Sunday, June 26, 2011

Wilbur goes driving
I was feeling like and adventure, it was too cold for most things
so I thought I would take Granny's car for a spin.
Yes I could see over the wheel if I stood on it, all is OK.
I pinches the keys off the hook, and I thought she didn't know.
Guess what here she comes. She was very cross at me, although
she did say she was going to Spotlight and I could come for a drive
if I was good.
Well what would a bear do, of course you would go, Granny must be going to get
a spot light to take the most perfect photo's of a perfect bear.

When I saw all the traffic it made me wizzy in the head. Red for stop Green
for go. I have know idea what orange is for. Then there are signs and
I can't read. I must get my books out when I get home, you know A is for apple stuff.

OK Spotlight here we come, I told Granny I wanted a really good light
to make me even more handsome. Then GUESS WHAT, she tells me
she is getting some wool. I ask you.

I was so mad I said I am staying in the car for a rest, and to let my frustration
have time to calm down.
This is all too much.

OK here is the precious wool Granny got.
I 'm sure I won't go driving for a long while.
See you next week


  1. I'm so glad you let Granny drive Wilbur! You got to wear her supercool sunnies though! I love the wool granny got. Wonder what she is making? x

  2. What a naughty bear, having a tantrum in the car...

  3. Oh little bear,

    Leave driving to Gran. You be the passenger and enjoy your motor trip.

    The wool is lovely, that certainly is your color.

    Be safe little one - let Gran be your driver.

    Big Hugs

  4. I can understand a bear not wanting to go into Spotlight ... it can be pretty boring for a bear, it takes heaps of time and lots of walking round and round.

    The wool Granny got is very pretty.

  5. Ha! Wilbur is a better driver than most in Los Angeles! :-)


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