Monday, August 29, 2011

I would like to introduce you to Hannah, she is a new
lady that I have finished. She quite likes the fine things of life and keeps checking in her compact to see if her make ups still fresh.
She wears a beautiful old world lace frock.
With a becoming hat that is like all the petals of a rose, in a rich cream.
Of course she never goes out with out wearing her pearls; and pretty handbags are her weakness. Plus she comes with an old gold compact.
Hannah is 41cm. or 16 inch. high, with out her hat, and is made out of German sparse mohair with ultra suede paw pads. She is 5 way jointed with cotter pin in the neck and lock nuts and bolts in the limbs, plus she is filled with poly fill.
Her face has been scissor and needle sculpted and shaded, with large black German glass eyes. Her nose has been embroidered and waxed.
$145.00 Australian dollars, plus postage. I only post registered mail.
Payment by Pay Pal, Direct Credit or Money Order.
If you are interested please email me for more information or photo's.
Hannah is ready to post.


  1. Her hat is a fantastiC! A real aristocrat.

  2. Hannah is beautiful and very upper crust. Her hat and clothing and accessories are lovely.

  3. She looks very much a well to do lady!

  4. You've just gotta admire this girl's style!!! Well done Kay...she's lovely.

  5. Oh Hannah, you are a sweetie! I'm sure Wilbur's heart is all aflutter.
    Kayzy xx

  6. Dear Kay,

    Ohhhh...I am in love with this beautiful and very sweet bear..
    Those eys and her hat...wauw..she is adoroble!

    Love from Marijke

  7. Thanks girls, I'm glad you like her, she was fun to dress up. When I found the hat I knew it was just right.

  8. Oh Kay... !!!
    What a wonderful gal you have created... :0))))
    My kind of sweet and elegant bear combined in one wonderful classy lady.
    Where did you get the accessories?!!
    The hat and purse are to die for, not to mention her dress... WOW!!!
    Love her... love her... love her!!!
    Well done!
    Much love and hugs,


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