Sunday, May 18, 2014

TOOOOO Early for the market.

What time did we get up to go to the market???!!!
I really don't want to think about it..
What is wrong with Granny? She is going kookcoo...
We set the alarm at 5.15am. Got up Granny had her shower, I had mine.
Got dressed and about to have a bite of honey toast for breakfast.
When the penny dropped. The man on the radio said it was 4.35am....
I was not in a good mood.
We went to bed in our clothes and my boots for another hour.
We really needed that sign. when we got to the market. I had hot chocolate and Granny had very strong coffee.
Life is getting better.
I met lots of animals and saw lots of things. This is a very big colourful soft yummy Hippo... He made me feel happy after my bad start to the day. 
Because Granny was feeling (Not too pleased with herself) I thought I might buy her something pretty. It was so hard to choose which one.

I want to make a friend for the day. It is a long day when you get up EARLY.
I want a mate so I asked this doll if she was a boy. 
No luck... Where are the boy's.

Granny, is this monkey a boy?
 Can you tell me if there are girl or boy Owl's I would really like to play with this guy.

Wow, look at this painting. I must get my paint brushes out when I go home.
(that is after I have a sleep.)
Now it is not cold yet in Australia, but it soon will be. This ruggey would be good for early...... did you hear me. Early starts.
I can feel another coffee coming on.
This is ladies make up. You know the stuff they put on their cheeks to make them pretty. It was really nice. (I didn't try it.)
Now this stall had lots of smelly candles. I think this little one is just right for toasting marshmallows. 

OK.. I have found some boys. These guys were having races all day. 
The problem was the races were very slow.

Now with my pilots hat I thought I just needed plane cards. 
The best bit was going into a competition to guess how many jelly beans were in the jar. I had a guess and I said 1001. I hope I am right. We won't know until next market.

Now am I ready for bed.
Honey, peanut butter and toast with warm milk and I hit the pillow. 
See you all next week.

Welcome to all my followers,
Especially new ones.

Welcome South Hampton Grey. He lives in the Netherlands and is doing up his home.

Welcome to Ioko. Ioko makes cloth dolls and lovely things.

My thought for today.


  1. Hi Wilbur,you look very dapper in your pilots hat and glasses I must say. My goodness I bet you and Granny were tired when you got home. Where do you go to market? I hope it isn't too far after getting up so early.
    I am having milk and honey for supper before bed each night now to help me sleep. Love it.

  2. Hi Wilbur,

    Giggle, I think that is so funny, getting up too early and then going back to bed with your boots on, my sides are hurting from laughing.

    Maybe next week you should have your own alarm clock, that way if Granny makes a mistake you will have the correct time. What do you think?

    I have my calendar and checking the days off 'til camp starts, I am so excited.

    Heaps of Hugs
    Prudence ♥

  3. Dearest Kay,
    Oh, that feeling we too have known... awful for getting up way too early!
    But one survives a day like that.
    Lovely photos and there was a lot to see we can tell.
    Wilburs aviator hat is so precious!
    Hugs and happy week to you.

  4. Oh my... we are shocked!!! What a terrible experience having to get up early and then getting up even earlier... brrrrrrr... But looks like you've had a fun day at the market and we're glad you have found your boots again! ;O)

    Flutterby + Birgit

  5. Hi Wilbur, we didn't know there was a THAT early. Our humins are shocked at FIVE 15, but FOUR 15, is just silly. I think you were right going back to bed with your boots on. Just as well that Granny found them.
    Keep yawning,
    Jock an Zeke

  6. Hi Kay and Wilbur.

    Oh at least you were nice and early for the market and yes, a coffee and hot chocolate would be needed.
    Love all your friends you met there.
    Happy new week

  7. Och Kay en Wilbur, dat is even schrikken als je per ongeluk een uur te vroeg opstaat, haha en dan nog maar even een uurtje met de kleren aan bijslapen. Ik had jullie weleens willen zien die ochtend.

    Er was wel veel moois te zien als ik het zo bekijk maar
    een jongetje als vriendje was moeilijk te vinden.
    Prachtig je pilotenmuts Wilbur, staat je heel erg mooi!!!

    Slaap maar lekker na deze zware dag, Zzzzzzz


  8. I haven´t known that boys are so rare in Australia! Maybe the other boys where still in there bed and do not get up early like you and your Granny...
    I´m looking forward to see what you have painted with your brushes!

  9. Dear Wilbur, things happen, don't get upset.
    Once after school I went to have a nap, woke up and thought it was morning and I had to go to school again... I was very upset but then it turned out I was a little confused)))

  10. Hi Wilbur,
    You look great for a bear that didn't get enough sleep ;-) It looks like you and Granny had a great day. Fingers cross you win the jelly bean contest.

  11. : )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    Hugs, Pink

  12. Must have been a very fun day at the market, and how many beautiful things you have seen! I'm really happy for you little Wilburn!

  13. Hi dear, oh...sweet Wilburn. Very nice e funny day in maket and a lot nice things. Hugs a you and a your courious Wilburn. Kisses. NI

  14. Oh Dear, I love your storries!!! Thank you for your visit right after the market! It was wonderful to have you around!
    All the best


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