Monday, September 9, 2013

Wilbur goes to school.

Granny said I had to go to school.
I was getting a biscuit out of the jar, when Granny said "Only one Wilbur.' Well I took one. Then she said "did you have one before".
Well I had to say yes because I was taught never to tell lies.
That's when the TROUBLE started.
"Wilbur if you had one biscuit before and another one now that is NOT one biscuit. it is 2....
Well I thought it was one then and one now, and perhaps one later on. Perhaps one just before bed would be good as well.
"Wilbur you will have to go to school to learn how to add up.
The teacher looked fairly old he had crooked glasses on. There were 2 other bears in class. One was a sooky and would not put her pillow down. It was a wonder she didn't suck her thumb.
Then there was the pink girl. Well I learnt a little about her as well. 
Some things Granny did teach me, and that was to be polite. I don't know who taught  these two girls!!!!

"I wan't the sharpener and the rubber nest to me"....." You can't have it it's mine... NO the pink pencil matches my pillow. I want the pink pencil."
NO please or thank you.
 Get off the table girls.  Sooky tried to take my pencil, and write on my paper. Grrr. I didn't say any thing, I thought the teacher would tell them to stop it. 
Bossy britches was on the table telling Sooky she would pinch her.  Then there was a yell!!! she let out a scream. It woke the teacher up (I thought he must have been asleep.) He told those girls to get off the desk right away and to give the pencils back. They could only have one. (He seemed very cross.)
I asked if I could learn from the book about Potions and Solutions, it looks far more interesting than sums. I was told NO.... by Mr. Grumpy. He said I had to keep practicing my sums so I didn't take too many biscuits.
I promise Granny I will try harder to count the biscuits next time.
At least I did have manners.
ONE piece of toast, peanut butter and honey with ONE glass of milk tonight.
I think I will dream of counting cookies until I go to sleep.

See you all next week.

To all my lovely readers. We love hearing from you. Thank You.

My thought for the day.
"An antique is something that's been useless for so long, it's still in excellent condition."


  1. Only one biscuit? Wow, Granny's being seriously mean!


    The Clan & Jack

  2. Such a funny story!)) Wilbur, you are a great student and a well mannered bear. Your Granny is proud of you. Good luck with maths and other sciences :)

  3. Kay... I think you need to write children's books about Wilbur and his adventures and have them published. Have you ever thought to do this? Hugs

  4. Oh,... with cookies I can not count ...... but I have good manners. I think that is very important.
    Have a nice week and fun in the school, Conni

  5. Dear Wilbur,

    what a first day at school you had! I can see that the two girls were distracting you (I know one of them) but I have to praise you, you kept calm and your manners! Very good! At least for behavior your teacher has to give you the best grade (in Germany 1*). And if you keep on practising, you will learn how to add up in no time!


  6. Viel Spaß in der Schule lieber Wilbur. Gibt es bei euch keine Schultüte???
    Liebe Grüße

  7. I agree!!! A Wilbur-book is a wonderful idea! Thank you for all the lovely pictures from Wilburs day at School!

    beary hugs

  8. So you're a schoolbear now, Wilbur? My, Granny was serious about the cookies, that's for sure. That's the only explanation, it's obvious that you're not only well behaved and polite but also good at sums... as long as numbers are involved. Cookie mathmatics is really another business... we think you were right with one cookie now and one cookie later... oops... ;O)

    Flutterby + Birgit

  9. Wilbur don't feel bad, we have homeschool at our house with the little humans often. Sometimes we rather go outside and play but mama said it's important to use our brains.

    Your Friends
    Sissy, Blossom
    Jason and Sweet Pea

  10. Counting Cookies is a very difficult math. Because you can badly count something that isn´t there anymore... So if you have eaten ONE cookie you have in your hand there is no cookie in your hand and than you can take ONE again *giggle*
    Hugs Melli

  11. Ah! Maths not my strong point Wilbur ... hopefully Granny will relent and agree with your filossoffy that one here and there is still one.
    I think that little class-mate in the pink furr is veary cute.

  12. Hi Wilbur,
    Poor Nana Kayzy doesn't get much of a chance to use her computer these days, but she grabbed the chance this morning while eating her breakfast, so we all gathered around and read over her shoulder, and caught up with your posts for the past month. You've certainly been busy having as many adventures since coming home as you did at camp! We critters hope that Nana can bring us on a play-date soon - we miss you!
    Big hugs from Kayzy's Critters (and Nana Kayzy too) :0)

  13. Hi Wilbur ......... go ahead, school is good for you and everybody else.
    Besides some excited girl all will be fine !
    I wish you plenty of fun!
    big hugs from France

  14. oh how sweet are these photos!!!!

  15. HI Wilbur, I never know how to count bickies or cherries, and as someone else said the arithmetic is hard. After all when you've eaten something it's not there anymore, so if Granny finds you with a biscuit in your hand it's always the first one, because the last one doesn't exist anymore. If she says you've had one before, that's not fair. If you had one yesterday then that was before, so does that mean you can't have one to-day? I don't think so. The trick is only to get one out of the tin at a time. Then it's always going to be your first, isn't it?

    Best of luck,


  16. Its been my experience that one cookie plus one cookie equals more cookies. LOL! I hope school improves for you Wilbur. It can be fun if you let it you know.

    Have a lovely weekend.



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