Sunday, July 14, 2013

I'm off and away.

Early morning, dizzy goodbye's ?

It was early morning and it was time to leave for our wizz bang Camp.
Here I come.
I said to Granny I thought we were leaving too early. and she told me she had a surprise before I left.
Hmmm!!! what would that be?
Granny's surprises are usually about a cake she has made.
I had my case all packed a week ago, I just had to put in my little bear that I snuggle up to when I go to bed.
Pick up my fishing rod and we are ready.
I was walking down the drive to the car, when I kept thinking WHAT surprise has Granny got for me.
We got to where the little planes were at the air port, I was telling Granny " We don't stop here Granny I am going in a very big plane." She told me to just get out and see what happens.
Well three funny planes landed and three pilots got out. They said they were taking me for a fun ride before my big plane took off.

I could choose which plane I went in.
They all looked funny. I said I will have a ride in the middle one please. 
I was trying to remember my manners. Granny said she would just watch.
Well, zoom, zoom.....away we went, I thought, this is going to be fun. Wow we were going so fast I thought my tummy was being left behind.

Well I didn't know if I was upside down, down side up or looking sideways. Whoosh, I was pinned back in the seat and couldn't move. Was Granny down there or up there in heaven. 
HELP I don't know where I am.
"Mr. Pilot are you going to crash, because I need to go to America, to camp."
"Before I go to America I do want to land on the ground, with out crashing."
Ooooow, we are going straight down!!!!! Mr. Pilot Pleease  pull that stick thing up. I think I could fly a plane better than this.
Ahrrrrrr....... at last we are on the ground.
I must ask Granny if we can do this when I get back from America.
I was scared, but it was fun all at the same time. I just had to go to the bathroom to see if my pants were at all damp.???? You know I could have got wet from the rain!!!! except it wasn't raining. I'm so glad I didn't have time for a big breakfast..

I said good bye to Granny and I told her she would be quite alright with out me. 
After all that hair raising ride before I left, it was like sitting in the most comfortable arm chair in that big plane.

I  looked out of the window and thought Camp Here We Come.
Now I need to keep busy. I took my pencils and wrote a big WELCOME sign to put up on the Big OAK TREE. Now all the bears and cubs will know where to meet.

I read my favorite book, and chatted to those beautifulllll cabin crew.   
At last we landed and off to the park. Oh!!!! the serenity,(Now that's a big word.)
All of us Bearcelors came a day early to get ready. We talked about making every one feel welcome when they got there, and what cabins the boys will have and what cabins the girls will have. 
Boys to the left, and girls to the right.

Then we wandered down to the lake and took a deep breath. 
We all couldn't believe we were eventually all here.
We all had supper together. You might guess what we had. Something that starts with H.

I will tell you more about it all next week I am too tired to think any more.
Hugs Wilbur

I saw this lion in the jungle and thought you might like to see it.
They have very friendly lions at camp.
A big welcome to
Mely Mel. she makes the most beautiful little plates and things for dolls houses.

"My thought for the week:-
Modern science is still unable to produce
a better tranquilizer than a few kind word."


  1. Hi Granny,

    I can't believe our babies are at camp again. I miss Prudence so much but I know they are having a great time. She was so excited about seeing Wilbur again, all she did was chatter the entire trip. My ears are tired.

    Prudence's Mom ♥

  2. Oh my, what exitement before you left - as if leaving on a jet-plane wasn't exciting enough at all! What a day you had - not time to feel sad saying goodbye to Granny, this was very clever from her. And now have loads of fun at Camp, Wilbur - enjoy yourselves and teach the others Aussie slang... but please beware of the lions, even if they're as cute as this one!

    Flutterby + Birgit

  3. Cara, cara amica...passare da te e leggere i tuoi bellissimi racconti è un appuntamento da non perdere.
    Vado a visionare il link che ci hai presentato.
    Buonissima settimana cara amica! Un abbraccio. NI

  4. What an adventure you had, and before camp even starts! Air Aerobatics could be your new career, Wilbur. I can see the advertisements now:

    "Watch Wilbur the Wonder-Bear -
    Pilot extraordinaire!
    See him tumble and turn
    As he soars through the air."

    But for now Happy Camping, Bearcellor Wilbur!
    Hugs from Kayzy and the Critters :0)

  5. I love that Wilbur had to check if his pants were damp....very funny............but scary for Wilbur..have fun on camp...x

  6. Hey Wilbur, we wish you lots and lots of fun at the Camp! And don't forget to write Granny at least one letter per week... ;-)

    Tinchen & Macciato (blog-reporter)

  7. I wish you a good lovely week at Camp, Wilbur !!!
    Have a lot of fun !!



  8. Hi Kay and Wilbur,

    Wow you really have been having an exciting week.
    That looks so scary in the little plane doing the acrobatics and you are really brave.
    Hope you have a fun time at camp and we look forward to hearing all about your holiday

  9. Dearest Kay,
    Thank you so much for your kind comment on my blog today. We just got home today from a two night stay north of Atlanta. You must be in the USA by now... Hope your trip went well and that you are rested.
    Hugs to you,

  10. Hi Wilbur,

    By now I am sure you have had many fun and exciting adventures at camp. I hope Sweet Pea is doing a good job at being a Junior Bearcelor!

    I hope you are having plenty of peanut butter and honey toast!

  11. Che bella storia, complimenti per la fantasia! Grazie di cuore per il benvenuto e per il link, un grandissimo abbraccio,

  12. I see Wilbur is still a busy bear! I love the plane picture and of course the picture of the cat in the lion heads hat, now that is funny!! I hope you are having a nice summer Kay...:-)

  13. Well we hope you're having fun at Camp Wilbur! Jack's just been to London with LT, but it was super hot down there. It's hot here too actually, but LT's lost her voice, so she can't shout at us for running around bear naked to feel the wind in our fur :oD


    The Clan & Jack


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