Sunday, August 31, 2014

Visiting the grand kids can make you smelly.

Do you ever get greeted by something smelly but beautiful?
Well I did! I went down to see Granny's Grandson's. Their beautiful dog Holly went straight inside and got her teddy to share with me as soon as I arrived.
She is a beautiful dog and I loved her sharing ( BUT!!!!) it would have been nicer if there was not so much slobber.
"I did thank her."
She is looking quite pleased with herself sharing her special Teddy.
OK!!! I did say Grandson's lived here, so this is what they said was a fun thing to do.
I think eating honey or peanut butter is better fun than this. It was hard work.
Few!!! Smelly, slobbery teddy's, plus sweaty arm pits. I need a wash.

I really would like to learn a musical instrument. James thought I should try the Saxophone. Well there is a big hole down there where the sound comes out. 
Then way up here is where you blow. Now to work out how to reach the keys.
(Is that what they are called?)
Na... it does not fit a bear, I will have to think of something else.
My arms won't reach those pushy, button things.

may be I could try the guitar, no, I don't have fingers. Perhaps I could play the trumpet. No they have the same pushy things.
Perhaps I could play the key board, I would love to play the key board!!!
Nup!! it is very annoying  not having fingers.
I have had a brilliant idea.
I will play the harmonica. I just need paws to hold it and my mouth to blow it.
Perfect. "Hey Granny, I want a harmonica for my Birthday"  " Please", you know you have to say please or you won't get it. I want one just like this.
It is gold just like the boys instruments.
I will let you know if I get one. You may hear me if I get one...

Well it is supper time and my tummy feels like toast, with peanut butter and honey.
Plus a glass of warm chocolate milk.

See you all next week.

It is Spring tomorrow in Australia, so I wanted to share beautiful little birds that hatch in the spring,  this is for all my followers.

Today I welcome Radka, who lives in England, she does the most amazing embroidery. Plus the most important news Radka has Bears. Yes and there are two special ones Brian and Bruce.
If you would like to read about Radka's holiday and see her needle work go to

My thought for the week.
"Humor is to life what shock absorbers are to automobiles."


  1. Yes Wilbur, true!!!!!!!!!! doggies can smell.....but I LOVE them!!!! Aw.....what a cute and kind dog to share it's bear with you!!!! Bravo!
    Now friend, I can't wait to hear you play the music! Have fun ......and while you practice you better give something to Granny she can put into her ears if you know what I mean?!!! :)))))

    Hugs!!!! for the both of you! and what a beautiful birds you have in Australia!

    xoxoxo Pink

  2. Lieber Wilbur,
    eine Mundharmonika ist ein tolles Instrument, da hast du bestimmt viel Freude mit.
    Ich hoffe Oma wird dir eine zum Geburtstag schenken. Wann ist denn dein Geburtstag????
    Liebe Grüße

  3. Hi Wilbur,

    Our Jessie has a moose, named Baby, that she carries around and sucks on. You can't play with it, it is only for her enjoyment. That's okay, she gets slobber all over it.

    I'll be listening, maybe I will hear sweet harmonica music coming from Australia.

    Prudence ♥

  4. What a nice dog Holly is - to share her buddy bear with you... And if friendship is involved we should not care about the slobber... *grin* We're glad you gave up on playing the saxophone, not our favourite instrument - but we were expecting you to try drums... becoming a little drummer bear... barabababammm... But harmonica sounds great, we're keeping our paws and fingers crossed for you to receive one.

    Flutterby + Birgit

  5. Hey Wilbur, we know *exactly* what instrument you need to play - the drum! Granny will be thrilled too, we're sure...


    The Clan, Jack & Boo

  6. Hi Wilbur,
    How sweet that the dog shared her toy with you and you got to play with the grandsons. Oh the things we tolerate for love...sometimes smelly things ;-) You have such gorgeous birds in Australia! Thank you for sharing all of the pictures. Good luck with the harmonica...I can't wait to hear your songs...*GRIN*

  7. Dearest Kay,
    Lovely story and I had to laugh about the slobber on that puppy's teddy!

  8. Wilbur, your life is so exciting and full of interesting events and activities... Everyone would be happy to have such a Granny as you do ;)

  9. Awe!!!!! Such a sweet post! Thank you for the kind words today!!!!! You are such a sweet friend!!!!!!! Have a wonderful day!

  10. ♫♫♫♫♫ tralalalaaaaa, ohhh Wilbur ,jakkes dat was dus een kleverige, vochtige en stinkende berenknuffel, hahaha. Maar de lieve hond bedoelt het zo goed en wil graag vriendjes met je zijn, je gaat straks gewoon lekker onder de douche en je ruikt weer heerlijk naar Wilbur. ♫♫♫♫♫ je maakt me wel nieuwsgierig met de mondharmonica, ohhhh wil je graag horen spelen Wilbur, laat je het ons beluisteren als je een mooi melodietje kan spelen??? SUCCES!!! ♫♫♫♫♫


  11. If your Granny don´t give you a harmonica on your birthday, take her Cooking pots and wooden spoon out of the closet and play drums with it. That makes a lot of fun ... at least for you, probably not for your Granny

  12. Hi Kay and Wilbur,

    Lovely post you have shared today - Holly is a sweet dog and yes, they can be a little slobbery.
    Good luck with the harmonica for your birthday - you will be able to play sweet music.
    Hope you are having a happy week

  13. Oh, are a bear after my own heart!! :)

  14. Greetings Dear Wilbur - Oh My what a Great Visit - Loved seeing the doggie sharing her special (slobbery) Teddy with you - and Wow a Gold Harmonica - I Thought I Heard Musics!!! ~ LuV, TiGGy


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