Saturday, January 14, 2012

Yippee!!! Granny has been looking after the grand kids, so that means fun, fun, fun,
Well for some of the time, and some of the time I feel scared......
We were having fun playing in the tunnels,

Riding Barbies car, although My tush felt a bit squished in that little blue car.  The seat was hard; hard plastic not nice soft pillow  seats. I thought Barbie would want soft seats, she hasn't got much padding. I had to put my feet up so I could wizz along.
Then we played where's Wilbur. I bet you can't spot me with all those toys. I had to get squished, with 2 bears, a duck, a doll and an elf.  At least the bed was soft.
Granny's grand daughter, thought I would make the coolest Rock STAR. They say you need a stylist, well !!!!!
What do you think of my new look? I just have to work on my diction and I will top the charts.
Just to get the idea we listened to some CD's and had a bit of a jam.

Do you know what this is?????? I wasn't sure if it was a lizard or snake or monster!!!!!
Until my grandson said "don't worry,  Wilbur it is only Swimmer". OK I'm cool! This is Swimmer the turtle.
I like his shell, but I'm not toooo keen on his neck and head.

I must be brave he is coming VERY CLOSE.
This is the part where I was very  frightened. I could see his teeth and they say he bites when he is hungry.
I hope he isn't hungry, I am sitting very still hoping he will walk away.
It was enough excitement for one day. When Granny got home she found 2 lovely mink coats that had been posted to her from the other side of the world , where it is cold. She unpicked the lining straight away and was jumping up and down with excitement. She tells me we will have lovely little mink bears that she is designing very soon.
It was so soft and cuddly that I just wanted to snuggle into it.

A very busy day, so supper of toast and peanut butter with honey was just right.
Plus a story before bed.
See you all next week.

The Welcome Mat.
 I had 3 lovely  new people this week following our blog.We want them to join us in a cup of tea, and feel very welcome.
Mo from Rose petals from heaven, has a lovely blog full of Roses, Love and Some Free graphics.
Check it out you will love it.

Natalia Sychew from the Ukraine has a little bear called Mikheich who is her companion in the snow filled mountains. Don't forget to visit her.

Iris  Boo-Bah-Aka
has 2 lovely blogs, one is about bears that live at Honey Pot Lane
the other is called "My Sentimental Heart"
You will love them, so warm and friendly.

My Thought for the week:
"So live, that you wouldn't be ashamed ,to sell the parrot to the town gossip."


  1. Wilbur The Lion King. That is what I thought when I saw your picture in the mink coat. So cute.

    Well, Wilbur, you did have a busy day. I don't think you should be bearous (nervous) of the turtle, he wouldn't bite YOU. Heck, pets know "kin" even if they look different. They just know.

    Have a beary nice weekend. Don't forget to give Granny lots n lots of hugs and kisses.

    Heaps of Hugs

  2. what a great story about Wilbur and the playing kids. Wilbur you are one of the most exciting RockStars that i know. Kay you have made wundervoll pictures.
    Greetings Iris

  3. Wilbur I like your shoes! I would be very scared of that turtle. You were very brave to let him up so close!

    Oh yes, your new look makes me giggle! You are very handsome! You would make a great rock star.

    Sissy Bear

  4. LOL, I am not sure Wilbur looks too excited about a turtle climbing on him!

  5. Oh my, what an arduous day! And as for snappy turtly things, we're really not convinced... on the other hand, LT's boss managed to bring a lizard back from her holiday in St Lucia, and she got a fright when it leapt out of the case and scampered across the hall. She caught it and put it out the window, so we're a bit worried it's making its way over here now, we don't live that far away...

  6. The slide looks like fun but the turtle head gave us a fright - at first. Seems to me you all had a great day!


  7. Hay Kay,

    Ohhh...Wilbur, makes me laughing hahahaha...
    I love this lovely Wilbur...with his long dark hair...
    Thank you Wilbur...I wil give you a kisssssssssss...


  8. Your post is so sweet!
    Thank you very much for the nice comment on my blog.
    I wish you a happy week and send you a lot of greetings from Switzerland. Yvonne

  9. This is what life is all about.

    How wonderful it must be to be your grandchild and how lucky they are to have a grandma like you.



  10. Hi Wilbur!! Abby here! Just wanted to let you know I am around. Mom keeps saying she is running as fast as she can..not sure what that means but I see her flash by me now and then (I sit by the piano in the living room with all those BABY dolls!!) and she sometimes pats my head and say "be patient li'l girl. I'll get to you soon!" but so far my poor little bum is getting numb...
    Just want to say hello is all. *sigh*
    Abigail (Abby to you!) :)


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