Sunday, July 3, 2011

Wilbur goes to
Gallery One

On Fridays Granny always goes to teach Teddy bears.
I never go with her, so I sneaked into the car and off
we went.
Was I surprised. There is not only teddy bear class,
they paint with real gooey paint there as well.
I can see myself as an artist. Abstract I think
would suit me fine, because I can play with the colour
and make puddles and patterns just as I like.

Wow there is lots of mess. That art class is messy, paint,
water, tissues, brushes, they have got the lot. You can see
they are not very tidy because they have to put plastic on the table.
Humm. I think I might ask Granny if I could go to a class so I
could paint a picture to go on my wall.
Decisions, decisions, it's a hard life.
Last week I tried driving and that was not very successful
so watch this space.( I feel big saying that.)


  1. Wilbur, I am sure Granny will let you paint, but just remember to wear a smock or your lovely fur will get dirty.

  2. Hi Wilbur,

    How wonderful, a "budding" artist. Now you have to think of a name, like Wilbur The Great so when you are famous we will all know it's you.

    Happy Sunday, sweet little bear.


  3. Wilbur you really look the part sitting there amongst the paints!

    Hope Granny is having a lovely week.


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