Sunday, June 2, 2013

Packing for camp.

Packing for Camp.

"Wilbur what are you doing?"
" I'm just seeing if all my things will go in my case for camp Granny."
Granny:"That case is big enough for every bear that goes to camp Wilbur"
"It is far too big."

"Granny you don't understand. I am important this year. I am a bearselor, and I need to take stuff to look after all the other bears." 
"Well what do you need 3 boxes of tissues for"
" Encase any one cries or needs to blow there nose."
Granny" Well why do you need two boxes of band aids?"
"Granny you don't know enough about what a bearselor's responsibility's  are."
"AND before you ask...  the book is to read them a story at night, and encase some one was missing their Mum I thought I would take a teddy bear for them to cuddle."
"Plus the most important thing is my fishing rod, I need to teach young bears how to fish."
Granny "Oh Wilbur, you have so much to learn, you could never carry that big case. I'm so glad we have a few more weeks to sort out your luggage."
"I will have to look up on top of the cupboard for a smaller case for you."

Arrrr.... do you bears out there get frustrated with your Mum or Granny.
It is important to me that I don't forget anything this year. Remember I have a big responsibility this year.
I need to put in my bathers and shorts,sunny's and hat.

Oh!.... I think I need feeding to keep my mind  from forgetting things.

Yep.... its supper time. Just right for toast, peanut butter and HONEY.

Look what I have seen in the last photo.

Warm Milk I need to go and find a cow..

I will see you all next week when I have convinced Granny I NEED a big case.


Welcome to Lithopsland. I see she loves teddies. Although I couldn't access her site..
We love to have you join us.

My Thought for the Day.
"Asking if computers can think, is like asking if submarines can swim."


  1. Ahhh bless I love this post.
    I'm sure you will learn how to pack for camping Wilbur. I didn't know how to pack too. I always packed too many things in my suitcase.
    That is what Granny knows too Wilbur. She's so wise!
    I'm sure you will have a great time.

    I love the little kitties. So cleaver of them!!!

    Have a happy Sunday....mine just started.

    Hugs, Thea x

  2. Hi Wilbur,

    Yes, I get the same thing from Mom, but that suitcase is just the right size. I always over pack but that way I don't forget anything. Camera! Don't forget your camera.

    I am counting off the days on Mom's calendar, I can't wait to see you. Are you arriving on Friday? Mom says I can, so I will see you on July 12, we can meet by the big oak tree.

    Heaps of Hugs
    Prudence ♥

  3. Good morning Wilbur, the first things I put in my case is Chocolate , a book and anthing to make new little bears !!! Have fun when you fill your case - hugs and warm regards from a rainy Germany - Ines

  4. My, Wilbur, you'll have to find a way to compromise. You're both right: Granny when she says you won't be able to carry that suitcase by yourself and you when you point out that you need to be prepared just in case the others might need your help. Why don't you get yourself a small trolley... and a backpack? And psssst... don't forget: You'll need lots of candy, lollipops, cookies and chocolate. And Prudence already reminded you - don't forget the camera, we want to see pictures! Lots of pictures!!! ;O)

    Flutterby (who would like to say that life isn't always easy for him with Birgit seeing everything, too, but he doesn't dare to) + Birgit (who thinks this was a clever decision of Fluby not saying anything aloud)

  5. Dear Wilbur,
    You will be a great bearselor! I hope you haven't forgotten anything. But I am sure, you are well prepared for camp. Have fun!
    Well, and don't forget to bring your smile ;0)

  6. Hmm, we think you need to find one of those suitcases with wheels on, then you don't have to lift it and you can pack everything you need...


    The Clan & Jack

  7. Dear Kay and lovely Wilbur,

    I wishing you Kay and Wilbur a
    lovely time!
    And Wilbur, it is so difficult to pack
    a suitcase..!
    I packing always to much!

    Love from Marijke
    And a very big kiss

  8. Bon Voyage! Have a wonderful time at Camp Wilbur! :) Give my love to Prudence and the gang!

  9. Hi Kay and Wilbur,

    Hope you get the suitcase sorted and all the things you need for camp - what fun you will have away. You will make a wonderful Bearselor.

    Happy new week

  10. it!!! Emotion!!! KISSES DEAREST!!! W.L. NI

  11. Que ese osito tan maravilloso tenga unas estupendas vacaciones y que pesque muchisimas truchas en ese rio, con sus otros amiguitos.
    Muchos abrazos.

  12. i have always some fun when i read your story with Wilbur.i hope you dont forget anything and you have the great time thank you so much for visite me.hugs

  13. oh what fun!! Camp sounds like it will be fun!!!!

  14. Dear Wilbur,
    Nana Kayzy fully understands how you feel about a big suitcase. But we had to laugh as we watched her trying to fit everything into her case that she just had to have; then she put more stuff into her hand luggage, and then she tried to carry it all - it was too heavy for her! So I think you should listen to Granny, and take a smaller suitcase. She will help you pack everything you really need into a case you can carry easily. A bearselor can't afford to have a bad back, you know!
    Warm Hugs from Shirley xxx

  15. Camp time already? Oh my, time is flying way too fast.

    Happy weeekend Wilbur!


  16. Hello Kay! Thank you for your welcome. Wilbur, I agree with you. It's better to be safe than sorry. I also agree that honey & milk fixes everything. Hmm, can't computers swim & submarines think? Bearst wishes Kay!! :)

  17. Hi Wilbur ... take it from me when you're packing to go away on camp you need to take Everything !! I mean there's aways some-body needing something so it's best to be prepared .... pack the Big case to the top and then pack another carry-case for bits & pieces.
    Whoever termed the expression "pack light then take half out" has obviously never been away to camp. I'm sure Granny won't mind.


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