Sunday, June 8, 2014

Hi Ho, Hi Ho It's off to camp I go.

Can you hear me singing?
I have been whistling and singing all morning.
Granny is singing out "Wilbur sing in tune". Well I told her I just sing what is in my heart so it must be in tune.
Do you know that song the Dwarf's sang. "Hi Ho, Hi ho it's off to work we go. Hi ho, hi ho, hi ho, hi ho".
.Well I have been singing" Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to camp we go,"
because I have been counting the days and it is 33 days before I fly out to America.

Can you see it is marked on my calender I fly out on the 11th July and Camp starts on the 12th. I do have a long way to fly. That reminds me, I must pack lots of snacks for the trip. All I seem to do is eat and look out the window at pretty clouds.

Now lets get to my draw to see what I will be taking.
Of course fishing rod and bathers.
(it's too chilly for bathers here in Australia now.) 
Now where is my hat. I need my hat, because it will be sunny in America.
Oh I can see my new shoes with the boat on, I will take them.  
Granny is yelling again, (she yells when she is in the kitchen, I don't know how she can see what I'm doing. )
"Wilbur it's too soon to start packing. get out of that draw because you will get all your things muddled up.
Don't get you fishing line tangled, or there will be tantrums."
How can she see I couldn't get my hat out because it was caught on a hook.
For those of you who think I shouldn't keep my fishing line in my draw. It is like this! It is scrubbed, and washed and dried, and put in my draw because it is precious.  I certainly am not putting it in the shed for dust to get on it.

Oh well I am trying to shove it all back, but it does not seem to fit.
Do you think Granny will see if the draw is not closed?
Well I did try.
If I can't pack, may be I will start writing down some games we can play.
I nearly forgot. I need to write a tutorial on fishing.
I can't wait, we are going to have so much fun.
I have been told by the Registration people we have a new bear Jackson joining us.
I know he won't believe how much mischief we get up to.

All that work I have the tummy rumbles. It must be time for toast, peanut butter and honey. Washed down with a lovely warm glass of milk.

See you all next week

Welcome Friends

My thought for today.
"Love only grows by sharing,
You can only have more for yourself
by giving it away to others."
(Brian Tracy)


  1. Thank you I'll be having this song in my head alllllllllll day! oh....well.....

    HI HO Hi Ho........

    xxx Pink

  2. "sing what is in my heart so it must be in tune" ♥ that feels very true, let us sing together.

    Dear Kay, thank you for visiting my Blog today. Djipsi is a wonderful singer and Mia sometimes tries to do it like Wilbur ;o)

    hugs Iris

  3. Hi Wilbur,

    Jackson would like to write to you this morning.

    Hi Wilbur,

    It's me - Jackson. My Dad #2 (Uncle Rob) bought me a great fishing hat, and it has a nice wide brim to keep the sun off my face. Prudence & I are making lists so we don't forget anything. And we are going to start packing, we don't think it's too early!


  4. Hi Kay and Wilbur,

    Yes, I do know the song and I am singing along with you! what great excitement then you are going to camp and know you must be counting the days on the calender.
    Enjoy your Queens birthday holiday tomorrow.

  5. HI Wilbur,

    Forget bathers and fishin' lines and hats, because you'll be flying for SUCH a long grime, it's the snacks that matter! You have to be fighting fit when you get to camp, what with all them rumbustious ickle bears around. (not to mention her nibs.
    Biskits, and hunny, crisps (potato chips if that's what you call them), toffees, apples and bananas, not forgetting some peanut butter sandwiches. You can't be too careful. You'll need to drink too, so several flasks of cocoa, with added hunny 'cos it's quite hard work travelling - we know 'cos we did a lot recently.
    Start the secrut stashes now!
    Jock and Zeke

  6. Strange... we here something ticking around here... Oh, it's the countdown of the hours until you're leaving for camp?! Ah, that explains everything... Yes, we can feel the increase of your excitement, dear Wilbur, what fun to go to camp again so soon meeting all your good friends (not to forget that special entrance in your adress book in the P-section) and getting to know new ones. But you should better use the remaining time (and as we all know time flies) for making a list - so you don't forget anything. You're one of the experienced seniors in camp and the others count on you. And don't forget to spend enough of the remaining time to hug your Granny!

    Flutterby + Birgit

  7. i dont can sing this song but i find the picture very nice

    regards from sylvia

  8. Dearest Kay,
    What a lovely trip coming up really soon! Wow, Wilbur will have an exciting time together with you and all other bear lovers.
    Stay focused and enjoy the time leading up to this big event!

  9. Whew, 33 days is a loooong time Wilbur! We think you'll have a lot of rummaging in that drawer before then...


    The Clan, Jack & Boo

  10. Hi Wilbur,
    We're excited with you as you prepare for camp, so we asked Papa Martin if he had some spare fish hooks for you - and he has! We're giving them to Nana Kayzy to bring for you, and if she can stop eating peanut butter and honey on crumpets (her favourite) long enough to get in the car, you should get the fish hooks in time. Addiction is a terrible thing - you'd think a grown woman would have more self-control! Oops, better send this before Nana Kayzy sees what we've written.
    Big hugs from Kayzy's Critters (especially Shirley, Babette and Joy :0)

  11. Oh Wilbur - You are coming to America!!! if you are anywhere near DC Please let us know - TiGGy wants to MeeT YoU!!! BTW we tie flies, and there are pics of TiGGy helping out - but watch out for that pointy end its only for the fish (or TiGGs hats….) I bet all the Bears in America are grabbing what fish they can before the Great Wilbur comes and shows em how its Done! We are excited right along with you Wilbur - and singing Too! ~ LuV, TiGGy


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