Saturday, July 12, 2014

Camp Good Bear at last...

I NEVER THOUGHT THE DAY WOULD COME. I'm up, up and away,and there.
Here I am leaving home. bags packed and a heart full of excitement.

Remember we said we would meet at the old Oak Tree.
Well what a sight here she is just the same as last year.
All ready for climbing and telling stories under.   
Now look to the left of the trunk and I'm sure you will see Prudence's white bow she wears in her hair.
You got it she is hiding????
I'm going to surprise her.


 Faint, heart attack, surprise.

Ralphie!!!! you scared the day lights out of me. I thought it was  Prudence behind that tree.

Ralphie laughed and said he wanted the fun to start the minute we were there.

Well the fun and laughter started.
PLUS meeting Prudence again after a whole year.
We sat up in that Oak tree and talked and planned the camp for hours.
How good it is to be with my best buddy friends again.
Now I can't tell you what we have got planned you will have to wait and see.

Lots of Hot chocolate and Peanut butter and toast were eaten that night.

I'm so happy I am sending free bear hugs to you all.
My thought for the week.


  1. :)))))) funny Ralphie!!!!!

    You are THERE! You've met Prudence!!!! (she looks lovely!)

    Ahhh......I can imagine you sitting there under (or in) the gorgeous tree and planning the camp with your friends!

    Have fun dear Wilbur and all you friends!!!!

    and IF you find the time......tell me ALL about it!!!!

    Hugs!!!!!! Pink

  2. Hi Miss Granny,

    It was a quiet trip home after leaving Prudence & the little kids at camp. I cried when we all said good-bye but Prudence took the little ones by the paw and off they went to wait for Wilbur. Bless her heart.

    Talk to you soon, if I hear from Prudence I will let you know.

    The Mom ♥

  3. FINALLY!!! Good to hear you've had a good trip... and now you're there! Have fun... loads of fun... and the best of times, especially with you-know-who... *teehee*

    Flutterby + Birgit (who keep their paws/fingers crossed that you've not forgotten anything and that your luggage was full with plenty of fun stuff and even more yummy stuff!)

  4. Yeah, Wilbur! Let the fun begin! So happy that you are enjoying yourself at camp with your friends. That tree is spectacular...I wish I could climb it with you ;-) I am looking forward to more stories and pictures.

  5. Spannend Wilbur, je bent vertrokken, je
    koffer vol gepakt zie ik wel. Jaaaaaa je wil
    natuurlijk indruk maken tijdens het weerzien
    met Prudence, wat is ze mooi en vast ook erg lief.

    Ben heel benieuwd wat je allemaal mee gaat
    maken en ik wacht vol spanning op jou mooie
    verhalen die je ons zal vertellen bij thuikomst.

    GENIET Wilbur......


  6. Oh wow! how very lucky Wilbur to be away at camp! So neat to be able to meet up with sweet Prudence.
    Have a wonderful time away with your friends.

  7. We hope you have a very fun time at camp, and that Granny's feeling much better now!


    The Clan, Jack & Boo

  8. Dear Wilbur - What an Exciting Adventure at Camp - I Love that Incredible Tree - Methinks you are sure to meet up with FaeFolk in such Lovely Woods - EnJoY!
    LuV, TiGGy

  9. Hey Wilbur,

    You look as if you had a fun journey - in an A380 - I flew in one of them this year and it was HUGE.

    Good on you Ralphie, you keep them on their toes. Have a good time.

    We all hope Granny is better now.


    Jock, Zeke, Ruby and Tom.

  10. Hallo Wilbur,
    ich wünsche dir eine schöne Zeit bei Prudence! Viel Spaß euch beiden!
    Liebe Grüße

  11. Wow, this Tree is fantastic. Hope you have much fun and a really good time. Hugs Ilse

  12. Have fun my friend! Take lots of pictures and be sure to write! Big hugs..
    Your beary good friend,

  13. p.s. Mom says to say hi to you..and tell Prudence I think of her and her Mom. I will write soon.

  14. I wish you a great time in the Camp and hope you´ll let hear about your adventures!
    And I hope your Granny enjoy the silent time without you too

  15. Happy camping Wilbur! Can't wait to see your pictures and hear all about it.



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