Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mothers Day

Mothers Day
Now I know I live with my Granny, But..... she is really like my mother.
She loves me when sometimes I shouldn't be loved; when I have sneaked into the honey pot.
She always hugs me and puts a band aid on when I fall over. 
But there is something else.
Something you can't see; only feel.
I think that is the true love.

We have had a busy day. The family all came for dinner. Granny's heart even smiles when all the family are home.
Every one is tired but happy.
I am Happy. Guess what Granny bought me. She weakened and bought me a special hat in case I get cold ears this winter. I think I could go flying.
When she took my boots off, a couple of weeks ago, to put my sneakers on, she had a seniors moment. Now she can't remember where she put them.
She says be patient they will turn up!!!!
Patient... my toes are cold.

I'm off to bed after a lovely day.
Happy mothers Day to all the mothers, Grandmothers, and women who would love to be a mother.

Welcome Marie Agneau. Marie has beautiful pictures of her wedding on her site,

My thought for today.
"There is no oil without squeezing the olives,
No wine without pressing the grapes,
No fragrance without crushing the flowers,
and no real Joy with out sorrow."


  1. Sounds like your Granny had a nice Mother's Day! I hope so. She is one of the nicest people who deserves a wonderful day!

  2. Hi Wilbur,

    You handsome bear, that hat really brings out your love for adventure. Perhaps flying lessons are on the horizon?

    Get those toes covered, where is your blankie?

    Happy Mother's Day to Granny.

    Heaps of Hugs
    Prudence ♥

  3. So it's Mother's Day and you get the presents??? Wow, you look so handsome with your new hat, we bet all the beary girls reading this post will faint... Great to hear the whole family was together on Mother's Day, no surprise Granny is full of joy. Maybe all of them good start to search your boots as a kind of party game? We hope your paws will be warm soon again!

    Flutterby + Birgit

  4. Hi Kay and Wilbur,

    So glad you had a happy mothers day with the family coming for dinner. Love the new hat and you will be able to go flying with that. I really love the little thought for today, that is so true.
    Happy new week

  5. Now Wilbur you have touched my heart....again! Thank you! Big hugs from Pink

  6. Weet het wel zeker hoor Wilbur, Oma en jij zijn stapelgek op elkaar en houden van elkaar.
    Dat zie je toch maar weer dat ze voor jou zo'n mooie hoed heeft gekocht zodat je oren lekker warm blijven als het koud gaat worden en sneeuwen.

    En heel gezellig dat jullie allemaal samen zo heerlijk samen zijn geweest op deze dag en samen hebben gegeten. Inderdaad moe en voldaan.

    Slapen jullie maar heerlijk vannacht Kay en Wilbur, en morgen weer een mooie nieuwe dag.....

    Veel liefs voor jullie,

  7. Beautiful sentiments and so true. It great, Wilbur that you have such a wonderful Granny/Mum. I hope you had a wonderful day and you guys find those boots. ;-)

  8. Dearest Kay,
    Lovely tribute to Mother's Day and I like the aviator glasses and cap you got for Wilbur.
    Glad to read you had a happy but busy time with your loved ones.
    Hugs to you,

  9. What a lovely cap Wilbur! I hope your shoes turn up. Happy Mother's Day!

    Ali x

  10. Hi my Dear,
    "Granny" is wonderful!!! Thank you for your nice comment!
    Have a great time

  11. Oh Wilbur, this was such a nice tribute to your Granny. We all know how much she loves you. It shows in all she does for you..and you for her. It's wonderful.
    Big hugs to both of you.
    Mona and Abby


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