Sunday, July 6, 2014

Five more sleeps until camp.

Whoopee I am packing for camp.
Can you believe it is only five sleeps before I catch that big airplane
and go to CAMP GOOD BEAR.
I have been flat out like a lizard swimming all day. It is getting late in the afternoon and I am still cleaning and polishing my fishing tackle.
That is the main thing I have to take.
I don't think it smells of dead fish any more??? hope not or those people on the plane might get stink up their nose.
Well I should make a start on my packing. 
It is cold here so I am still wearing my scarf. It is hard to believe I will want my bathers and shorts, sun burn cream, and hat. I also have my new sneakers.  
Band aids, ant rid... did you hear me say ant rid..... those pesky little things sometimes find there way in your bed.... Och... I am a scout and I am well prepared.
Of course apart from my tackle, I need the STASH....
yep... the stash. We are going to have one big party.
Lollies and little bear biscuits, plus CHOCOLATE...

Of course I am getting very excited about meeting Prudence,
We do a lot of planning together, to try and make it a fun, fun, camp.
Whoopee... it won't be long.
Prudence said she would meet me under the old maple tree to the left. 
Then we will work out what cabins the guys go in and what cabin the girls go in...

Plus Prudence is having the little tackers.
They will be crying at night wanting their Mums.
Good Luck Prudence.

I have lists a mile long going through my mind. Wallet, plane ticket, camera, towel, pencil and paper to do the judging of the races.

Oh that's right I might nick Granny's cooking book. 
We might have a cooking competition.

Toast, honey, and peanut butter with a glass of warm milk, and off to bed.
Now what did I forget to put on that list..????

Welcome to all my Beautiful followers, Granny took some photos of our camellia's in our garden for you.

See you all next week.

My thought for the day.
"Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow,
it only saps today of it's joy."


  1. Hello Wilbur - it is warm here today in germany, sun is shinning. It´s sound good your journey to the camp, enjoy your time and good luck for you and Prudence. Hugs for you and Kay - love your little stories allways - Ines

  2. Have a wonderful week at camp Wilbur! Looking forward to hearing all about it when you get back.


  3. Hi Wilbur,

    I tossed and turned all night last night- I am so excited about camp that I am having trouble sleeping. Mom made me your favorite bedtime snack, chocolate milk and peanut butter toast - worked like a charm.

    We are all ready and just waiting for Friday morning. You never told me about a cooking competition - now that is one bear-darn great idea, no wonder you are Senior Bearcelor, you are a genius!!!!

    See you by the tree on Saturday.

    Prudence ♥

  4. Wilbur, you sound so excited. I am sure camp will be so much fun. Don't forget to pack a pic of granny so you don't miss her too much ;-)
    Hugs to you and Granny,

  5. Wow... the clock is ticking! No wonder you're busy making your list, checking all your stuff and making plans. And how exciting you already have an appointment with someone special under an old maple tree... *teehee* But dear Wilbur, don't forget the most important thing on your to-do-list: Use the remaining time to hug your Granny!

    Flutterby + Birgit

  6. Hey kay,

    Als eerste wil ik je nog feliciteren met je"nieuwe "Etsy Shop, en hoop dat je HEEL veel zal verkopen!!

    En heerlijk Wilbur, nog een paar nachtjes slapen en dan is het zo ver. ja kan dan je sjaal en warme kleding verwisselen voor een zwembroek en zomerse kleding. Wel zonnebrand gebruiken hoor want anders krijg je een rode neus, haha.

    Wens je heel veel plezier en bij thuiskomst zal je ons vast mooie verhalen kunnen vertellen, ik kijk er al naar uit.

    En wat een SCHOONHEDEN van Camelia's hebben
    jullie daar in de tuin Kay SUPER!!!

    Wens je een fijne week toe,

    Veel liefs,

  7. Wilbur, are you sure you can sleep! This is so exciting! Oh, would like to go on a journey like yours - sounds wonderful!
    The flowers are wonderful!
    Have a great, great time and a safe trip!
    All my best

  8. Lieber Wilbur,
    ich wünsche dir eine schöne Ferienzeit!
    Liebe Grüße

  9. Have FUN dear Wilbur! Looking forward to your great stories!

    Big hugs! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Pink

  10. Dearest Kay,
    That sounds indeed very exciting! We've been at that stage, many times for our 21 trips to Indonesia all the way from Georgia/USA and several times to Australia + 64 trips to The Netherlands. The Netherlands was to see family mostly; no summer camp. Oh and to India many trips and and...
    But you too will go well prepared as you are not flying for the first time. Make sure to get enough sleep for making the transition into summer without problems. It is darn cold on the planeride over...

    PS: Maybe you even can taste some summer cherries here...

  11. I´m late again... but not to late to wish you a great time in your this years camp again... and you Granny a great (silent) time without you at home ;-)

  12. Are you nearly there yet? We hope you didn't forget little snackerels for the journey...


    The Clan, Jack & Boo

  13. Hi Wilbur,

    We are glad that you took our advice about the little somethings to keep you going, and we're glad you got the fishy smell off your fishing tackle too. Have a great time at camp and watch Prudence when you meet under that tree. You never know what she'll get up to.

    Jock and Zeke

  14. Have much fun at Camp Wilbur. HUGS TO YOU AND YOUR MOMMY: ILSE


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