Sunday, December 18, 2016

Just letting all my bear friends know it is
7 more Sleeps.

I am getting so excited

But guess what. Last week the postie came and we had a big parcel.
Who likes opening parcels?
inside the big parcel there were 2 parcels. 
A big one for me
and a nice little one for granny.
Rip, rip... and mine was open. I could not believe my eyes.

Some one had made the most beautiful Poo bear quilt, just for me.
I know every stitch was made with love. Now I know Prudence (my bear friend) would have made this for me, but may be her mum might have helped just a little. Her name is Joyce from "The Bears Blog"
they have the best craft room you have ever seen.
Thank you so much Prudence and Joyce.
It feels so snuggley and warm. 
Granny is so happy, she has a wonderful Snowman wall hanging that is hung just under the kitchen clock so she can see it all the time.

Thank you so much my special friends.

I am going to bed with my snuggley quilt hoping that 7 sleeps goes quickly.
I'm dreaming of friends I know over seas and also in Australia.
I hope they have a warm and happy heart like me.

Just letting you all know, our street has turned purple again.
Plus when this was taken it was breeding wheelie bins.
Must be rubbish day.

See you all next time

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  1. Hi Kay and Wilbur,

    So lovely to see a post from you and I love the Pooh Bear quilt and the Snowman.
    Hope you are having a happy weekend


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