Sunday, September 7, 2014

A fun sticky day at the market.

Blackwood Market.

 It was market day again today and GUESS who was there.
The Fairy Floss man.
I am having such a good time with my friend eating fairy floss,
I'm not at all sticky,... no, no not at all.!!!!
I loved watching that sugar spin around and come out all fluffy and you could have what ever flavor you liked.
Ours was Strawberry and lemon.
Granny said I was acting like I was on sugar over dose. ( what is that!!!)
She said to check out all the lovely fresh fruit.
OK.. I know Granny thinks the Apple man has the best apples in South Australia.
Of course I had to buy some for her,.... just to get in the good books.
Then there was the Orange and Lemon man. These are picked fresh off the tree.
(do they taste like fairy floss.. No, no..)
But they are very juicy.
Then I loved these ladies, they were making fresh flat bread filled with yummy fillings like, spinach and fetta, lamb, vegetarian, and lots more that Granny can't remember. They cooked it on a big hot dome. 
They had Baklava and long bread that had yummy things in it.
I could have some more right now, as long as I had Fairy floss for dessert. 
Now this stall had lots and lots of jars of pickles and chilies. Can you see in those packets there is Kangaroo jerky. I didn't have any, I didn't want to hop. 
Next to Granny's stall was this lovely girl and she had lots and lots of things for dogs. This Bandana is for a doggy, but if you didn't know that you would think it was made for a bear. Her hand towels were made into little doggies.
They didn't bark all day. 
Hand dyed beautiful silk scarves and little jump suits and sock's for babies. 
Now you all know I am no baby!!! (why does Granny put me in things like this) 
This card had the most amazing boat on it and it all folds down when you shut the card. I think Granny needed some fairy floss. She is getting shaky with the camera. 
Bet you can't guess what these are???
The long things are to seal plastic bags of lollies or fairy floss, rice or any thing really. The Wheely thing is part of a whipper snipper. You know the thingy that mows the lawn edges. 
OK I know I say I don't like trying things on. Well I don't mind this hat it had space ships on it. 
Can you see these little hang about animals I thought they were ear rings. 
I have a cow on my ear. Granny said they were to hang on the cot or the door knob.
I was getting tired, although when I saw the big Jumpy castle I had to have a bounce. What fun. 
It was a great day and Spring was in the air.
I'm tuckered out and just want my toast, peanut butter and Honey. Then to jump into bed. I think I will be dreaming about something pink, fluffy, and sweet.
See you all next week.

It is Spring in Australia and the Lorikeet's are in the mood for love.
Welcome Olga Motolova to our follower family.
Olga does very beautiful
She even has crochet teddy bears.
Welcome to Anastasia Belous as well.

My thought for the day.
"The man who sings his own praises is usually a soloist."


  1. Oh Wilbur, you tickle my funny bone with your Aussie words.

    Cotton Candy - that's what we call it, and a string trimmer to edge the lawn where it meets with a driveway or sidewalk, or to edge around a garden.

    You are so funny.........Glad you had a fun day at the market, but I can tell you were on a sugar high! Giggle.

    Prudence ♥

  2. ah....if there is one thing I love it is fairy floss!!!!!!!!! We call it suikerspin which means as much as sugarspider...!
    What a lovely market you have! and, between you and me Wilbur, you look ridiculous in that lovely green out-fit...oh...oh.....just MY opinion! (what did she think????) The cap is great!

    My oh my, those long stuffed breads, they must be delicious! and I love the towel-doggies too!

    How nice you have such a market! We have a VERY small market....vegetables 1; chicken 1; flowers 1; and the other one left I don't even remember!

    Bet you had a wonderful time (except the green out-fit) with Granny and no wonder you were hungry!

    You are dreaming of something WHY can't I think of anything but a suikerspin?!!! : ))))))))

    Be well friend and greetings and hugs to both of you!

  3. What a lovely story! and lovely day.

  4. What a fun day at the market... with so many interesting and stunning things to discover... and so much fairy floss to be enjoyed. That pop-up card was awesome... and we think it was good that you gained yourself some points for the good book... The C-Day (we're not going to say the whole word... we don't want Granny to get the shivers again) is getting nearer... ;O)

    Flutterby + Birgit

  5. Candy floss and a bouncy castle would have set us up nicely for the day *sigh*


    The Clan, Jack & Boo

  6. Hi Wilbur,
    Thank you for sharing the pictures of your fun day. I like the hat, but the jumpsuit...not so much. I think Granny wants you to stay a baby forever. We don't like our little ones growing up too fast.
    Have a good rest,
    Lisa :-)

  7. Dearest Kay,
    What an adventure for Wilbur!
    I would reach for those yummy looking apples; no doubt.
    Loved the photo from the Lorikeets!
    We just landed back home on Friday evening after a 7-day vacation in Arizona, where I did a lot of driving. Now catching up at home...

  8. Dear Granny and different our seasons are is always so interesting...just amazing..Spring there and Fall just about to begin here. :) So you and granny will be planting flowers? Yes, Joyce is right. We call it Cotton Candy..but..I don't know...I think I will call it Fairy Floss from now on. :) I like that name a lot better.
    Love Abby

  9. Dear Wilbur,
    I am so happy to read your stories and to have a look at what is going on in your beary eventful life a little bit :)

  10. Oh my Wilbur I'm sooo.... jellyous - all that scrummy strawberry and lemon fairy floss. Very sticky! but paws can be licked and hands washed. What a wonderful day.

  11. Fairy floss is a great enjoyment for kids and bears of course. My three kids love it! But we can´t have it with strawberry or lemon taste in Germany... he we know it just in... ähm... sugar taste *LOL* I´m glad you had a great day at the market!

  12. Oh Wilbur, what a day! Fresh apples and oranges at the market. Baklava hmmm together with fairy gloss - that's absolutely a sugar over dose (hi hi)! But soooo goooood! And, don't mind I don't like to try on things either! But, you should wear the hat - it's cool. Please say HELLO to Granny and have an wonderful spring - here autum starts with rain today!
    All my best

  13. Hi dear, wonderful post. Love images and hi. Wonderful spring my AMICA!!! Do you remember.... AMICA is "friend". HUGS!!! ;) NI

  14. Прекрасный рассказ))) Сладкая вата и весна - это чудесно!

  15. Oh Wilbur - What a Grand Adventure Indeed - Loved the Fairy Floss Of Course!!! Cant get over the Kangaroo Jerky, does make one hop a little jerkily I bet. You look Marvelous in that space cap and Oh My Heavens the Lorikeets made me want to visit More Than EveR!!!
    GoTs a BeaR Surprise for Ya - Come VisiT!!! ~ LuV, TiGGy


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