Sunday, July 7, 2013

I'm counting the sleeps.

Do you ever sit and wish?
I found this thistle and I thought I would have a big wish, because I am so excited. 
 While I blew on it I made the biggest wish ever. Now I know you are not supposed to tell anyone what your wish is, or it won't come true. Well I am not going to tell you because you are all too far away. I am just going to key board it...... Guess?????
"I want the 4 sleeps left to go very quickly, because I  can't wait to get on that plane."
Yep!!! 4 more sleeps and then I will be off. It takes one whole day in the airplane to get there. So....... I have to pack another bag with coloring in books and books to read, plus my I Pad so I can play games.
And what else......FOOD.

Now this food I am putting in my small case.(Yes, Granny won.) I have peanut paste, Honey, marshmallows to toast, Jelly beans, chocolate, Tim Tams and honey bear biscuits.
Just encase any one hurts themselves I have bandages, in case of a snake bite. Band aids, sun screen, and I hope all the bears remember their tooth brush. Bears are not nice when they have smelly breath. Have you ever smelt a bears breath when they haven't cleaned their teeth? It smells like a dirty sewer pipe. 
Of course the fishing rod is for fishing and my sword is to protect all the cubs at camp encase a crocodile or a wild BIG BEAR comes too close. Those cubs coming to camp won't have one thing to worry about.
OH! I forgot to hide something in my case. It is alright you can see my bathers and shorts,but not something spotty. I have a surprise for everyone. Mum's the word?????

Supper time with toast, honey and peanut butter. I do feel comfy in my own bed.
"Granny, I can't sleep"!!!!!! "My eyes won't stay shut".
"I can see airplanes"  
Granny yells out to me to count sheep. I told her it is just hoomans that count sheep. So she yells back "Wilbur, count how many people you love." 
Well that is heaps so I think I will fall asleep before I have finished.

Next week I will see you all at camp.
I get there on Friday and most of the others come on Saturday.
I am meeting them by the big Oak Tree. 
See you all next week.

Autumn Wood Bears.
If you have a look at their site you will find melt you heart bears.

My thought for the week
"You can't wrap love in a box;
but you can wrap a person in a hug."


  1. Hi Wilbur,

    WOW, this time next week we will be at camp, the lazy, hazy days of summer CAMP. I can't wait, it's all I can think about.

    Be careful, and safe travel.

    Prudence ♥

  2. Wilbur, you're a tough bear, you will and can stand those four days... what are just four days anyway when time is flying away? You're packed and ready and we're not surprised Granny won the battle of the suitcase. Granny's are wise when it comes to things like this. We're wishing you a fantastic trip!!!

    Flutterby + Birgit

  3. Allora nell'attesa del viaggio attendiamo per vedere gli sviluppi!!!
    Troppo bello e saggio Wilbur!!! ;)
    Buonissima settimana. Un abbraccio. NI

  4. I hope you have much fun in the camp and nobody gets hurt so you don´t need the band aid!
    IO´m looking forward to see pictures from your camp adventures
    Hugs Melli

  5. Dear Wilbur,
    I'm glad you listened to Granny about taking a small case for your cabin luggage. You've still managed to pack lots into it - I especially like the look of your yummy snacks. Don't pack your sword in there, though - they'll confiscate it when you go through security!
    Sleep well, brave bear,
    and before you know it
    you'll be in the air!
    Hugs from Kayzy and the Critters :)

  6. Sebastian and I will certainly look forward to hearing about and seeing photos of your adventure to camp. I now you'll have fun. Take care of yourself too!

    ~ginger & Sebastian

  7. Have a fun time Wilbur! I know your granny will miss you. Sebastian and I will be looking forward to seeing your photos and hearing about all you get up to at camp. Be safe and have a great time.

    ~ginger & Sebastian

  8. What a cute post! Have fun at camp, Wilbur, and enjoy your roasted marshmallows! When I went camping, I LOVED those roasted marshmallows!


  9. I hope you will have a great time.

  10. Dear Kay,

    Hay so much fun on camp!
    I hope you have a nice time with Wilbur.

    Love and a very big hug from

  11. I hope you will have a great time. Good Luck!

  12. i have some fun when i read your nice post!!!! I hope you have agreat time at the camp big bear hugs


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