Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Market day with excitement.

It's Market Day for Granny and Me.
Early mornings always start with a coffee for Granny and a Hot chocolate for me.
We found some lovely cup warmers so our drinks didn't get cold. That was a great idea because it was a chilly morning.
Now this stall was interesting... they had rubs???? with all sorts of herbs in them.
I thought they were for rubbing on bears to make you feel well. No, no, no Granny said.
They are for rubbing on meat before you cook it to get a great flavor.
Now I thought I was going to have a Strawberry Nut Sunday. No no no Granny said.
It is a candle. A strawberry candle. I was disappointed I thought I could eat it. 
Ho Hummmm... Granny HELP me. I think this girl likes me. What do I do if a doll likes me???? I am only used to furry friends liking me. 
Now because I was upset about that big doll, Granny didn't make me try these on. They were lovely little children's warm hats. 
Now for the ADULT STUFF. This man was going to give me a tattoo. I picked out a pattern, it was a dragon. Now I hate dragons, but I was trying to be tough. The man was smiling and he looked kind, BUT that NEEDLE looked sharp and scary. The man talked to me and said it would be alright...####
All of a sudden I had to be true to my heart and say SORRY NO, no, no, 
I told him I didn't think it would do his name any good Tattooing on a furry bear.
Pheeeew... that was close. I think I will wander back and see what Granny has in her lunch box. 
Now this wasn't in Granny's Lunch box, but I did find it on a Lolly stall.
Have you ever seen such a big freckle. I chatted the girls there and they said they liked me and I could have it. Wow what a winner. 
There were pretty pillows with strawberry's on. I think I might need a lay down after that tattoo man. 
Now this cheered me up. I think this was the brightest fun stall there.
I could have played at that stall for ages, but Granny said I must not muck it up.
Now how would I do that?
Drummmmm Rollllll.....
Look who came to the market.  STAR WARS People.
I couldn't believe my eyes. Do you see Chewbacca  has made friends with me. Two furry creatures together.
He was so tall,I could see for miles when I was being carried by him.
Some of the characters were a bit scary, but it was fun.
Now I will tell you why they were at the market. See that lovely kid in the middle of the photo, Well his name is Jimmy. Jimmy is only
20 years old and he left from the market to walk all the way around Australia. All the way!!!
It will take him 12 months. He is raising money for Cancer research . To help sick kids. 
What a guy. Every one was there to see him off. The Star Wars people and even me.

Now that was some exciting day. Phew, I am tuckered out. 
Warm Toast and GUESS?  Honey and Peanut butter, for supper.

I will go to bed dreaming tonight I'm sure.

These chocolates are for all my followers. I want to thank you for reading our bit of nonsense.

My thought for the day.
"Even worse than raining cats and dogs is hailing Taxis.'


  1. It looks like granny and the stall holders were really teasing you at the beginning there, fancy showing you a candle instead of the real thing!


    The Clan & Jack

  2. Hi Wilbur,

    You met Chewy? Wow, that had to be so exciting. What a wonderful thing that young man is doing, it's stories like that that make my heart sing.

    You had a busy day - and a scary one. Wilbur? A tattoo? They use that needle (gulp) to stick dye under your skin. Some times you scare me.

    Are you getting ready for camp? I am, I have my list of things to take all made up. Don't forget your camera.

    Heaps of Hugs
    Prudence ♥

  3. What an exciting day out. I wish young Jim every success in his charity walk.


    P.S. boy, am I ever glad you didn't get that tattoo!

  4. What a time you had, Wilbur! Scary close calls, disappointments, treats and excitement - all this in one day. Not many bears have such adventures - you are a star in bearblogland!
    Hugs Kayzy

  5. Wilbur, what where you thinking? A tattoo?? Really? Our uncle has a dragon tattoo and it's big and scary and we can't even imagine you with something like that. We're so happy you came to your senses and didn't get one.
    Aside from the tattoo scare it looks like you had an eventful day at the market.
    Hailing taxis? heeheehee that's something we never hope to see.

    Bellamine & Wendy

  6. Das war ja ein aufregender Tag für Wilbur. Ich bewundere Jimmy, er hat sich eine tolle Aufgabe gestellt. Chewbacca würde ich auch gerne einmal Begegnen!!
    Vielen Dank für die leckere Schokolade liebe Kay!!
    Gruß Gitti

  7. We're still bathing in sweat... you really scared us with this tattoo episode! Phewey - good you got your senses back in time. What does a famous, handsome bear like you need a tattoo for - a strawberry cushion, that's (according to Fluby) the accessoire to have... And how exciting to meet Chewy, wow, and sitting on his shoulder - you really had a fun day. But we had fun, too, because your saying made us ROFL for sure!

    Flutterby + Birgit

  8. Dear Kay and cute Wilbur,

    I think you had a perfect and
    lovely day!

    And Wilbur I saw on the picture your
    lovely girlfriend hahha...

    Love from Marijke

  9. Wilbur's life is so exciting !!!
    I look forward to the next adventure ....
    Have a great week Wilbur and Kay !!


  10. What a wonderful day - thank you again for the amazing Pictures! Didn't know yet, that Chewbaaca really does exist... ;o))


  11. Such a wonderful day and what a wonderful 20 year old who is walking all the way around Australia to raise funds for Cancer Research. Lovely story! Glad no tattoo's were involved, though! Hugs, Janice

  12. What a fun day Wilbur! We love hearing about all your adventures. You're very brave Wilbur even to think about getting a tattoo! Needles make me shudder and shake! You're so handsome wilbur you don't need a tattoo. They don't erase you know.
    See you soon at camp.


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