Sunday, January 29, 2012

Guess what we are making????
Well it is a bowl full of white, wet  fluffy stuff. Have you guessed yet?
There is a clue in the picture.
No can't guess well.......
See what I am sitting on. That is all shredded up into a bowl with hot water on it to soak.
Guess yet????
Next Granny gets the mixer out and puts in stuff and mixes it all up.
She was afraid it would set on her cake mixer beaters. But no every thing was OK.
After we squeezed all the water out of the paper, we added that to the bowl as well.
It was a lovely thick whipped cream or peanut butter feel. 
I got too close looking into the bowl and got SPLATTERED.
I had to have a very big wash, encase it messed my fur up.
Now I didn't tell you why I was so happy this weekend.. Well it was because Granny's grandaughter
came and had a sleep over. We had extra fun, and Abbey wanted to make hearts.
So we made an extra big one with wire in it, 3 little ones and a little tray over a tub.
We had the best fun patting and smoothing and stirring the;You guessed it PAPER MACH'E
Then we put it out in the sun to dry. It still wasn't dry when it was time to take Abbey home so, she took it home on a tray. Granny said don't paint it until it dry's, probably 4 days.
We stopped to share a green milk shake.  It was so good, we had been so busy all morning.
School tomorrow, so I won't see the kids so much now. It will be just Granny and me!!!

Now I need to tell you the most important thing...
Dear Maddyrose was kind enough to give me her recipe. You need to check her sculpting out  at . She does the most fabulous sculpting of Santa and elves, plus all kinds of lovely things. So a big thanks you Maddyrose. We thought it was a good thing to try when the kids were here. Granny liked it so much she thinks she will have a try herself one day.

Well we played games, and did drawing , laughed, and had the best time..
Now it is time for real peanut paste on toast ,and a glass of milk before bed.
See you all next week

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  1. Oooh, that looks like lots of fun, and milkshakes and games too!


    The Clan and Jack

  2. This sounds after a miraculous day! I love to work with the hands!!!
    Hugs, Conni

  3. Hi Wilbur,

    Now that looks like a fun project. You & Abbey are quite the artists, aren't you?

    Maybe when the hearts are all painted Abbey will have Granny take a picture so we can see them all finished and ready for "Hearts Day".

    Heaps of Hugs

    Are those Foxgloves in Granny's garden? They are "bee-u-tee-ful". Or are they Holly Hocks?

  4. Hi Wilbur,
    Mom says she's happy you and Abbey had a good time with the paper mache and promised us we could make something with the batch she made yesterday. We thought your hearts turned out really nice and maybe we will make some to share with our friends. Does granny ever make you smoothies? They're a lot like milk shakes and we get to have them all of the time cause Mom likes them and thinks they're good for us. Our favorite is mango but we like strawberry too.
    Bellamine & Wendy

  5. Hi Wilbur that looks like fun! Hope you will show us the heart when it is all painted.
    Love the flowers. the birds we feed carried seeds in from somewhere last Spring and we had them growing all over. They were so pretty! I wasn't sure what they were though Holly Hocks I thought.

    Sweet Pea
    and me

  6. I really love the Photos with the milkshake! I hope Grannys granddoughter shoots some Photos of your masterpieces if they are painted so you can show us!

  7. Oh, Wilbur, what a fun time you had with Granny and Abbey! This is Misty and Tiffany, by the way, Mama Pea is letting us use her computer so that we could visit you:-) Those paper mache hearts look so neat! I wonder if Mama Pea would let us make some?! That milkshake you shared with Abbey sure does look yummy. Well we gots to go, it's our bedtime now. Hope you come visit us again soon:-) Hugs, Misty, Tiffany and Mama Pea! xox

  8. Dear Wilbur, are working so hard!
    And then you drinking a's so lovely to see when you are so busy..

    Wilbur I will give you my love!

  9. just have the best Granny and life! Wish my Mom would DO least with me. T'would be nice... *sigh*

  10. Dear friend,

    be always beautiful and amusing to see the photos that make beloved bear to yours.... is nice! as your Post.


  11. Now that looks like a ton of fun, Wilbur!! I always look a mess after my projects!!! and by the way, peanut butter on toast is one of my favorites!!
    Lots of hugs,


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