Sunday, May 4, 2014

Problems in our House

Do You have trouble in your house?
Well Granny and I have had trouble this week.
First the microwave would start before we put in the time or pressed start. 
It was like we had gremlins,
Then that same night there was a thump in the night and the cover of our light fell down on the kitchen table and broke.
Then the next day Granny found the toilet was leaking.

We did have smoke coming out of some ones ears when we got our last water bill. 
You know the ###***XXX Sort.
I got the impression that the bill was too high.
Well today we found a leak in the toilet.
What to do??
Call the plumber. NO!!
Call Wilbur? Yes.
Tradies do have to carry big tools. We had to get the workings out of the toilet to put in a new seal.  Well I have to tell you this seal had been there for a long, long, time. It did not want to budge.
I tried and tried, and eventually had to hand it over to Granny.
Now I am not sure that plumber's have the same tools as Granny.
Her tools were a hair dryer, a knife and a nail file.
Guess what!! After lots of huffing and puffing and Granny saying under her breath,
"Don't give up" because I know she felt like it.
It came out, and off to the hardware store, a new seal and life is getting back to normal.

Do you have problems in your house.
Well never give up, is the motto.
We really did enjoy warm toast, with peanut butter and honey on for supper.
We both had a chocolate afterwards.

I will see you all next week hopefully with out any more problems.

This week we welcome Anna-Lisa, and hope you enjoy our stories and bears.

Please all my followers I would like you to have a chocolate as well.

My thought for today.
"True faith and courage are like a kite
An opposing wind raises it higher."


  1. Hooray for girlie tools. Those are the ones that do most of the work around here too. Wilbur looks like a very able helper!

  2. Well done you guys! You deserve a box of chocolates (each!). xx

  3. Hi Wilbur,

    YIKES, you had me worried for a few minutes, I thought you would slip and fall in, heart was racing.

    Glad you and Granny tamed the "toilet beast" and were able to do the repairs, oh, and I LOVE your tool belt.

    Hugs to you both,
    Prudence ♥

  4. Great job! Yes, I have house troubles from time to time as well. It's amazing how many "tools" you can find when you get creative. I will have an extra piece of chocolate today as a toast to you!
    Lisa ;-)

  5. Dearest Kay,
    Glad you fixed the toilet and got over this problem week. Surprises most often come in plurals...
    Hugs to you,

  6. We will remember whenever we're having problems in the house again: Call Wilbur! Wilbur, the brave and helpful handyman... eh... handybear. Fantastic teamwork of Granny and you - but so sad you couldn't use your boys tools but had to go for the girlie stuff. But okay, the only important thing is it worked. We're keeping our fingers/paws crossed that everything is working well now in your home and we both agree that you two deserve loads of chocolate!

    Flutterby + Birgit

  7. Niet te geloven, dit was dus echt een weekje vol huiselijke problemen. Geweldig Wilbur dat je Oma zo goed hebt geholpen met het repareren van het toilet.

    Handig al die gereedschappen die jullie hebben gebruikt. Ja inderdaad chocolade moet een mens ALTIJD in huis hebben, dat geeft energie bij al deze perikelen.

    Liefs voor jou Wilbur en Oma natuurlijk,


  8. Who needs a plumber when he haves a Wilbur? It s gereat to see you help your Granny so much with the problems in the house!

  9. That is an interesting and useful story, Wilbur! troubles happen sometimes, but I am glad you did not give up and they did not make you feel sad :)
    You and Granny together can sort out all the problems :)

  10. So.... What a week you both had!!!
    I had to smile when I was reading all this ............
    But Wilbur is a good help!!!

    Hugs Ellen

  11. Oh no... that sounds awful!!! Nobody needs such a mess in the house. Granny is really lucky to have you to help her and repair everything. ;-)

    Tinchen and the reporter-girls (melting in front of the monitor in admiration *smile*)

  12. Bills are never a nice thing are they. Which is why its lucky you and Granny are so handy!

    Ali x

  13. Good old Granny and the new seal. Does it like living in the cistern? Are you going to take a picture of it? Seals are quite big unless you have special little ones in Norstralier. Make sure you give it plenty of fish. That will keep it happy, though you'd better wear rubber gloves when you're handling the fish, otherwise pooh pong, the smell stays on your paws for EVER, unless you wash them of course, but that's a bit drastic.
    Jock and Zeke

  14. what a scary house...hmmm......glad YOU are living there Wilbur!!!! You've got SKILLS!

    now, having some chocolate here......want some??!!!

    Hugs! Pink

  15. Hi dear! Everything is so sweet here. Loved your space.
    kisses, Marie :)))


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