Sunday, August 21, 2011

Granny has got the creaks.
Poor Granny had the creaks in her bones today, so she asked me if I could get the cake tins out to make a cake.
As I looked in the cupboard, I thought, could it be muffins, round cake, log cake, square cake.
what decisions I had to make.

I have just found out a cake tin can make the best drum. Granny is calling out......
"Not so loud Wilbur"
WOW this glass of water just sound like real music when you hit it.
I love this looking in cupboards thing.

I'm jumping out of my fur. Just look what I have found!!!!!
Pretty patty pans, sprinkles, and shinny pink balls.
We definitely, definitely want all of these.
This is fun, I can make a castle, or may be it's a rocket.
These patty pans have pink stripes. Do we use the red ones or the pink stripe ones.
I think I will use the pink ones as a party hat.
Granny is now telling me VERY
loudly "Hurry up or we won't have time to make the cake Wilbur."
I thought I would hide under the bowl, but she could still see me. I thought may be I should give her the cake tin so we could have warm cake for morning tea.
Life is very busy for a bear. I could play in this cupboard for ages.
I will see you all next week.
Wilbur Bear


  1. I hope Granny let you lick the spoon...x

  2. Hi Wilbur,

    That is quite an imagination you have. My guess is the pile of tins and cake decorating supplies would make a great castle. You could get hurt with a rocket, "you"ll poke your eye out, kid" (hahahaha, remember that line from "A Christmas Story"). Sorry, I couldn't help myself.

    Have fun baking. See you next Sunday.

    Heaps of Hugs

  3. Beautiful Post!
    I like that that write, compliments
    So many embraces


  4. Wilbur you have a very creative mind...LOL! It's nice to see you having so much fun.

  5. Hay,

    I love this pictures...I love this story...and the most..I love this bear...with his lovely eys and beautiful shoes!

    Have a nice week-end,


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