Sunday, March 24, 2013

Golly Day

GOLLY DAY at Teddy bear and Friends.

Last weekend it was Golly day.
You have know idea how many Gollies came along. Big ones, small ones, some as big as your head. Well that is a song Granny sings if any one can bear... to listen.
I tell you not even a mouse would want to hear Granny sing. It certainly is not good for the ears.
I think this guy is rather hansom.

Then we have this cute pair. I can hear Granny muttering about terrible photos. 
She is saying dark skinned people are hard to take a photo of. I don't get it; you just make sure they are in the picture and click its done.
"Know it's not Wilbur, some things are hard to photograph."
OK Granny, don't get your knickers in a knot (It would be a big knot)  you didn't hear what I said did you.
I think Granny must have been on the booze that day. Look how fuzzy the next photo is. Unless she was trying to be clever and give it just the right effect.
Now this is some GOLLY. He must be a special golly because he is wearing check pants. I think he must be a cook. 
Just look how many we had. I think they must have been breeding?
Now this Teddy is our mascot. He is called Ollie.  That is funny he only needs a G in his name and he would be related. Someone perched themselves down on his lap.
This pair look up to mischief. What do you think?
This is a huge Golly, he must have been 1 1/2 meters tall. Hmm... Yes I think he would be a good friend .
A whole basket full of Gollies. How many eyes can you see?
Now these gollies have the right idea, they are riding birds. Look out when they take off.
Here is a special Mumma golly with a beautiful Easter egg.

I bet you can't guess who this hansom fellow is ? Of course he had to have a girl golly sitting on his knee and two baby gollies.
Tricked you..... Ha ha it is Me Wilbur.
We even had Gollies minding the Afternoon tea. Perhaps they made the cakes.
I think Gollies would be good bakers, You could tell when you had too much flour on your hands, it would show up, and the you would have to wash them.

What a busy day. I went home and had toast, peanut butter and honey for supper, then I went to bed dreaming about how many sparkling eyes I saw today.


Welcome to two new followers this week.
Lydia from St. Petersburg.You will find the most romantic bears on Lydia's site.

Joanna Zatorska lives in Poland and she makes bears and other beautiful things. If you google Joanna Zatorska you will find her site.

My thought for the week.

"Life is like a mirror,
We get the best results when we smile at it."


  1. Oh Wilbur, you are just so beary funny. I was reading your post to Mom and when I read about Granny's kickers she was laughing so hard water was coming out of her eyes - honest!

    We love all those Gollies, and I bet Granny has a bee-u-tee-ful voice. A bee-u-tee-ful voice from a bee-u-tee-ful Granny.

    Heaps of hugs to you both,
    Prudence ♥

  2. Well Wilbur we do hope you know where those baby gollies came from or you may have some explaining to do! We think you might be right about granny and the drink though...


    The Clan & Jack

  3. Thanks for bringing me to the gollyland. Like the check pants golly, he has got a beautiful structure and the huge golly, just look at his hair style... just like a new shaved baby's head.

  4. What a jolly Golly Day you've had. So many different Gollies - that was impressive. And we really can't believe your Granny is THAT bad at singing... maybe you should help her a bit and the two of you sing a Golly duet... ;O)

    Flutterby + Birgit

  5. Hi, Wilbur and Granny!
    The gollies here at Critter Cottage were very sad to miss such a jolly Golly Day at Bears and Friends Club, but when we showed them the photos Granny took it made them feel better. We think the gollies on the afternoon tea table had the best job - maybe we could volunteer to do this next time!
    Hugs from Shirley and the gang :)

  6. Hi Wilbur and Kay,

    Love all the sweet Golly's and what fun having a Golly Day.
    Wishing you both a happy new week

  7. I had a Golly many years ago when I was little. Its a shame some very silly folk think they should be banned because their colour is somehow an insult to dark-skinned people.


  8. Hi dear, fantastic post, and you bear was intersting? ;)
    Kisses...a loT!!!!

  9. I love your blog… I love your bears… I love all your creations!!! Thank you for always loving words. You are such a lovable person. Wish you Happy Easter and sent "bunny hugs" to you… ;O)


  10. Wilbur I just love coming here to visit you and Granny.Your Granny's thoughts for the week are always so good and sometimes very funny.

    I loved all the Gollies. The one in the little plaid dress is my favorite.

    Have a Happy Easter. We hope the bunny brings you lots of candies.

    Mama and all her bears

  11. Hello Kay,
    What a cute post! I really like that quote about the mirror and I use it often. Thanks for stopping by and Happy Easter to you and your family.


  12. Ciao Wlbur e kay,

    sono felice di avere ricevuti auguri da voi....persone casì tanto amate da tutte le blogs.

    Baci da Venezia


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