Sunday, June 24, 2012

It is a Red day.

It is a RED day.

Last weekend Granny and I went to "Bears and Friends". That is a club that Granny loves to go to every month. The theme this month was RED. We had to bring red bears or wear red. The competition. was  a bear in Red shoes.
Well I thought I was a big boy; but look who I found. This huge, red bear that was made in America. He was the most huggable soul you ever could see, so I thought I would say hullo! Because I didn't know him very well , I thought I should just sit along side  of him.
We had Gollies with red jackets, Elmo and red flowers.

Wow! look at this big Golly and bear They do look good all together.
This little red bear and Golly had a red box, red Cocoa Cola, and Red toothpaste. Do you see the tiny little bear sitting on the box with a red tummy.
We had a competition for a bear with red shoes. So this little girl had red shoes.
These bears had red shoes.

This dear OLD GUY had red clogs, red thongs and runners with red laces.

This lady is telling me off, for staring at her red shoes. She looks quite hoity.

Hum...look who's knee I sat on.  Golly looks a bit surprised, as to say "Who are you".
Well I just had to tell him, I'm Wilbur and I love Gollies. After that he was as nice as nice  as any one could be.
Hummmm.. what a great day, meeting all those friends

Now about Camp. All you other bears that are going, are you taking fishing lines? I'm trying to get a few things packed. May be marshmallows to toast on the fire. I said to Granny I wanted to take some toys. She told me we would be too busy to take toys. What do you think?
We have got 21more sleeps.

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My thought for the week.
"Don't waste time looking at the hill- climb it!"


  1. What a fun day you've had, dear Wilbur, meeting all these new friends. And this giant red one... impressive. We suspect Flutterby could take a seat in his ear... ;O) - So it's only 21 days till Camp? So exciting!

    Flutterby + Birgit

  2. Hi Wilbur,

    Oh, I love Red Day, that looks like so much fun.

    Yes, please bring your fishin' pole but we don't need to bring toys. Our days will be filled with hiking, swimming, crafts & more. But bring your favorite bed pillow, I do and lots of other bears do too.

    We toast marshmallows at the campfire and tell spooky stories - it's soooo much fun.

    Heaps of Hugs
    Prudence ♥

  3. Wow, those were some BIG friends you made today Wilbur! Did you win anything? We can't see any red...


    The Clan and Jack

  4. Какой замечатальный рассказ!Кей спасибо большое!Я всегда читаю с удовольствием а мишка большой на первой фотографии какой красавец)Спасибо)))

  5. Hi Wilbur, You're such a friendly fellow - no wonder you make friends wherever you go. We think you should definitely pack MARSHMALLOWS and CHOCOLATE for camp - you'll have even friends then!
    Hugs from Kayzy's Critters

  6. Hi Wilbur, Aren't you lucky to have such nice friends and a club to meet at! Hope you enjoy camp! (It's raining here, as usual!) x

  7. Wonderful bears and pictures. I love the big fellow in the 1st picture.

    Where is your RED scarf? Are you wearing red shoes? You better tell Granny to get knitting.

  8. I love the red day !!! and i love your little bears too.thank for your visit in my attic.hugs and see you soon.

  9. Замечательный рассказ, спасибо ) На первой фотографии красный мишка такой большой , он наверное больше полуметра ?

  10. I love your red bear!!! He's gorgeous!

  11. Какой хороший красный день.Все мишки очаровательные!Кей,спасибо большое!!!

  12. So much red things and new red friends!
    I think your Granny is right, you would have so many new frieds and adventures in the camp theres no time for toys!
    Hugs Melli

  13. It looks like you had a good time and made lots of new friends. I love those Gollys, though you don't see them much any more. Someone here decided they weren't politically correct....silly isn't it.

    Ali x

  14. I ♥ your RED post WIlbur. Of course the the picture with the red clogs is my ultime favorite!!!!!
    Bet you'll love the camp and marshmallows are definitely on you're mummy's shopping list! Camping without's a bit NO NO!!!!!
    Heaps of hugs, Thea x

  15. Hi Wilbur,
    It sure looks like you and granny had fun on Red Day. We love the color red and since we live at the North Pole where Santa has his workshop we see lots and lots of red. Don't you have red shoes you could have worn? When we went shopping last week we saw some red shoes like Dorothy wore in the land of Oz. If you has some of those shoes you would have had the reddest shoes there.
    We don't have anything to fish with but we're going to ask if we can get some poles so we can go fishing with you. Mom said no toys though because there's going to be to much to do at camp we won't need toys to play with. We're nearly finished packing and we can't wait. It won't be long now. See you soon.
    Bellamine & Wendy

  16. Love this Red post too !! and thanks for roses !! have a great week , Kay !!

  17. Hi Wilbur,
    What fun you had with Granny. That was a very huge red bear. Mama said she wish she could have hugged him.

    I have to get busy and pack for camp and help my sisters pack. Blossom wants to take way too much stuff.

    I hope you catch a big fish Wilbur. Maybe we can cook it. Do you think so?

    Sweet Pea

  18. He, he, hi Wilbur,

    Those look like SCARY big red bears - well some of them anyway. I hope that you and Granny had a good time. I like your red shoes. I haven't got red shows, just a red(ish) string. I wish I had red shoes, but HE says I can't have any 'cos I've only got wee feet.



  19. Hi Wilbur and Kay,

    Looks like you both had a fabulous day out - all the gorgeous red is wonderful. All you need on a winters day to warm you up. Your friend in the first picture is gorgeous.

    Hope you are enjoying the weekend


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