Friday, July 8, 2011

Pibear Renoir

Pibear Renoir is a 19cm. bear. He is made from woven back synthetic
faux fur. He has ultra suede paws, and is cotter pin and lock nut jointed.
His little face has been needle and scissor sculpted, plus he has black
premium glass eyes, and an embroidered nose.
His face and toes have been shaded to give extra depth and
character.  He is weighted with glass sand so he can stand.He wears a hand felted beret and scarf, plus he is
holding his palate of paints and a brush. This little bear is not suitable for children because of small parts
Pibear is so excited about his painting, he can't stop practising.
Pibear Renoir is $ 75.00 Australian dollars
Email me to order, I accept Pay Pal, Money order or Direct Credit.
Postage to be paid by the buyer. I always send Registered Post.

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  1. I love this little fellow - does he take painting commissions?

    Hugs from Kayzy and her critters


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