Sunday, August 28, 2011

Wilber at the Marion Market.

When Granny told me it was the market Sunday I said I didn't want to go,
"too many girly things" I told her.
She was sad because she didn't want to go on her own, and said I would keep her company.
So what would any good bear do........GO

It all started well... except it was freezing early in the morning.
A lovely lady had fun things to play with. Robots, wiggly snakes, 
Yo Yo's, puzzles. I thought this is going good, I'm glad I came to play 
with these toys from the stall "That's Cute"
I found this basket of chook's................they were every where.
They were called Grabbers###### well they grabbed me.
I was a bit scared of the one on my head. You never know what a chook might doooooo on your hair. 
Because I came to keep Granny company she thought she would
treat me to a cup cake. She said I could choose Honey yum yum
or lime. Fancy even thinking a good bear would eat LIME.
The Honey one was lip smacking good. Even Smartie bars.
Well you guessed it I loooooved this stall it was called "Lulu's Cupcakes"
Super man and Bat man outfits, now that is what any good bear wants to play with.
I hope it makes me fly. The only trouble was it was a bit pinky red. Not RED RED.
I'm not sure about the pinky red. what do you think?
HA HA I had to laugh about this frog. they had the suit too plus the gloves.
I thought the head gear was enough for me to have fun in. I'm sure some kids thought I was a real frog.
Well that was when things went down hill. Granny couldn't help herself could she.
I think some time she wants a girl as well as me. "Wilber Please try this on for me". I knew if I didn't she would be sad, although under my fir I was NOT Happy.
I found this Lady who does Therapeutic Massage and Healing.
Let me get into that tent quickly.
Ahhhhhhh lie down Wilber she said. Her hands were soooo soothing,and gentle, soft and warm
It took all the frustration away.
I'm Floating on a cloud.
Her name was Jenny Molan 
See I came out of that tent and First thing I see is
and eat cupcakes.
"Good idea I thought"
Then above the sign I saw another sign. Go on take a good look! What does it say?
"Please remove your shoes". Well I ask you. Remove my shoes and I would be naked.
I put my foot down and told Granny quite firmly NO I would not be going naked for anyone.

I'm off to have Peanut butter and Honey  on toast for tea.
I will see you all next week.


  1. Wow what a great time you had at the market! I love the froggy head!

  2. Thanks Joolz, Wilber certainly is tuckered out after his big day and gone to bed.

  3. I missed it again!!!!!!!! I keep saying that I will go and have a look, I will, I will, I will, ....
    Looks like Wilbur has a great time, I wish I could keep you company at the market like we used to.....

  4. Hi Wilbur,

    Gee, we don't know what Chook's are or Grabbers but it looks like they were all over you.

    Love the frog hat - very becoming. WHAT? Take off your SHOES? What kinda market is that - they want to see naked bears? OMG (oh my goodness), maybe next time Gran goes to that market you should stay home and watch a movie on the telly.

    No shoes, what is this world coming too? Good grief...

    Heaps of Hugs

  5. Enchanted Moments: We would love to see you any time at the market. I know you get busy with all the children. They could come as well.

    The Bears Blog: Chook grabbers are used to hold a hot saucepan. What we used to call pot holder. They just look a bit fancier.


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