Sunday, January 8, 2012

What do you do when it is
HOT ???

It was so hot at the beginning of the week that Granny said she was staying inside to quilt.
I thought boring!!!!!!! Well she said I just had to put up with it and go and do a jig saw.  Look at all those pieces, will I ever finish!!!!  Now I have got started, it is not so, bad. Granny said, find the outside pieces first.

At least it is not as hot as outside. Granny sewed and sewed she said she was determined to finish her quilt.

"OK what is going on here, why are the tips of my shoes in the photo and not ALL of me."
Granny said she wanted you to see her quilt not ME......" How come."
Thanks Granny I knew you would take a photo of me.
Well while she was fluffing around I thought I would have a little try at the sewing machine. She was so busy ironing the pillow slips she wouldn't notice.
When she came into the sewing room she was so UP TIGHT saying be careful, you must never ever try and sew with out me here. Then she was all flustered and said never, ever can I sew.
Well how is a bear supposed to learn. When she finished she said she would make me a nice tea of bread and butter,with peanut butter and honey on top.
It was too Hot for toast.

See you all next week
Smooches and Hugs


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  1. That quilt is just divine! Lovely colours!

  2. Oooh, granny's done a lovely job on that quilt! We think you should stay away from that there sewing machine though, it sucks up time and can suck in your paws and that would be really painful...


    The Clan and Jack

  3. Hi Wilbur,

    Your Granny's quilt is "bee-u-tee-ful", and I can see your shoes in that picture.

    Wilbur, don't go near the sewing machine, it is evil, evil I tell you. Last Christmas I tried to make Mom a prezzie on her machine and it almost hurt me. Honest - those things are evil - stay away from it. PLEASE!

    Heaps of Hugs

  4. oh, I am definately coming for a visit to see your quilt finished....well done , it looks beautiful and I bet you feel great that it is done....Dont let Wilbur on there, I think his shoes were dirty....

  5. if i were Wilbur, i must have beary sweet dreams and late to wake up, the quilted blankee is valuable and precious, it's my dream to have one. good work my friend!

  6. Hi Wilbur,
    Your granny really knows how to quilt. Our mom was drooling all over the computer looking at it. We have to agree with Prudence, stay away from the sewing machine. It's evil and those needles can rip you apart. We don't even like to be in the same room as our mom when she's using hers.
    We got a stack of new jig saw puzzles for Christmas and we always do the outside pieces first. So far we've only put together one but it was a big one.
    Bellamine & Wendy

  7. Wilbur - please pass along to your granny that the quilt is beautiful. I also used to make quilts but only managed about 7 or 8 full size ones. Love the piecing part - that's the fun for me. Anyway, since you are such an smart bear and eager to learn, please also express my thanks for the mention of my blog at the bottom. You are lucky to live with such a sweet lady! Maybe if you take it slowly she might teach you to do some simple sewing??


  8. Thanks Kay,
    be what write me!
    Very beautiful the cover... but has bear learned to sew car?


  9. Gorgeous quilt Kay!! Wish I had the patience to quilt! Has Wilbur finished the jigsaw yet?
    Hugs, Di

  10. What a great quilt!!! I´m excited. Wilbur, plaese tell you´re Granny she´s a sewing hero in my eyes. My sewing mashine hates me, and I hate it too! I cant´t belive someone can sew such a big quilt! All these pieces... that´s much more pieces than you had in your jigsaw Wilbur


  11. Hi very distant friend.....

    don't be novelty to know that I love your blog and photo, likes me to also see where alive! Australia, is the place of my dreams, also when I was young I wanted to come to live there...... then the things change, his/her children have graduated and degree is valid only in Europe!
    be sorry me to have lost opportunity to live where you live, sets Marvelous!!!!!!!!
    as your posts they are marvelous!.
    A great embrace from Venice


  12. Lovely quilt, Kay! I enjoyed my visit with your Wilbur too. Thanks for stopping by for tea with me and have a lovely day.


  13. Wilbur maybe if you are an extra good boy she will let you sew sometime if you sit on her lap and let her guide you.

    Your Granny's quilt is so pretty. It was nice of her to let you sit on it for your picture.

    Sissy Bear

  14. Hi Kay,

    Your quilt is really beautiful and a good thing to do when the weather is hot outside.
    Hope that you are managing to stay cool.
    How are you going Wilbur, with the jigsaw puzzle?

    Enjoy the weekend

  15. Wow Wilbur! Clever Grannie! Super duper quilt eh? Looks really great. What an achievement!
    Stay cool! Glad you survived the Grandkids! x

  16. I just found your blog! Your bears are adorable! Your quilt is absolutely gorgeous!!


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