Sunday, January 22, 2012

Misty eyed Granny

OMG! why oh why does Granny keep all this stuff.
Can you believe she wanted a little pink button, so out comes the great big bin of buttons. We were sifting through them and granny was telling me where she got some of them from. You could see her face going back 
a million years (I think).
We dug very deep into that big tub. I thought I might get lost in it.
Look at these pretty buttons, some of them went on a jacket for Granny. She wore it to her daughters wedding.( Years ago.did you hear me Years ago.) 
Granny is perplexed as to what these would have been on. They are round like a ball with an insert of flashing blue glass in the middle. They belonged to her Great, great Aunt.

Wow I wish you could see these for real, all sparkling in every colour. Granny goes all misty eyed when she talks about these buttons. They were on a ball gown in the middle 1960's. She tell me to Not knock them off the table because they are REAL. I thought all buttons were real, because other wise you couldn't do them up.
This is a pretty on like a flower.
Some of these are black glass with gold on, some just mettle but they look all lacy.
I guess these came of a brave soldiers coat. I wonder where that soldier fought?
Wow!!! Granny bought out a little treasure chest she was given by a friend before Christmas.
We carefully opened the lid and out came all these treasures.
There were gold chains and cuff links, Fob chain, plus buttons. I must tell you something secret. Don't tell any one but Granny took off 100 year old ear wax off some old earrings......
I love this button with the Diamond in the middle. It is very heavy. Now do you think granny needs to make me a Dinner suit so I can wear those cuff links. (I really don't like wearing pants.)

I  just thought I would ask you all a very personal question. Granny has gone out of the room, so I can talk about it. The thing is..... It is Valentines day coming up, and I don't like crowds at the shops. So this is the plan.!!!!!
See this little bear; WELL it was given to Granny about 2 years ago, from a dear friend of Granny's;
Monica Spicer. 
 I was thinking,.... if I hid it for a couple of weeks, and wrapped it up do you think I could give it to her for Valentines day. Because it has a little heart, and says Hugs 5cents. I thought it would be Ok.
I have looked around the house and I can't see another thing I could give her except a big smooch.
PLEASE let me know what you think?

I'm so exhausted, it is a glass of hot chocolate and peanut butter and off to bed.
See you all next week.


two new followers this week; I love to see people popping in for a visit

Carol Burges has a wonderful blog, she is always doing something very interesting. Pop over to have a look.

Yvonne from Switzerland ,talks about their traditions and the wonderful snow covered country at the moment.

My thought for the week;
"The perfect example of minority rule,
is a baby in the house!"


  1. Oh Wilbur, what a heartwarming gift that wee little bear would be for Granny. That 'n a big hug 'n kiss from you - it will make her teary eyed with happiness.

    100 year old EAR WAX? YUCK. Really?

    You can just wear a little jacket with cufflinks, you don't have to wear pants.

    Have a beary good week and I will drop by next weekend. I think your Australia time makes you a day ahead of us in the USA. We are still in Saturday.

    Heaps of Hugs

  2. I know Granny....and she will be happy with a big smooch when you tell her you love her.x

  3. Oh my, we've heard of button boxes hoarded through the years, but that really takes the cake! Don't get in there Wilbur, or you may never come out!

    We think you should get a 'DJ' (which is what all the cool kids call a dinner jacket) and wear the cufflinks with that, along with a bow tie. We definitely think you need a bow tie for that rather than the scarf...

    As for Valentine's day... hmmm... We don't really think you can regift things, especially if they came from such special friends. Maybe you can make her something from the button box? There must be at least one heart shaped thing in there!


    The Clan and Jack

  4. ООООО....))) Какие сокровища!

  5. Очень красивые украшения, и чудесные мишки!!!

  6. Какие счастливые мишки. Такой выбор украшений!

  7. What fabulous buttons! I think you'd look splendid in a DJ. Pants? - I don't think it matters so much when you are a bear.
    As regards Valentines Day - could you pick some flowers from the garden for Granny? Grannies love them, and perhaps you could make a card, but remember to use pens that wash off! x

  8. What a wonderful collection of buttons and trinkets you have.
    As for Valentines day, Wilbur a kiss and cuddle would be a sweet thing.

    Happy week, to you both
    Hugs Carolyn

  9. I think that sweet bear will make a wonderful gift, maybe she will forget she ever saw it;)

    As for the buttons, wow what treasures. I would have a great day over there sorting through them all.

  10. Oh Wilbur We love you more each time we visit you. I think the little bear and a smooch would be just the perfect valentine gift.

    We think a little suit coat would be so cute. Although our Mama gets a kick out of you little bear nakedness with just your lovely brown shoes.

    It reminds her of the time her first great grandson broke loose from a diaper change and ran through Burger King with nothing on but his tennis shoes and singing his little version of Bob the Builder. She still laughs when she thinks about it!

    Mama loves the buttons. They are fun to collect she said.

    Bye for now Wilbur.

    Hugs from
    Honeypot Lane

  11. So beautiful buttons! What they could tell...

  12. Hi Wilbur,
    Granny hat eine sehr schöne Sammlung von Knöpfen. Wunderschön.
    Und ich glaube, dass Du Granny das Bärchen zum Valentinstag schenken kannst. Sie wird sich sehr darüber freuen.
    heike & Henry

  13. Wowwwwwwwwwwwww what beautiful buttons. I would go crazy and be very greedy to snap buttons out of your pot!!! They are absolute great treasures. And lovely to use on our pieces and projects. Have nice day, Thea xxxx

  14. There is nothing more fun than buttons. All kinds of buttons. The more the better. I especially love the sparkly ones.

    Your idea sounds like a winner.



  15. Oh my, what beautiful buttons! Some of them truly are fabulous!
    Wilbur, between you and me, I think the little bear and a big smooch would be so welcomed by Granny.
    And, Wilbur, can you please pass on a message to her for me? The other day she had asked me the name of my roses and I'm just now getting a chance to return her visit. Please tell her the rose is called Theresa Bugnet. And they smell as good as they look too! Have a wonderful weekend.


  16. Dear Wilbur, your Granny has so many treasures in her button box. She is so lucky to have such beautiful buttons and such wonderful stories to tell about the buttons. You know, recently, I have also started to collect buttons in a rather small box. I was really disappointed when my mother told me, she threw away all her buttons. I remember browsing through all the buttons in her box when I was a child. So, I think women are all just like your granny, we all collect buttons.



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