Sunday, September 1, 2013

Spooky tree's

Spook's and scary tree's
Granny was going to visit a friend in hospital, so I said I would go for the ride and read my book while she visited. (I don't like hospitals.)

When we got there she said "Wilbur don't open the door for any one."
Well...... I looked out the window and I saw all these trees. They looked as though they came out of a Harry Potter story.
I just had to hop out of the car and have a closer look. Talk about spooky,they
were all twisty and knobbly.

Well it wouldn't hurt to climb them a little bit would it? There were so many foot holes it was fun.
Then things went a bit wrong!!!!
Can you see that hole just in the picture to the left of my ear. 
Guess what came out of that hole???
A terrible frightening wasp.He looked so fearst, I told him to buzz off, good and loud.
Then he came and looked me in the eye, 
My legs were all a quiver, and my heart was racing, I felt so frightened. I was the one who buzzed off. 
Very quickly..and very fast..

Oh dear what if he follows me??? Granny said to not get out the car!!!!
My world went gray and cold "Harry Potter you can have all the spooky trees you want. "

I jumped back in the car and shut the door quickly. I put my book over my head and just then Granny came back.
"Wilbur what are you puffing for and why have you got the book over your head."
I just told her it was a scary story, and I was shading my eyes.

Don't tell Granny!!! (I always feel safe when she is around, I  feel safe and I know nothing bad will happen to me.)

We went home and had some slice Granny made with honey .
Plus peanut butter and honey on toast, of course.

I hope I don't dream tonight?
I will catch up with you all soon.

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                                               My thought for the day:-      

                                        "When God  measures a person,
He puts a tape around the heart 
instead of the head."


  1. Wilbur, be careful and listen to Granny, she knows best.

    What if you were stung, or fell, or......if something bad happened to you I would die of a broken heart. BE CAREFUL!!!!

    Heaps of Hugs
    Prudence ♥

  2. Bellisimo I tell, you would be great writer of fables, but you are great grandmother and you tell her only to your love bear. I embrace RosaRita

  3. We'll not tell granny if you don't ;o)


    The Clan & Jack

  4. Wilbur!!! What a scary story! Eye to eye with the beast... that gave us the shivers. We're so glad you could escape just in time and next time you better listen (and do) what Granny says!

    Flutterby + Birgit

  5. Whew! Those trees might have been Whomping Willows like in the H.P. film. You had a lucky escape my friend!

  6. Wow - your spooky trees are really great! We love such big trees too. And we have lots of them around us because we live in the middle of a nature reserve. It's really fine...

    Big Bearhugs
    Tinchen & Macciato

  7. Wilbur, you must be careful. It's best to do as your Granny tells you to do.
    Those trees are very strange looking.The ugly wasp was horrid and you did right to buzz off quickly.

    Hugs from
    Jason, Sweet Pea,
    Blossom and Sissy

  8. Wilbur, your so funny! Imagine being afraid of trees. And as for the wasp, your so much bigger than she is. Just think, she looked out her door and there's this mahoosive furry beast there! I bet she was glad when you ran away.

    That cake looks yummy too!


  9. That is a wonderful story Kate! And a delicious cake!

    Love Janny
    (Paper Roses)

  10. Hola!!
    Ya estamos de vuelta!, muchas gracias por tus atentos comentarios durante estos meses de verano, a partir de ahora volvemos al ataque!.
    Te ha quedado precioso.
    Buen fin de semana y feliz vuelta al cole
    Paqui y Mari Jose

  11. Dearest Kay,
    Lovely bee & tree adventure by Wilbur!
    Thanks for your visit to our gazebo. We pray that the flooding will stay away now for the remainder of the year. It did wear us out.

  12. Beautiful♥..:)
    Wish you a wunderful♥ weekend Hugs♥ Gaby..♥

  13. your photos and lyrics about Wilbur are always lively as if i were reading poems.


I love to read your comments. Thanks for taking the time