running down....
    I do love the flowers in your garden. They bring a bit of sunshine. I hope Granny put you near the fireplace with a blanket and a hot cup of chocolate milk to keep your warm.

    Big bear hugs, Thea x

  15. So lovely
    Beautiful flowers are in your garden

  16. Dear Wilbur,

    I can understand Kay, her Camellias are really beautiful. You are so lucky to have such beautiful flowers in winter. But please put some pants on when playing outside at such low temperatures, you could catch a cold!

    Please tell Kay, that I've just finished a teddy out of the rest of the pink hand-dyed mohair I sent her. Will show first photos tomorrow. I am really looking forward to seeing what she will make out of.


  17. Такое замечательное сообщение!Уилбур такой смешной в листьях)))А камелии очень красивые!И еще мне понравились черепахи и морской конек))))Кей всегда с большим удовольствием читаю сообщения и очень рада когда вы ко мне в гости заходите)Спасибо)))

  18. Beautiful your Camelias dear Wilbur!! I love Camelias too... We have June and a weather like autumn, very cold this month brrh

  19. Hi Wilbur and Kay,

    It is getting cold here too, and last night I had to put the big quilt on the bed for the first time this winter.
    I love your pretty pink camellias and the steam punk jewellery - what fun.

    Have a happy Thursday

  20. Hay dear Kay,

    The only one I can say is this...I LOVE YOU WILBUR!!
    You are so BEAUTIFUL, and you are a lovely boy.

    Kay your story's are amazing..please make a book of him!

    Love and peace from Marijke

  21. Love your thought for the day and the dog running with the basket... how sweet. :-)



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